Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine Wishes, Sent And Received

I'm a bit late (although it still is Valentine's Day as I write) in sending all of you hearty (pun intended, and not a very good one) wishes on this the 14th day of February.  Hope you all had a good day in whatever way you spent it.

Thank you for your Red Heart Day wishes sent here to Minnesota.  Especially a very special one I received from Wisconsin.

Chicken Mama stopped by on her way home tonight and gave us this tin full of chocolate heart confections she made.

They're made with organic ingredients, chocolate that is so pricey I feel guilty eating it, and a luscious cream coconut filling that tastes like Mounds Bars used to taste (only better) when they were made with real ingredients.  (Way back when.)  This sweet treat is her dad's favorite and I will have to hide them somewhere and portion them out or he'll OD on them for sure.

(Susan, recognize the red and black cloth the tin is on?)


Susan said...

Is there no end to that girl's talent? I think not. Why, yes, that does look I'm getting all nostalgic and homesick. xo

Mama Pea said...

Susan - :o] !

wisps of words said...

Oh mercy, home made candy, made from real ingredients! What a perfect Valentine's Day gift!

I'd be the same as Papa Pea, and OD quickly, on such. Well, I'd want to!!!!! Couldn't, because I know, the way I'd pay-the-piper later, would be awful. :-)

And in regard to your Comment on Here.... You know I'd "pay" you, to be able to "play around in the deep, deep bowels" of your blog, to "play" with your Blog "Look"! -grinnnnnnn- But it's not as easy, as it sounds.

I did it, for a blogging friend, some time ago. I do not chose be given access to anyone else's blog!!!! So I had to do it, second hand (by back-and-forth email). And it was very, very tedious.

But the idea is delicious!!!!!!!

Too bad we live so far apart. Or I'd be knocking on your door, by now!!!! Asking when, we can both sit down at your computer, and "PLAY"?

✨ ❄ ✨

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Well, you know, my daughter has been saying for a long time that she wants to give my blog a good going over and spruce it up with a new look. Only problem is she's so darn busy that I feel guilty asking her to make time to sit down and do it. And I also know I'm a real fluff-off not to learn to do it myself, but there are so many other things I'd rather do with my time. (Cleaning kitchen cabinets right now. Wait. Is that something I'd "rather" do??) I simply do not have the where-with-all in my gray matter to understand so much of what is related to computers. Every time I try to do something myself, I get in big trouble and end up sitting here fussing and fuming and saying bad words until she can come rescue me and get me back to a functioning level. :o\

Lynne said...

The valentine candy looks so good. What a wonderful gift and she took the time to make it for the two of you! She's a keeper !! I agree with you about the computer. Thank goodness I've got a daughter whose a whiz on them. I guess we are both lucky.

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - My husband is much braver than I am when it comes to fixing a glitch on his computer. I think that's because he has this burning desire to "know" and "understand." I could care less as long as it works! ;o}

Kristina said...

What a sweet treat! And yes organic ingredients are pretty pricy.

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - First off, we consider the organic ingredients we grow and purchase our health insurance. And then I buy as much in bulk as I can which, of course, comes out a bit more economical. But as you know, producing as much as we can on our own property and in our own gardens provides the very best organic food available!

Sam I Am...... said...

What a thoughtful daughter! I loved Mounds bars to and Almond Joy but I am sure those are way better! I'm all for organic and not the plastic chocolate....that is love for sure and they're so pretty too. I've never tried making my own chocolate but I would love to try some of my old 'standbys'with some pure ingredients. Happy belated Valentine's Day!