Friday, May 3, 2019


Our heavy snow fall of this past Monday is finally (nearly/almost) gone.  The lack of sunshine all week has not made the process go fast, but warmer temps yesterday (in the 40s) did help the melting along quite a bit.  Let's hope that was the end of winter and that spring will finally stay with us.

It will still be a few days, at least, before I can do anything in the garden soil, but we can get started on pruning the apple trees and picking up winter-fallen branches now that the yard is free of snow again.

Our back wood working area still has lots of standing puddles that are crispy-crunchy this morning with ice that formed over night.  We have to get back on that project asap.

Our good neighbors are planning a visit soon with their son in Iowa where for the past couple of years they've been purchasing their started garden plants from a family-owned greenhouse.  They've always offered to bring back any that I would like, but because I've started my own from seed, I've declined their kind offer.

Not this year.  I am serious about making some changes toward a more balanced life (all work and no play, etc., etc., you know), so I've given them a list of plants I'd like.  It's way too early to set the plants out so with Papa Pea's help I will have to set up a protected spot for the plants in our unheated, yet-to-be-finished space that will eventually be my seed starting/growing/potting room.  Placing them on a rack next to a south facing window and making a quasi-greenhouse with plastic for protection should do the trick.

It feels very different this year not having started my own seeds, but I can already see the "extra" time it's given me.  I feel guilty and incompetent for doing it this way, but as a good friend is fond of saying, "Get over it!"

We've found ourselves really making an effort toward that "happy medium" with more balance in all things we're doing.  Yes, it's change and yes, it's hard, but because we're both wanting the same thing, I think it's gonna work.


wisps of words said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! A new Header!!!!!!!! :-)

wisps of words said...

"I feel guilty and incompetent for doing it this way, but as a good friend is fond of saying, "Get over it!"

I LOVE this good friend of yours!!!!!! They think like I do. :-)))))

_Where_ did this work-work-work duty, come from? Were you brought up, having this drilled into your head? Or heads, because you both seem to have the same drive.

No, not really asking. It's none of my business.

It's just that we are farther down the line, than you two are. And we know, that slowing down, becomes a necessity, eventually. Like so many other things, it is easier to move into a different stage, gently. To begin to accept changes, before they are forced on us.

Yeah, TMI. I'm a broken record. Always with uncomfortable advice. I know...

Sooooo, to me, stop it already!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))

Susan said...

As hard as it is to stop the forward momentum that you've honed over the years, it is a healthy step in the right direction! You, my dear Mama Pea, have more than earned some time off. Some time for you and for doing things that bring you joy. Too bad we are not closer (for so many, many reasons), because I am going to have a few (hundred) extra tomato plants. Just promise me this - once you've managed to reach that perfect balance, wouldya let me know how you did it? :) xo

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

I have usually bought starts for most things. Working full time away from home put things in a time crunch. I did start some seeds this, some failed. Will go buy more. That's ok! You should enjoy your life 😁

Michelle said...

Yesterday I bought beautiful starts from my favorite store for this – tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, kale, and cucumbers, all non-GMO; need to get them in the ground this morning. My seed-starting efforts have never been successful, so I am content with how I do things. This year's weather is TOO DRY & WARM!!! for the start of May, but we might as well 'make garden while the sun shines' and hope our well holds up to the watering needs.

Is that a loon in the header?

Mary Mc said...

Beautiful picture! The bird looks like it is sitting on glass. Happy medium is sometimes hard to achieve but you can get there. After all, you are Mama Pea! Happy planting, Mary

Lynne said...

I'd say it's about time. I find as I get older there is not enough time for all I want to do, so some things have to go.Doing your own starter seeds do take time. I hope it makes you have time for fun things, maybe?

Sam I Am...... said...

I know the feeling and I do so much less than you! It's hard getting older and not being able or having the energy to 'do it all' especially us 'fiercely independent' types. I used to do so much more than I do now but the mere fact that we keep trying even though they might be 'baby steps' helps my mind set. My house has never been so dirty, messy and disorganized but each day I 'rise up to fight another day' and grateful that the good Lord granted it to me! Remember....these are 'the golden years'! Enjoy your plants and glad that Spring is finally making an appearance for you!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

First off, I like your new header. What type of duck is that? Secondly, do what brings you contentment. Some people feel better when they are busy, always have something to do, getting things accomplished. Others need that down time and are content to let some things slide. It seems that both you and your husband are "doing" people. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you are content with it. When it becomes a chore that you dread, or that is taking a toll on your body and your mind, that's when it's time to step back.
So, enough of my armchair therapy here. I hope your weather dries up a bit and warms up a bit so that whatever you are doing, at least you won't be cold and wet!! :) -Jenn

SmartAlex said...

Gardening is a big commitment when it starts in March instead of May! There have been a year or two when I did not start anything. The key to that is abandoning the obsession of certain varieties and resolving to choose from among other people's choices. It helps when you find a greenhouse or two that has a more unique spectrum. If I want to be particular about varieties I can still have the direct sow seeds to fiddle with.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Your "advice" is never uncomfortable. Besides, I can always ignore it, right? ;o) We were both raised in middle class families with a strong work ethic and I guess that rubbed off. Also, the lifestyle we personally chose (homesteading, animals, growing our own food) requires a bit more work than coming home at night and sitting relaxing. We've never had a lot of $$ to hire work done so have learned to do it ourselves which, of course, takes time, stamina and . . . work. We've constructed two (three if you count our start back in Illinois) homesteads ourselves including all the building. We've been happy in our choices, but now feel a need for some kind of a change (or changes) so we can both, individually and together, experience some of the things that have always been put on the back burner.

Susan - Just when I'm finally really, truly scaling back on my gardening efforts, don't you dare foist any of those tomato plants on me! ;o) I don't think I'll ever write the book on living the balanced life because if I do attain it, I'll be doing it rather than writing about it!

Nancy - Although I've done it, I don 't envy anyone having a good sized garden while working full-time away from home! Now there's a situation where you CAN'T do it all!

Michelle - Yep, raising my own plants isn't because I particularly like taking the time for it but because in this day and age purchased ones can be suspect. Are they the heirloom varieties I want? Are they non-GMO (as you've found)? Today we even have to consider if the very soil they're raised in has been treated with growth-enhancing chemicals. I don't want to introduce that into my soil. Believe me, starting seeds indoors two-three months before the gardening season begins is not my idea of fun. :o} By the way, your garden looks SO GOOD!

Mary Mc - Don't give "Mama Pea" too much credit. She's in the midst of trying really hard to make some changes and she's a mite on the unsettled, grumpy, brain-frazzled side! ;o)

Lynne - Yesterday I (finally) started a new wool applique project! Yay!!! See? I am making progress. (Every little bit counts.)

Sam I Am - You should give yourself more credit. Don't forget you are doing all you do as a "lone" person; I've got the support and help of Papa Pea. I liked it when you said your house has never been dirtier or messier . . . oh, how many times have I felt that way! That's when I know I have to drop everything else and clean and tidy. Then I feel goooood! (And can start letting the mess build up again!)

Jenn - Ever considered going into the counseling business? Very wise words and I shall take heed! :o)

SmartAlex - You are wise to give yourself the luxury of not starting seeds (or some of them). Being in a relatively unpopulated area doesn't give me access to a lot of choice when purchasing started plants. Yes, we can make a trip to the "big city" where started plants abound, but I've found they are of "suspicious" quality, usually raised far south of us and not varieties that will prosper in our (darn) cool climate and short growing season. So that brings us back to starting our own. This year I'm kinda turning a blind eye toward my preference to starting my own varieties and going the easier route. Besides, most of the garden is put in with seeds of my chosen varieties anyway.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Forgot to answer your question the first time around. I'm pretty sure the picture on my blog header is a Grebe that landed on our pond . . . but didn't stay long. Anyone? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Lynne said...

That does sound like fun. Good for you!! Tell me more when you get further along. Thanks!

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - I spent the whole day today (!) in my quilt room working on my current wool applique piece. Am getting close to done and will show it when finished. Thanks for your interest!

The Wykeham Observer said...

Even without the seed-starting, you still do more outdoor work than most folks, so don't feel guilty. I know that isn't advice that's easy to take, because you don't just turn these things on and off. Enjoy what you are doing! Phil

Unknown said...

It takes a lot of courage (and wisdom!) to 'change' a lifestyle. Not that you guys are really 'changing'.... but clearly from what you write, you are feeling the transition period. But what I gather from this, you are standing by your decision and following through with your new dreams and goals and that is a very good and admirable thing. You two work so hard, you both deserve to have the time to enjoy doing what you really want to do and find enjoyable to do. Hope that means seeing some beautiful quilts coming out of your awesome quilting studio!!!!!

Lisa said...

Ummmmm, sorry...... I am the 'Unknown'. It's also hard to teach an old horse new tricks?! ;)

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