Thursday, March 14, 2019

Blogging Mojo, Where Art Thou?

Yep, I've had writer's block for some time now.  I think it's had something to do with the approaching changing of the seasons which, for some reason, has always affected me in a not-so-good way.  Time zips by so quickly and I'm never ready to give up any season whether it be summer, winter or fall.  Spring I could live without.  That, no doubt, has a lot to do with my aversion to M.U.D.

Speaking of that ooey, gooey substance, we've had our first warming spell of the year accompanied by rain which last night brought a radical change to our outside surroundings.

I took this shot a couple of minutes ago looking at the drive going back to our storage and wood working area.  Up until this morning, the area has been covered with a solid pack of plowed snow for months.  Oh, we'll see snow falling yet this month (and probably next month) but it won't last for long now.

I've continued to be a knitting fool.  (What did you just call me?)  Above is the start of a pair for my daughter.  A rainbow of gorgeous sherbet colors!

This is the first greenish pair I've made for Papa Pea.  Just finished turning the heel on this first sock.

I've made a start on a new spring green and yellow shower curtain I'd like to have done to hang when I take down the blue and white winter one.

This is the current "spring" curtain I made about 4-5 years ago.  I've never liked it.  (Although it doesn't look too bad in the picture, does it?  And, dang, I put a lot of work into it.)  I can't put my finger on why it doesn't appeal to me, guess it's just one of those things.  I know the image of the new one on my design wall doesn't look great at this point, but it will get better.  And I know it's going to be more to my liking than the old one.  Trust me. 

I promised einkorn pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup and/or locally produced maple syrup for our morning meal so I'd better sign off and get on with that.

Which reminds me, take a gander at this fantastic old cast iron griddle my dear husband found this winter on an on-line auction.  He got it for a great price, cleaned it up and re-seasoned it.  It fits nicely over two burners of my stove and enables me to make a whole bunch of pancakes at once.  I love it!

All for now.  Gotta go make those pancakes.


Sam I Am...... said...

I must admit I don't miss the 'mud season' that I had on the farm in Iowa and really Spring is beautiful down here and my favorite season...but summer is too hot,fall is hot and there's always fire danger and winter is really drab with no snow but Springtime in the Ozarks is gorgeous with so many flowering trees.
I like both your shower curtains! I have had a shower curtain and ironing board cover on my sewing list for forever. I have a griddle on my stove which takes 2 burners permanently and it has a grill too but what a mess! It drains grease into a mason jar that's screwed upside down under the cabinet. It's a Jenn Aire with 2 burners and the grill/griddle. I'm sure it was very expensive but I am also sure it was designed by a man because it is a bear to clean! I actually only have 1 working burner and it's the smaller one but I seem to manage. I would much rather have the griddle you have. Great find and your husband did a great job cleaning it up and seasoning it.
I frogged my sock....I evidently cannot follow instructions but I am left handed so maybe that's the problem? LOL! I'm going back to my regular cuff down method so I can actually get some socks knit! I love video tutorials...I think I am a visual learner.
I have not used Einkorn flour but I learned about it in that Heritage cooking class. I'll see if I can order some. Yummm...pancakes! Aren't you getting that big snowstorm that's over the plains? I hope not but watch out!

wisps of words said...

-chuckle- Your blogging mojo has gone. I can't seem to stop blogging. Did one yesterday, and just put up, another. Stuff keeps happening, and I just have to get my "2 cents worth," in on it. ,-)))

Wow, you make your shower curtain????????? Be this, an outside one? And an inside one, gets the water?

A griddle!!!!!! So necessary, for making pancakes!!!! We don't have one, so we don't make them. -sigh-

Ahhh mud season! Very glad to have our construction being mostly done, before this season really sets in on us. 'Cause they have to go in and out... Getting things from their trucks... And cutting things, and etc.

They have cardboard down, to protect floors, but.... I'm glad it's not the end of the month. :-)

Susan said...

What a crafty fox, that Papa Pea. Nothing like providing you with a wonderful griddle to insure that pancakes are on the menu! It's funny - this time of year, I get so worked up about the changing of seasons from winter to spring, that I wear myself out and have no energy. Just when I need it most. I love that old shower curtain - could you have something against tulips? Might they remind you of M.U.D. season? :) Nice socks!!!

Goatldi said...

Nice cast iron grill. Lucky you!

How do you line your hand made shower curtains ?

I live in the land of eternal mud. You know the song “if it weren’t for “mud luck” I’d have no luck at all. “

Michelle said...

Ah, the seasons of life and the seasons of blogging ebb and flow. Since we have varying degrees of mud for three seasons here, that is not why I don't like Spring; it's that it is followed by Summer (I hate 'hot').

Leigh said...

That griddle is perfect for pancakes!

What a great idea to use quilt tops for shower curtains! If I can get my sewing mojo going, I'll have to make some too!

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - Half the reason I'd just as soon skip "spring" way up here is that we don't really get any spring flowers. Or if we do, they come in June. I envy parts of the country that burst forth in bloom starting in March!

Years ago, we were in a rented apartment for a short period and it had that exact Jenn Aire stove you have. Very expensive and touted as the best. I hated it!

Have never been able to figure out the socks knit from the toe up. You made it farther than I ever did!

Einkorn flour has the richest flavor. I think you'd like it.

The big snowstorm all went south of us. All we got was about 3". Now we have 3" of WATER standing almost everywhere! And under that, slowly making its way up, I know is the MUD!

wisps of words - I have a white plastic liner on the shower rod on the "wet" side and the quilted shower curtain on the outside/room side. Works great.

Yes, you're getting your construction done at the right time. I never mind anyone tracking in clean snow. That wipes up so easily compared to mud.

Susan - I think it's the colors in the current (old/finished) shower curtain that bother me. After all, the curtain hangs about two feet in front of one when one is seated (ahem) in the bathroom and one has time to stare at it! ;o)

Goatldi - I've made my shower curtains with just muslin for backing (no batting) and also with Thermor for batting. Like the Thermor because the quilting has definition, but it also makes the curtain a little heavy . . . even though it's a light batting.

Michelle - You don't like "hot," eh? Wanna move back to Minnie-soda?? Hee-hee.

Leigh - The quilted shower curtains add soooo much color to the bathroom. Besides that, I could never find a manufactured shower curtain I liked! And you know me and my decorating for the seasons . . . I have to have a different shower curtain for each season!

Marie said...

eee gads -- a flood warning, a fog warning and a winterstorm watch all issued at the same time -- Mother Nature is a bit out of sync ....

ice is everywhere !!! water is everywhere (including my basement) .. but the sun is rising and it's going to be a beautiful day ....

blessings ....

Mama Pea said...

Marie - You're having more of Mother Nature's wrath than we are! You also got more snow this last go 'round than we did. So sorry about your basement, hope you have a good sump pump. All of our copious melting of the past couple of days is I.C.E. this morning. It's treacherous out there. Hoping the temp climbs out of the high 20s quickly today. No water inside our abode, but 3" of water in the bottom of our big wood shed. Never had standing water in there before. Quite the spring weather we're all having this year! Send some of that sun this way, will you, please?

J.L. Murphey said...

Cast iron green demon coming out.

About writer's block, I'm well versed on that subject. I was the author of 30 titles and collaborations. When your muse is hot set up an idea bank and jot down three things that pertain to that idea. Before you know you'll have a slew of things to blog about for when the muses slack off. You'll be able to write your way out of writer's block.

Your ending tag line is a hint too that will help you "blessings." Jot down your blessings for the week big or small. For the Cockeyed Homestead, it's 2 blog posts and a"newsy" email (to subscribers) each week. Plus one to two posting on my stroke survival blog each week.

With Blogger, you can even prewrite your blogs and schedule them for a later date. This is a very nice feature. I don't know about other blogging software or formats. I've been with Blogger for over twenty years now. Cockeyed Jo

Mama Pea said...

J.L. Murphey - Wise words from one who has good experience! Thank you. I usually keep a scratch pad on my desk top of things I think of to blog about. They may seem like good ideas at the time but then when I go to write a new post, they often seem boring! This in between time of year (winter going out, spring coming in) leaves me a bit wonky as to what I want to say. But this, too, shall pass!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Hiya Mama Pea,

I hope the storm that hit our south east corner of our province gave you a wide swerve. We hardly had any here in the big city but boy oh boy where the highways treacherous. I thought at one point I was heading for the ditch. I didn't but it was touch and go for a bit.

I absolutely love that cast iron griddle! I hope those pancakes turned out wonderful and filled your tummy with good things.

I am sending you lots of sunshine to dry up the M.U.D. and hopefully no more snow.

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, I found Minnie-soda to be bitterly cold in the winter AND miserably hot (and HUMID; UGH) in the summer, with more summertime BUGS than anywhere else I've lived! No thank-you; NW Oregon is just about perfect weatherwise.

We lived close to Perham, a tiny town between Detroit Lake and Wadena. Where is that compared to you?

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

We're drying out here finally! Yard work starts tomorrow. Going to be 60 degrees!!!

Lynne said...

We don't have mud season on the cape. We have sand and it acts like a sieve and evaperates into the ground. The sock looks great . What is the brand of the yarn? Ilike the colors. The quilt is looking good. It look a good size now, how much bigger do you need it? I really like the flower one. You could always make it into a lap quilt. Just a thought!!

Pam said...

Hello Knitting Fool ~ your words not mine! lol...those are AWESOME! I love the colors also. But the thoughts of a quilted shower curtain is the neatest. Never thought of that. Here in TN...NO SNOW this yr. but that has basically become the normal the last ten yrs or so. Miss the days we had tons of it. Looks like you might get out of all that white soon, Spring is around the corner.

Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - Hi! I think the storm you're talking about was the one that went south of us. Lucky us! After that we've been getting rain which is making all our snow melt faster than usual and, unfortunately, making lots of standing water. Temp last night went down to the 20s which mean all has been like a skating rink around here. Ugh. I do fear we'll get another snow fall or two, but don't think it will last long either. You stay safe during this crazy spring/ice/slush weather, too!

Michelle - I just looked up Perham on our atlas map and found your little town. You would have been way west and south of us. Perham is near Fargo and Moorhead where our daughter started college. If I remember correctly that was about an 8 hour drive from us. Minnesota is a long state and although many folks thinks it's nothing but cold and snow, once you get down past the middle of the state, the climate can get VERY warm. Iowa is just below and we all know that state grows a lot of fabulous corn in the good ol' summertime!

Nancy - Sixty degrees for you tomorrow?! That's like June temps for us. And yard work? The only work we could do in the yard would be with a shovel! Enjoy your lovely weather.

Lynne - The sock yarn for my daughter's pair is Berroco Comfort Sock and Papa Pea's is Lana Grossa Meilenweit/Chalet. Both are really nice to work with.

The measurement of my shower curtains need to be 60" wide and 71" long. So I need to add about 6" on each side and 24" (probably 12" to both top and bottom) to the length to what I have already.

Pam Jackson - I did know that parts of TN did get snow sometimes in the winter, but I'll bet it's never like we get! Ours is melting rapidly. Much faster than usual. Will we get an early spring? Who knows! But as you say, spring is around the corner and it will arrive!

Michelle said...

Wow, we were four hours north of the Twin Cities; I didn't think you could get another eight hours farther away!

wisps of words said...

Dear Mama Pea, your question about this..... :-)

Yes, the former large, unused, old, front room, is now our bedroom. The small bathroom, adjacent to it, is bathroom, shower and laundry. Walk from new Bedroom, into Den, then into Kitchen, and on, into Hearth Room.<---This has always been our Family Room, Hearth Room, tv, reading, all purpose gathering room.

So we did not lose anything. We simply converted the large, unused, old, front room, into downstairs Bedroom. :-)

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Being in the far north east part of the state, we had to go diagonally across to Fargo/Moorehead, the far west. Not the shortest road, but there aren't a whole lot of roads (that don't meandered all over here and there) that would have made it a straight shot unless we went down to the Twin Cities and then back up again. What's the old saying: You can't get there from here? :o}

wisps of words - Okay, I got it now. How fortunate you have a lovely old house with that big (unused!) living room that allowed you to do this without giving up needed living space.

Michelle said...

You're right; we lived in lake country, and there were no straight roads to anywhere! (We lived an hour east of Fargo.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Aunt MP,
Thank you for reminding me of a very funny movie that got better and better with each viewing - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. Lisa and I have a restaurant, a lime tree, and a chocolate lab that would love to meet you-feel like a little road trip?
Big hugs to you, Uncle R, and cousin W from NZ,
Nephew AJK

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