Sunday, March 3, 2019

It's Cold . . . and Other Ramblings

Yes, we are, indeed, in a very cold spell.  Last night we were warned of "hazardous wind chills."  I'm grateful we were snug, cozy and warm in our little abode and suffered not one wee whit.

We can look forward to a high today of 2 degrees above zero while bracing for more teeth-chattering wind chills of -25 to -40 developing for tonight.  But, hey, the wind chill forecast for today (with that balmy 2 degrees above) is for only -10 to -20 by this afternoon.  Then those lower temps and nasty wind chills over night may just linger into Monday morning.  (Guess I'll forego hanging my Monday laundry out on the lines.  Until maybe June.  Or July.)  Fortunately, those of us who live here year 'round are used to this weather and tend to look at all the reports of global warming with a skeptical eye.

Despite this weather, our chickens (bless their little hearts) are on the upswing of laying a good number of eggs a day now that they've come out of their (what seemed like prolonged) molt.  A yummy omelette for breakfast this morning was enjoyed and much appreciated.  Thanks, girls.

Believe it or not, hubby and I are in the midst of taking three days off.  Last Friday, yesterday and today have been designated as "relaxing" days for both of us.

Of course, we still have had to do the daily necessities but other than that, we've been doing more personally rewarding fun-type things.  Inside, I don't hesitate to add, because . . . well, it's warm and comfortable in here.  And it's not outside.

I've been knitting and quilting and reading a lot which feels really good.  Papa Pea has been going through old files pertaining to all things recreational, watching videos on the computer that are revving him up for new projects (someone help me, please) and has even watched the l980s looooong TV series "Shogun" which our daughter loaned him on old taped cassettes.

This guilt-free down time has been good for both of us.  Curious thing is that we've both been sleeping so hard the past couple of nights that it's like we've been drugged.  I think it's that our bodies have let go of some of the old, everyday tension we (unknowingly?) carry on a day-to-day basis.

I'm heading off to my quilt room now, but on the way I need to do one of those necessities of which I spoke.  I must water my houseplants.  As I walked by one in the kitchen this morning, I'm sure I heard a faint gasp of, "Water!  Please, water!"



Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

That's cold!!! I loved Shogun, sigh. We're watching the old show Rosemary and Thyme and loving it! Get's me in the mood for spring, someday! Stay warm...

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - I watched bits and pieces of Shogun with hubby, but I got too impatient with all the Japanese dialogue and then the English translation. I saw a clip interviewing Richard Chamberlain made years after he did Shogun and he said the book was probably the best one he'd ever read. So now hubby has the book downloaded onto his Droid (it's 48 hours long!) and will "read" it as an audio book to compare to the movie.

I've watched many episodes of "Rosemary and Thyme" and agree with you that they are entertaining. Easy watching. The kind of entertainment I like. Not a lot of angst and ugliness as in so many shows.

Michelle said...

Ah, but remember that global "climate" is not the same as regional "weather;" the scientific evidence of GLOBAL warming is unequivocal, unfortunately.

Having lived in MN certainly makes us better prepared in all ways to deal with the occasional "cold" we get here, as we still have a lot of our cold-weather gear and equipment!

Mama Pea said...

The tilting of the earth's axis is also creating some "interesting" changes for all of us.

Hang on to your cold-weather gear and equipment and you'll remain in good shape for your occasional really cold weather. Never hurts to be prepared!

Kev Alviti said...

Hahaha! Your house plants sound like mine. I just keep aloe vera now and a few cacti as it's all I seem to be able to keep alive inside!
Glad you're taking a bit f time for yourself, it's so easy not to isn't it?!

Mama Pea said...

Kev - Hubby has nearly a whole shelf of aloe vera plants up in his office. Luckily, they don't require a lot of watering because he leaves the job to me and I don't think of them too often. He has a special liking for aloe vera. Years ago, he was climbing off the tractor and in some weird way grabbed onto the hot exhaust pipe. He came running into the house in a lot of pain. I sliced open an aloe vera spear and spread the gel on his hand. He never had so much as a blister. Good stuff to have around!

Vera said...

Lester has been giving me constant updates about how cold it is being in America, and I hope it will warm up soon for you all.

All our hens went into a massive moult in early winter, and we had to start buying eggs again as they, too, stopped laying. We were worried in case they got cold, but thankfully the temperatures stayed above freezing for the duration of their moult. They did look sorry for themselves, though, wondering about all naked. I did think about making some jackets for them!

I am glad you have both had time out. We have too. It has been a very healing time.

Mama Pea said...

Vera - I have seen pictures on the Internet of chickens with hand knit jackets on. You and I had, perhaps, better get busy in preparation for next winter's molt! I have a picture somewhere in my files that I took of a nearly naked hen standing next to a rooster in his full feathered glory. I thought of putting it up on a post and asking readers to send a caption for the picture!

We humans neeeeed down time now and then. Some of us (moi) just aren't wise enough to take it! ;o}

Lisa said...

So glad to hear you are spending time in your (awesome!) quilt studio!!! May you and Papa Pea have more of this guilt-free time. :)

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - I think we've been spurred on to do such because of how fast we see the winter "slow" months flying by! My dear husband is convinced that time is actually going by faster these days. I could easily believe his theory!

wisps of words said...

Ohhhhh it is so _nice_ to see someone else writing, about how _cold_ it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike all those ladies who have warm weather, things blooming, etc., etc., etc. _Thank_ you, for being cold, like I am!!!!!!



wisps of words said...

Resting Days!!!!!


Speaking of eggs, you having your own happy 'Girls' and all....

Ya' know, I can no longer buy eggs, laid by "regular" chickens. Those which live awful lives, packed in cages, etc., etc., etc. I can't! I buy eggs from "non caged" chickens. And they are gorgeous! They cost a little more, but I can't do anything else. -sigh-


wisps of words said...

You have been sleeping sooooooo wellllll, with the 'resting day.'

"I think it's that our bodies have let go of some of the old, everyday tension we (unknowingly?) carry on a day-to-day basis."

Mmmmmmm, you _think_????


How many times have I preached this message, to you? Hu? Hu? Hu? You both, push yourselves too hard.

How old are you guys anyway? 49? 55? 63? A wee bit older than that?

How long are your bodies going to take, this constant extra stress??????????????

I know! I am an Old Fart, who moans and groans, from the view point of our "ancient ages." I am!!!!

But, this is from Experience of being older already. People need to slow down a wee bit, slowly, over time... Wisely.... And not wait till something "bends, or breaks," and makes us slow down.

OK! "Old Mother Hubbard" will grumble on her merry way. >,-)))))))))))))


Kristina said...

Brrr. We are getting another burst of cold air, but not to those extremes. Papa Pea should send some of that project-itis over to my husband. I can't get him motivated.

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) I'm so happy to read this. I LOVE that you're taking some "holiday" time so to speak! We can never get away from the "dailies"...but it's those daily chores/tasks that make our lives what they are, and I for one really enjoy them! :) Ooooh Papa Pea! We watched Shogun, I am a BIG FAN of Toshirô Mifune!!! I've seen every one of his Samurai movies. The rumour is that Clint Eastwood took after him for all of his Westerns. :)

Mama Pea, I can't wait to start having discussions with you about chickens. I mean real discussions where I say "my chicken did this" and then you say "well, my chicken did that!" lol...Hopefully within the next year or so I can make that happen!!! :)

Sam I Am...... said...

You are so wise! Both of you! The thing is when you stay home every day and your home and/or homestead is your job you never get away from it. I try to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to do crafts and things I want to work on. I try to ensure I have food made and ready just to reheat and laundry caught up etc. I never go out except to the store, I have no social life here and I live alone. Now, they say you need a social network but I'll pass. I tried to be social when I first moved here and it did not go well so I am happier staying by myself and enjoying my online friends. I am always busy and always happy so I'm not going to mess with what's working for me. I hope you enjoyed your Holiday!

wyomingheart said...

Well, Mama Pea, we aren't nearly as cold here on the ridge, but this week is colder than my body would like! Terrific that you are doing those fun things that a restful mind needs! Keep up the good work, and stay warm and relaxed!

Susan said...

I was so happy to read that you both took some time off! Wowza! I'll be interested to see what new and exciting projects are going to be coming out of all of Papa Pea's research! (heehee) I think you need to do way more of this!

Lynne said...

That's really cold!! Good to know your all cozy and warm. We've been going through a cold spell to, not as cold as you have but cold enough. It's wonderful your taking time for yourselves. You both deserves it with all your hard work thru the year. It's fun to take time to smell the roses!xo

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Dear Old Mother Hubbard . . . I knew you would love to get your two cents worth in on this one! Hubby and I both agree that we've got to step out of the rut of working as hard as we do, but I also believe that you "use it or lose it." Both of our mothers, at a certain age, decided they were "too old" to keep up with their usual lives and it ended badly for both of them. I'd rather keel over on a sunny day in the garden than have the end my mom experienced.

How old are we? I wouldn't mind being 49 or 55 or 63 again, if I knew as much then as I do now! Hubby will be 78 this summer and I have my 76th birthday next month. Wow, what a lot of candles!!

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - When spring time and warm weather arrives, it will be much easier for your hubby to get motivated!

Rain - You jumped into gardening with so much joy and gusto that I know you're going to be even more excited raising chickens. And you don't have to wait nearly as long for an egg as you do for a potato!! ;o)

Sam I Am- Your schedule sounds so good to me! I think we have to arrive at a certain age and phase of our lives to realize what makes us happiest. And you do sound like a happy person so why change anything? All we have to watch out for is not letting our lives get too full, right? There's that happy medium Papa Pea and I are striving for.

wyomingheart - Unless we are all living in the southern states, I think we still have more cold weather to make it through. We're supposed to warm up to 18 above tomorrow. Yippee!

Susan - What I need to do is somehow curtail my husband and all of his ideas! ;o}

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - Roses? No roses anywhere around here this time of year. ;o} It's more like smell the fresh bread just out of the oven. Bad timing today as we really did damage to a loaf as dessert after dinner tonight! Bad for the bread supply, and we certainly didn't need it after a good meal. Guess one has to go wild and crazy some times!

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