Sunday, September 1, 2019

Old and Treasured

Papa Pea and I recently had a wedding anniversary, and as happens on times such as that, my mind went back to memories surrounding the occasion.

I was thinking of the couple of bridal showers I was privileged to have.  There was the usual one given by some girlfriends, and the family one where all my aunts and female cousins attended.  (At that time, there were no showers where couples attended, it was strictly a female thing.)

My dear grandma attended the showers and was always concerned about having a nice gift for me.  She and Grandpa didn't have much expendable income, but she did have . . . S&H Green Stamps!

Two of those gifts she used her S&H Green Stamp filled books to cash in for me are still very much in evidence in my home today.

Although I'm not a fancy, bric-a-brac kinda gal, these cups and saucers on their rack Grandma picked out and gave me have always held a special spot in my heart.  They're mounted on the wall in our living room.

I get teased a lot about the fact that I still iron some items each week after laundering.  So you know  this adjustable ironing board from Grandma given at one of my showers (made possible, like the cups and saucers, by her Green Stamps again --- I've always had a sneaky suspicion one or more of my aunts contributed some of their saved stamps) is treasured and still in constant use today.  Besides my weekly ironing of certain things, there's no way I could quilt or sew without my iron and ironing board.  (Holey-moley, I wonder how many ironing board covers I've used, abused and replaced?)

I can remember that people used to scoff at the saving of Green Stamps and say it was too much work to paste them in their little booklets, but I can attest without a whisper of doubt that my grandma got a good deal fifty-six years ago when she "spent" them on my cups and saucers and my ironing board.


Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :) Happy belated Anniversary! I love those tea cups and saucers! I've always wanted to pick some up at every thrift store I visit, but I have no room! I agree about the ironing, my sewing would be nowhere without it. I don't mind ironing for sewing, but we just wash and wear around here! I think your Grandmas's efforts were worth it! :)

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Happy anniversary! Dare we ask how many years? I remember the showers where it was standard that a bride to be received a cup and saucer as a present. I remember showers that took place in community centres and neighbours and friends came. Brides would receive practical, useable items and silly (ridiculous) games were played to pass the time. Yes, you cannot sew without an iron and ironing board! My ironing board came from my mom who used it before me. It squeaks horribly when I unfold it! -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Thanks for the anniversary wishes. The teas cups and saucers are by no means fine china but they are so much thinner and more fragile seeming than the mugs most of us use these days. I can't imagine using them and not suffering constant breakage!

Jenn - Thanks, Jenn. We've been married 56 years and I cannot imagine how that can be. For one thing, I'm not near old enough! The time has simply flown by . . . except when I look back at old pictures that remind me of all we've done, places we've lived. And, of course, when we start reminiscing about all that has gone before and things someone will remember that I had forgotten completely. Fifty-six years is a long time and yet it's gone by in a flash.

Sounds as though you have a good, old-fashioned ironing board like mine that was made well!

Katie C. said...

When I was in kindergarten, we moved from New Jersey to Long Island, NY. Apparently the grocery stores near us in NY did not do the green stamp thing. Anyway, I clearly remember my mom and us kids gluing up the last of the green stamps and making the trek to a green stamp “store.” Mom used up all her remaining books of stamps. The one thing I remember that she got was a bicycle! It was, of course, green stamp green!

Could you post a side shot of the cup holder? I was wondering if my guy, the woodworker, could make one. I just need to see a little more of the details of how the plates are held in. Thanks!

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - I will try to get a couple of shots of the cup and saucer holder for you. The plates are held in by sitting in a shallow groove along the wooden slats under them. But I will try for pictures.

wisps of words said...

Happy Anniversary, that you *conveniently* forgot to tell us about. -giggles-

What precious tea sets. So much more precious, because of the story behind them. Same for the ironing board. Memories make things so much more valuable, than just in themselves.

I remember Green Stamps!!!!!!!

What joy she had, in amassing them and pasting them in and turning in the books.... To get you these items!!!! It wasn't "too much work," for her!!!! :-)


Goatldi said...

Congrats to you and Papa Pea!

Did you or any of your family save up Blue Chip ? My Mama saved both and I remember the excitement that brewed when enough books were saved for the coveted item and off we would go in the 1940 or 50 something Plymouth sedan to pick up the coveted item.

Elizabeth said...

I remember S&H Green Stamps. My job was to paste them in the book when we came home from food shopping. If I remember right, it took an awful lot of stamps to "buy" something with them.

And the ironing board - it was one of my first purchases as a newlywed in 1971. I still have it and use it regularly. Awfully squeaky when it is put up and down, and is pretty heavy (or so it seems to me these days). Definitely made way better then what they sell nowadays. Can't even guess how many covers I've used over the years.

Thanks for reminding me of these memories!

Happy Anniversary to both of you. My hope is that you have many more to share together.

Deborah said...

I have the same ironing board, purchased, as yours, with s & h stamps, given to me at my bridal Illinois. There is a date stamp on the underside...4/66.
I continue, now for the 54th year, to iron clothing (not as much as in past years), and sewing projects....
Many memories of dresses, etc., made for two daughters, and two granddaughters, over these years, pressed to perfection on the board. Still creaky and noisy as I open it....but standing strong (although one rubber foot is taped on at this point.)
Wishing you well on your anniversary...many more ahead, I pray. It is good to remember the commonalities we have ....over many years.
I live in West Virginia now....that ironing board has travelled many miles in moving vans over the years.

Michelle said...

I DO have vague memories of S&H green stamps! Can't remember getting anything with them, but that's just my memory for you. Rick and his sister each got a(n incomplete) set of china from their paternal grandmother, who collected them through grocery store promotions. I have been able to get additional pieces through Replacements, Ltd.

And a belated Happy Anniversary to you both!

Lynne said...

At first I thought I was seeing things. I got the same cup rack from the green stamps that you have. It's hanging in my dining room as I sit here. Isn't that something! I guess you never know. My Mom and I both collected them. I got alot of lovely things with them. They were good quality item. Not like the way they make things today. My Mom got her ironing board with green stamps, also .

Rosie said...

Happy Anniversary! It's quite an achievement these days. We got marriedin 1968 and most of my shower gifts were very practical - an ironing board (which I still use too), and a laundry trolley which I still use but it is a bit rickety now but I won't replace it. I love your cups and saucers too. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Wow, did this bring back memories. My grandmother and mother always collected those stamps. I can't remember what all the items were but they were always happy with them. I did have a t-shirt I wore as a teenager that said Kiss me I give green stamps. I thought it was a hoot!

Dianna said...

What lovely gifts! It's extra special when someone sacrifices and works harder to give a special gift. Happy anniversary!

Susan said...

S&H Green Stamps were a big deal in our house, too. My mother made us lick the stamps and put them in the book - under strict orders to make sure they were placed carefully and level - no crooked stamps allowed! I still remember the satisfaction of pasting in the last ones. I assume you were a child bride...

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Yes, so many things in life don't have any great monetary value but the memories attached to them make them priceless!

Goatldi - No, I've never heard of Blue Chips! Were they strictly on the western part of the States, I wonder?

Elizabeth - Ha, my ironing board squeaks and groans when going up or down, too. Do you suppose we should oil it somewhere? It would seem strange to not have it make any noise!

Deborah - Oh, my! I had to go look and see if I could find a date on my ironing board, but couldn't. Mine began life in Illinois, too, in 1963. I'll bet yours and mine are made a lot better (and are heavier!) than the ones of today!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Thanks for the memory jog as now I do have a vague recollection of dishes being given out at the grocery store! Boy, you sure don't see anything like that anymore!

Lynne - Well, for heaven's sake! We have matching cup racks!! I've been trying to remember when I stopped getting the Green Stamps. I know it was after we were married in '63, but don't know how long stores that I visited gave them out.

Rosie - Thank you for sharing! There are a few of us "old timers" who have managed to stay married since way back in the 1960s. In a way that seems a long time ago (especially to the younger generations!), but at the same time it's gone by so quickly.

Kathy - Oh, if you only still had that t-shirt! It might be worth a lot more now than the Green Stamps were!

Dianna - Yes, I know it seems silly to have so much sentiment attached to an ironing board, but I do!

Susan - I wasn't a child bride, but I sure was a lot younger than most of the brides are today! ;o) I am surprised at how many people remember the Green Stamps.

Sam I Am...... said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember S&H Green Stamps, in fact, I was the one that licked them and out them in the book! I didn't get anything though.
I love the cups and saucers and I'm not one for knick knacks much but those are really pretty!

The Wykeham Observer said...

I know my mom always saved "Gift House" stamps. To this day it is evident in my house, from a silver coffee service to a clock, and several sets of sheets that get regular use here. A good memory.Phil

Faith said...

I remember S&H, what a simple joy that was...those were the days. If I had a nice place to set up an ironing board, I might be more tempted to iron. I don't mind ironing, and it makes everything crisp and sharp. Happy Anniversay. My husband & I will be celebrating our 25th this month, that seemed so far away at the beginning, and here we are.