Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Red, White and Blue Giveaway

Even though I'm not wishing our summer months to fly by any faster than they already do, today I'm thinking about the 4th of July holiday which will be here in a few weeks.

Traditionally, the 4th of July has been a time to celebrate and announce that one is proud to be an American.  Celebrations usually include picnics, parades, sparklers, fireworks and the display of our American flag.  This summertime holiday frequently includes friends getting together in a back yard, or often times family reunions spent at the beach or gatherings at the family lakeside cabin.

Sad to say, I've found in recent years I haven't been enthused about celebrating this holiday; I'm not proud of the way other countries view America or how they view us as members of our American society.  They most certainly cannot hold much respect for many of our politicians or policies.

Truth to tell, this feeling has put a bit of a damper on the 4th of July for me.

But this year I've been doing some thinking.  

I'm so grateful I spent my childhood and young adult years during a time of (relative) political and financial stability in our country, certainly so compared to these present days.  I remember it as a time of strong family values, the nuclear family predominated and the assurance that if a person was kind, honest, self-responsible and had a strong work ethic, life would be good all the way through retirement or the golden years of one's life.

So it is those values and proud emotional feelings of loyalty to our country that I'm going to celebrate this year.  I haven't put up any patriotic decorations for a couple of years now, but I will this year. 

If you plan to decorate your home or vacation cabin for the 4th of July,  you have a chance to have your name drawn for this patriotic themed candle mat or place mat or plant mat or however you might want to use it.

It's almost identical to one I made for myself and is approximately 10-1/2" square.

Follow the usual procedure and leave a comment at the end of this post.  If you feel like it, it would be fun to hear how your family spent the 4th of July each year when you were growing up.  We usually had a family picnic (big extended family, big picnic) in our city park, then trekked across the road from the picnic grounds and spread blankets on the outfield of the baseball stadium where we laid on our backs and oohed and ahhed watching the fireworks bursting in the sky over our heads.

I'll keep comments open for this giveaway until Saturday night, June 15th, along about 9 p.m., then draw a name Sunday morning to announce the winner of this small quilted piece.

How about it?  Anyone want a little red, white and blue decoration for the 4th of July?


Jan said...

I'd love to have this pretty, patriotic mat!

I remember my dad always cooked out on the grill for the 4th. Then, when it got dark, he would shoot off our fireworks on the sidewalk in front of our house. When I was small, my parents would sit up on the roof of our house with us and watch the park's big fireworks display. (We had an almost flat roof!) It was one of my favorite holidays!

Mama Pea said...

Jan - Yes, it was a holiday especially great for kids. We never had our own fireworks except for sparklers. Each of us got one and were given strict orders to stand away from everyone else while whirling and twirling with it in our outstretched hand! Thanks for sharing how your family celebrated.

Lisa B said...

I don't have memories from 4th of July. Although I was raised in a majorly Patriotic family, my parents were not big on celebrating holidays. They said because we were very religious most holidays were considered pagon. I never really thought about it much. With my kids I used to take them in to town to see the fireworks if they wanted to. They quickly grew to "I wanna go with so and so's family to picnic/fireworks" age. So I guess my memories are not very exciting. Today I am very patriotic still but prefer to stay home most of the time. I do love your candle mat however!

Mama Pea said...

Lisa B - Since it's just Papa Pea and me home now we haven't gone to town to see the fireworks display on the 4th in many years either. Actually, the crowds for the celebration in our little town kinda make us glad to stay home! Your name is in the hat for the drawing!

Anonymous said...

I love the 4th! As farm kids, we went to town for evening fireworks% I would love to win your beautiful handiwork! Thank you!
Barbara W

Mama Pea said...

Anonymous/Barbara W - From what I've heard, it usually was a big deal for farm kids to go into town for the fireworks. We aren't a farming community, but the town is packed for the display each 4th. The town's population is rather small, but a lot of us live out a ways in our big county. Thanks for joining the giveaway.

Tired Hobby Farmer said...

Fireworks were a big thrill for us as kids. Now that I have a hobby farm, I stay home to keep my animals safely tucked into the barn while all of our country neighbors shoot off fireworks that scare the pudding out of my livestock. UGH! I turn the music up loud in the barn and check on them all frequently. Inside doggies get thunder shirts and essential oils on their necks. Our family gathers for a covered dish picnic at our swimming pool and the little ones get a thrill out of sparklers when the sun goes down. Would love to win your latest project!

Michelle said...

I am notorious in my family for my 'honey' memory; about the only thing I remember about childhood 4ths were the fireworks we set off at home (my favorite were sparklers). I'm sure I'll be among dozens who want your cute piece of quilting!

Cockeyed Jo said...

How patriotic! I want one!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

I totally hear what you're saying about your country. It's just sad. When I was growing up we had a picnic most years and then we go see fireworks and it was one of the favorite holidays for me. With our own kids we would always take them to fireworks and usually have a picnic. Now with her kids grown we usually kind of hang out at home and watch the big Fourth of July celebrations on television. Boise's fireworks are pretty small compared to what I grew up seeing and it's usually really hot hot hot!

Mama Pea said...

Tired Hobby Farmer - Since we haven't been going into town to participate in the fireworks display, we're often in bed when they start around 10 p.m. Each year (I'm a slow learner) I'm put on high alert for a second or two before I remember (super-slow learner) what those very distant BOOMS are from! And, yes, they sure do upset the animals. I've often wondered what the chickens nestled in their little house on their roosts think.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - The sparklers were my favorites, too! Don't think I've ever had dozens enter their names for a giveaway, but yours is in the hat!

Mama Pea said...

J.L. Murphey - Your name is in the hat for the drawing!

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - I wonder if people all over the country turn out for public fireworks displays these days as much as they did years ago? I mean, as you say, you can stay in the comfort of your home and see the spectaculars on TV. Still, nothing like actually being there. Maybe we should go this year . . . nah. I tend to stay far away from crowds anymore. (Does that make me an old stick-in-mud?)

Michelle said...

Auto-correct turned "holey" into "honey"!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - I had a feeling something like that happened! Darn auto-correct that thinks it's smarter than we are . . .

Susan said...

This post reflects my sentiments exactly. I have very fond memories of our small community gathering in a big field and watching fireworks. Everyone brought picnics and it was a time of sharing and being proud of our country. Now it's nothing but division, anger and there's not much left to be proud of. Plus, I am like you - I avoid crowds like the plague. I think I will celebrate my good memories, too. At least we still have those and no one can take them from us. Please toss me into the fray, or giveaway. Your mug mats are the best!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - If you only knew how many (vitriolic) drafts of this post I wrote and then deleted! (What? Me? Upset? Nawwww. Just goes to prove I'm not the mild mannered, sweet, little quilting homesteader lady you thought.) Sometimes remembering and celebrating fond memories is a very positive and good thing to do. So . . . let's!

Your name is tossed into the fray, my friend.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, interesting reading your thoughts. I've been in the same state of mind for the last few years. Just hubby and I here now and although I do decorate for the seasons and holidays, I haven't done so for the 4th for a few years.

Just this morning I decided that I needed to step up and put out the small flags, flag placemats, red, white and blue candles, etc. Not a huge amount of things, and some of them pretty old (ceramic teddy bears dressed patriotically). But it felt right because no matter where we are right now as a nation, my husband and I believe in the USA and all that the constitution stands for. We truly live in a great country and I will be celebrating the 4th as we use to from now on!

Lynne said...

I'm with you on the state of the country. Such a sad state of affairs! Hate to even talk about it! Fourth of July was always a fun holiday. There was always a parade and free ice cream after.Then we travel to see the Fire works. We also was given one sparkler to spin around. Dad use to let us sit on the car so we could see better. Wonderful, wonderful time! Take care!!

Charlotte Boord said...

I don't remember my family going anywhere to see fireworks when I was young, but all of my brothers and sisters (and me) fly American flags on the front of our houses. I think I've grown to be more patriotic as I've gotten older. I would love to have your quilted piece.

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - A fun holiday is a good way to describe the 4th of July when we were kids. Oh, and now I remember there frequently being a carnival in our city park right around that time, too. Carnivals were a lot of fun when I was growing up. Not shabby or shady like some are now. My favorite ride was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Remember that?

Mama Pea said...

Charlotte Boord - I still love to see American flags on the front of houses. It used to be they were only put out there on the 4th of July but now those that have them seem to fly them as a regular thing. Your name is in the drawing for the giveaway.

Mama Pea said...

Elizabeth - Yes, yes! You have echoed my sentiments exactly! Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

Joy said...

We always spent the day at my aunts cottage in Canada, we lived across the border in Michigan. Swimming and great food.

Mama Pea said...

Joy - 4th of July at a family cottage. I think that was a gathering spot for a lot of families. :o) Good fun and fellowship!

Sam I Am...... said...

i remember sparklers growing up and there was a band concert in the evening with lights strung and a big parade. It was a very small town so I don't remember big fireworks in the sky but I was thrilled with all the rest! Oh yes, there was lots of picnics in the park and I think the whole town was there.
I agree with you about our country especially when I remember what it used to be like. It makes me very sad as I thought I knew the people in our country but I am amazed how many think everything is fine and don't have the backbone to stand up against some of the terrible things going on. I believe in democracy but it's been awhile since we've had one.
I've heard there are a lot of people leaving the U.S. and if I wasn't so old I'd probably go to Canada plus my family is here. I worry what kind of life my grandchildren will have. I do have faith in the millennials though. They seem to have good values and no prejudices so maybe there is hope yet.
I would love to win your patriotic mat! It's so pretty and I still fact I decorate for Memorial Day and just leave it all up. LOL! I don't have much but every year I try to add a little something. I saw Lori Holt on a Bee in my Bonnet blog had a pattern for a flag block...very cute also but as much as I would like to make it I'm not sure I'll have time with all the birthdays in July I am making for...we'll see. I hope I live long enough to see our country reverse it's present course and that the damage that has been done is not permanent. At this stage all I can do is pray. Thank you so much for your offering and I hope you are enjoying your garden!

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - I worry about the young couples now just starting their families . . . and the country those now little ones will have to grow up in. As you say, we can pray, keep a positive attitude and know things will turn around. It may just be a bumpy ride until we come out on the other side. Thanks for joining this little giveaway!

wisps of words said...

Wow! Am I ever late here!!!!

But yes, I would love to have this patriotic candle mat!!!! Especially, since it was made by YOU!!!!!


Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - You would only be late if you didn't comment by 9 p.m. tomorrow night! :o)

wisps of words said...

My view on Patriotism is a bit different from yours. Which is fine. How boring, if we all thought the same, allllllll the time. :-)

*I am always proud to be a Citizen, of my Country.

*I am not always proud of what my Country, has done.

*But my Country, is made up of, Human Beings.

*And no Human Being is perfect. So therefore, no country, is
always perfect.

*Show me a perfect country.

*Show me any country, which has not made mistakes, in its History.

*Soooo, how DARE any other country, dump on my Country, when all have made mistakes.

*Where would the World be, today... If our Yanks, had not go to Europe and the Pacific, to join Allied Forces, to fight and die, to defeat the Enemies of World Freedom???

*How can my Country's Role, as Defender of the World, be forgotten and swept under the rug, by those very countries, which would be speaking German today, if we had not fought????

*How dare they?????

*How dare they??????

Btw, I believe in Patriotism. I believe it is perfectly ok to be a proud Citizen, of my Country. I am not, nor will I ever be, a Citizen of The World. Those who push that idea, are using mamby-pamby-rhetoric, to advance their Power and their Wealth.

(cue the singing of "This Is My Country...") Not my singing of it! Professionals singing it. ,-)

Gentle hugs,

wisps of words said...

Oh yes, we fly our Flag, all year long!!!!!!

Ever since 9/11.

Crazy how something like that, can bring flag waving to the fore. It should have been there, always. 'Course, many did fly the flag, then. But over time, Patriotism began to take hits.

And the flags disappeared, one by one, over time.

People forget so easily. And are so easily swayed by "The Latest News Bite." :-((((


Goatldi said...

We are in total agreement. I have already decorated my gate as y’all know but that cutie would make a lovely addition to my home. Don’t despair too much Mama Pea it’s cyclic. The only thing we need to do is take copious notes to make sure it doesn’t happen again because history repeats itself when we tend not to remember it.

wisps of words said...

And.... Yes Dear One, you have created a majestic string of Comments!!!! Hoooray for you!!!!!!

I do not accept the Latest News Bites. Of what we all _should_ be believing.

I dig for my own news. It takes a bit of time, but being a stubborn "Old Coot," I will not be led by the nose. By the quick and easy MSM *news*

The cries of Racism, in all its forms, are lies!!! About our present administration. Lies! Find the true statistics. More non-white people are employed now, than in years.

If you want a job, you can get a job.

Employers are having a hard time, getting enough workers.


But it fits with the Opposition's Line, to lie, that the Economy is bad, and that minorities, are getting picked on.

Unless you are a Native Born American Indian, your ancestors came to the US, became Citizens, and tried to become good Citizens. They followed the Rules. This wanting to protect our borders, would certainly be applauded by them!!!! If they followed the Rules, why should non-citizens today, be allowed to flaunt them????????

Plus, how can people not add 2 and 2? If our Country is flooded with non-citizens, where will the money come from, to take care of them??????? And to give health care, to hard working already Citizens??? There-is-not-enough-money. No matter how they spout silly ways, to cut this and cut that.

There is no such thing, as a Free Lunch...! Pretty, heart tugging slogans, do not cut it, in reality.

I am so tired of the falsehood, being believed, by the masses. Too lazy to find the truth out, for themselves. So so so so so so tired of it.

And this Follow-The-Latest-News-Line mentality, spawns citizens being ashamed of our Country.

Spawns citizens, who join other countries, in bashing the US.

Spawns citizens, who are so afraid of NOT being IN, they dare not question, the Latest-Line.


Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Sadly, there are very many things we as humans have not learned from history. We can read, be told firsthand by someone who has had the experience, and "educated" but with so many things, unless we do them ourselves or experience them ourselves, we don't seem to learn. Your name is in the hat!

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :) Nice giveaway but I will stand back to allow more chances to my American friends! :) I kind of feel the same way about Canada Day, but it's really because I live in Quebec where Canada and the English are pretty much despised beyond understanding. There are no Canada Day celebrations north of Montreal usually, if there are they are in small pockets of the province, nowhere near here. I've stopped celebrating but I think this year I will anyway because I do love Canada. Maybe with food and drinks like I usually do! :)

Mama Pea said...

Rain - We all know any celebration of yours involving food and drinks will be spectacular! So you proceed to celebrate however you wish, my friend.

Lynne said...

I surely do remember the tilt a wheel. What fun that was. Don't know if I could take now a days. Great memories!! Catch you later!!

The Wykeham Observer said...

Thank you for displaying the beautiful handiwork. If you don't mind, could I please add my name? Our 4ths were always quiet, just appreciating the sacrifices of others and our freedom. We always had a dog, so a lot of time was spent in the basement trying to calm them down when we lived in the city. So, no more fireworks here. Out here in the country it is quiet, and I now have the flag up and will be having a pretty quiet day with some family or friends. Take care. Phil

Mama Pea said...

Phil - Yes, remembering the sacrifices of others and our freedom are/should be very important parts of the day. Your name is added to the drawing.