Monday, July 22, 2019

Summer Has Come, Summer Is Going

It's that time of our (short) summer months when I start to see the downhill slide of the season.  By the middle of August, we will start to feel a change in the weather temperatures with a definite coolness to our nights.

The garden is giving us the various harvests we've hoped for.  No, not quite the usual variety I normally grow because I've purposely cut back this year.  Still enough though that there is something to harvest and process nearly every day now.

The millet seed sown in the field garden is growing and will be tilled under as green manure before it goes to seed.

My main freezer (the honkin', big, six-foot long one) is in need of defrosting, organizing and being made ready for the onslaught of vegetables and fruit soon to fill it to bursting.  I've been guilty of just helter-skelter throwing in (for the most part) those goodies I've already harvested and processed.

I have an empty raised bed in the garden that I plan on planting out today with salad greens that hopefully will grow and provide good salads for us well into the fall.

I actually feel quite organized at the start of this almost-last-week of July.  Yesterday the house got a good cleaning and I cleared my desk of the clutter while making lists which always gives me a false sense of being halfway on top of it.

My quilt room is cleaned and organized.  I've got only three projects "in the works", and one recently received order of fabric for a special project that will have to wait until the aforementioned three other projects are completed.  Of course, there is always a pair of socks on my knitting needles should I need something to keep my hands busy while sitting and visiting if the occasion arises.

The Patron Saint of Biting Insects has smiled down upon us and called in the majority of his soldiers.  There are still cetain times of the day when one has to take measures to avoid being harassed by the little blood suckers, like dawn and dusk and at times during very humid, windless days, but they are no longer a threat to my sanity 24/7.

I've yet to even get out the brushes and other supplies for the outside doors and trim I want to paint this year.  Frankly, once the weather warmed up enough to think about painting, it quickly got too hot and uncomfortable (and buggy) to actually start that task.  Shortly now, I'll have to get serious about that job or I'll find myself wondering of a day if the temp will be high enough for paint to dry properly! 

As the months of summer keep rolling by, what "good weather" tasks do you have left on your list to accomplish yet this season?


Leigh said...

Given how different our climates are, it's strange to ready about summer beginning to wind down. We'll be in the thick of it for a good six weeks to come, so I have to admit I'm a bit envious that you're looking at cooler nights soon. Sounds like you've had a wonderfully organized garden year so far! That's always welcome circumstances.

wisps of words said...

Here, it is still high summer! Thankfully, not as _high_ as it has been, with the awful Heat Spell, though. That broke last (Sun.) night!!!! So good to have the A/C offffff!!!! Although I am very grateful, for having it, when needed.

We just want to keep being able to go to our new place for Sunday Sundaes. :-) It's a bit farther, but a nice old roads kind of a drive, in the country. Naturally, it's a summer/autumn kind of a Sunday Treat. Don't go doing such, when the winter sets in.

I wish you well with filling that amazing freezer, to the brim!!!! It's a LOT of work, but a LOT of enjoyment, all winter long.

wisps of words said...

Had a brilliant idea!

My husband always gets worried, when I say that, around here!!!! >,-)

Anyway, you now have the perfect summer header! We all agree on that.

So, have Dear Daughter take the same on, in Autumn, when your garden has gone into Autumn mode. And, same, in Winter, when you have snow. Mmmmm... A wee bit more clothing in Winter, of course.

How is that for an *Amazing Idea*??????????





Funny... I don't hear a rousing *YES!*

Oh well, I'm used to that sort of a reaction, to my *Brilliant Ideas*.... >,-)))))))))

Lynne said...

You've been a very busy beaver. I know you must feel good about getting that much done. I've got to clean the garage out! It really needs a good cleaning. Also have to clean my double ovens. Tore the stove top apart the other day, so now on to the ovens. Have to clean the pantry out also. OH, the list goes on and on and on. Take care!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Yes, I think our gardening climates/seasons are about as opposite as they can get! Our really hot, muggy, humid weather doesn't last long (thank heavens!), but long enough for us. I really am a little anxious about how some of our garden will mature this year given the very slow, late start. So far, things are looking okay. Mostly.

wisps of words - I love the tradition you have of taking the Sunday drive for ice cream. Keep it up . . . and have a cone for me next Sunday! You and your brilliant ideas! Lying in the garden in the winter, I'd be so bundled up I'd look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy who'd fallen and couldn't get up. Although . . . hmmmm, I'm always looking for good blog header photos . . .

Lynne - Yep, this is definitely a busy time of year, no two ways around it. Cleaning and reorganizing my pantry is on my list, too! I'd just as soon skip cleaning my oven though. :o( I tend to ignore it. What can a little gunk in there hurt? It gets regularly sanitized by the high heat, right? Right?? ;o)

Susan said...

What? Summer can't be winding down because I have yet to find a ripe tomato on any of my 16+ tomato plants~! (Insert whining) We, too, have been beset with biting insects this year. I've taken to wearing a full torso net suit, which makes me feel quite claustrophobic. I am, as always, stood in amazement at the magnitude of your superb organizational skills. You are my hero. xo

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Oh, Sweezie, sometimes I feel like the least organized of anyone! So much to do, and yet so much fluffing off that calls me. Have had a full, full day away from ye ol' homestead and now just want to sit/lie on the couch and read. Or knit. But we're lacking rain and I should water the garden instead. I am no hero. I wanna be lazy and stay inside and not have to wear my bug shirt or head net or coat myself with bug spray. (Please remind me of this last statement this coming winter when I'm outside raking snow off the roof and freezing my beezer.)

wyomingheart said...

We are getting a great break in the heat. The low to be in the 50's tonight, and days in the 70's for a couple of days. Planning on doing those heavy shoveling tasks, which have been put aside when the heat index was in the 110's. Still a lot of garden veggies to pamper and process for the freezer. Can't wait until that freezer is packed to capacity!.

Mama Pea said...

wyomingheart - HOORAY for your break in the heat! We're getting the same here just now. Plus, it's so nice to be able to go outside (most of the time) without my full bug suit on!! That was just about intolerable during the heat. We're still working on getting the last of the wood done for this next heating season and we've had to get out there as early as possible of a day to beat the heat. It still heats up fast for heavy work like that (as it does for your heavy shoveling tasks, I'm sure!) but it's better than mid-day! I like it when the freezer seems like it can't hold anymore garden bounty . . . but there is still more to harvest from the garden. That's when we realize we are truly blessed!

Rain said...

Oh gosh, the bugs are very slowly disappearing...except the mosquitoes, they seem to really be hanging on. I wish I had more household tasks, but nothing is worth it when you're renting! I'm just tending to my garden, making sure it's well watered and concentrating on food and health and budget!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Yes, you're in a situation where it seems silly to spend much of any time on home improvement! Wait until next year when you will have a list for that two miles long. And will be happy as a clam that you do!

I'm glad to report that after our terrible time with the black flies and no-see'ums this year, the mosquitoes haven't been as bad as usual. Hooray . . . and thank you, Mother Nature!

Katie C. said...

Don’t you just hate when you paint something and flies get stuck in the paint?! Good reason to wait for .... ummm ... someone else to do it? 🥴

Zucchini fritters with sour cream or Greek yogurt! It’s hard to actually get them to the table! We’ve had several baseball bats but what we are really overwhelmed with is yellow squash. I’ve been blanching and freezing it a LOT. I’m still waiting on my tomatoes.

As for the herbs, I think it was Margaret Roach from the A Way To Garden blog that clued me in to freezing parsley. I clean it, pluck the leaves and put them in a zip lock. When needed break off a hunk, chop it still frozen and add it to whatever.

I’m out of town. My sister has been ill. I just knew I forgot something and about three hours into the drive, I remembered. My knitting!

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - Yes, zucchini fritters are yummy . . . even without the sour cream or yogurt! Also it never hurts to have a few loaves of zucchini bread in the freezer for a winter treat.

I've frozen parsley and used it the way you suggested and like the way it retains it's nice, green color. But I'm partial to drying it and sprinkling it in just about everything during the off season. That's just easier for me.

I hope your sister's health improves soon and you can return home to your garden and regular routine. Forgot your knitting? Ugh. Sounds like a trip to the nearest yarn store!

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