Monday, February 4, 2019

Succumbed Again!

As a child I loved creating things with my hands.  One year as a Christmas present, I asked for and received a "paint by number" kit (not sure how creative that could be labeled) and then spent about a week only looking at it as I didn't want to actually use the paints and canvas . . . because then too soon they would be used up and gone.  (How's that for a warped sense of psyche?)

Aaanywho, my love of creating is still very strong and there are few kinds of handwork I don't have an urge to try.

You must understand that only a short time ago I had given myself a couple of lectures on how, perhaps/maybe/probably, I should limit myself to just one choice of handwork so I could actually get more completed and, therefore, feel a real sense of satisfaction.  You know, instead of having several (way too many) projects going at once, but feeling as though I completed very few.  I should, I reasoned, confine my endeavors to only knitting.  Or quilting.  Or cross-stitching.  Or what about my rug making?

Then, dang and drat, that funny, whacky, lovable blogger Susan wrote a post convincing me it was alright to try new things (even though one might have six or seven "new" things currently underway) and it was alright to purchase new supplies for a new handicraft even though one might already have twenty years (or so) of yet-to-be-used supplies stuffed into every nook and cranny available within the confines of one's home.  And out buildings.  And rental units (Kidding.)

So what did I do?  Of course, I ordered some supplies for wool applique.  Which I've been keeping myself from trying for way too long.  (Thanks, Susan.  I'm holding you completely responsible for any direction in which this leads me.)

How do I like my new endeavor?  Love it.  But then I've always enjoyed embroidery.  (Who else's husband had embroidery all over the collar, across the back yoke and down the front of his work shirts in the 1970s?)  And embroidery does, indeed, come into play with wool applique.  

Here's my first attempt.  A bit of a learning curve to it all, but I'm willing to continue navigating it.

I took the basic idea from this design . . . 

. . . in this book I ordered.

Lots of blanket stitching.

And French knots.

And a couple other stitches I need to brush up on.

I would rather have had a large piece of felted wool on which to mount my little leaf/heart/flower design thingie, but didn't.

Next stop, our local second-hand resale shop to look through their fabric bins.  Wanna come along, Susan?  No telling what goodies you might find!


Rain said...

Susan is an INSTIGATOR I! ;)
I think this new hobby is fantastic Mama Pea! Go for it!!! :)

Mama Pea said...

One of the things I'm trying to work on is the realization that we can't put off forever things we say we want to do. So, yes, Susan the Instagator gave me a push with something she said in one of her posts. (But she's not tempting me to get back into raising quail! Been there, done that.) ;o)

Nancy In Boise said...


Vera said...

Wouldn't mind having a go at applique myself, but with fabric rather than wool. I have a corduroy skirt that I want to make, putting some sort of applique around the hem area to brighten it up!

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Thank you!

Vera - I have done appliqueing with cotton a bit and find working with the felted wool much easier. Although you certainly get a different look with the cotton applique. I like that on quilts especially.

Bag End Gardener said...

Wow - that is your ~first~ attempt? It is quite stunning and I'd be delighted to have finished something so neatly.

Susan said...

Guilty as charged, and darn proud of it! Anything you put your hand to turns out golden, Mama Pea - I had never even heard of felted wool applique! Drat. If this is what your first endeavors look like, you might reach museum level in a week! xo

Tim B. Inman said...

As a professional furniture restorer and furniture maker, I thought you said 'wood applique.' Whata mistake. Wool sounds fun too, though. Go for it! Does our background affect our thinking????

Sam I Am...... said...

It's gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! I have some wool applique projects around here and also wool rug hooking....I love it all! I don't think I have that book...hmmm....may have to think about that one! LOL!
At least you start and finish something which I am trying to do but it's slow when you have so many projects you're dividing your time among. I really am trying to finish up some long lingering projects this year.
What's next on your list?

Mama Pea said...

Jayne Hill - I confess I've done a bit of embroidery before so that all came pretty naturally. And I found the felted wool so much easier to work with than cotton. Thank you for your nice words and thanks for commenting!

Susan - Oh, ya sure, you bettcha! Always one to follow directions (not), I didn't exactly follow the instructions but did it in a way that seemed easier to me. Guess I was lucky it worked! You are too, too kind with your praise, you accomplished sculptor you. (Now that's something I've always wanted to do!)

Tim B. Inman - Can we classify wood carving as applique work? Maybe that's stretching it a bit. Your craft is one I admire but would never attempt! Thank you for your comment.

Sam I Am - I'm sure the only reason I finished this new project was because I was so eager to see how it would turn out! I've been looking through books on appliqueing with cotton to see if I can find a design I like and could use for more wool applique. So fun!

Goatldi said...

In the fiber world Susan would be called an "enabler".

Thank God for those that enable so that we who do may reach our highest level of creativity.

Goatldi said...

In the fiber world Susan would be called an "enabler".

Thank God for those that enable so that we who do may reach our highest level of creativity.

Cockeyed Jo said...

Good job! Busy hands make for a happy heart. Cockeyed Jo

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

It's beautiful! I always have more projects going than I should too.

wyomingheart said...

That is creative genius, Mama Pea!

wisps of words said...

There she goes again! Making us (there must be more, than just me!) non-crafty people, feel like hanging our heads in shame, again!!!!! LOLLLL

Good for you Mama! Keep on learning!

But me being me, all that stashed stuff, kind of rankles my "KonMari" tendencies. I will offer to come "over," and clear out some of the Old Stuff, for you.


If you want.....

Hmmmmmm.... I don't think I hear any "Yes! Yes! Yes!" -grin-

Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

Lynne said...

That's so lovely. Great job. you must be a fast learner.We all should do what we really want to try. I think it makes us happier, and that's how our minds grow.I've done regular Applique butnever trid doing it with wool. Keep it up! can't wait to see the next one!!

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - I do love what you said! And, yes, bless Susan . . . for more than being an enabler. :o]

Cockeyed Jo - My heart is always happy when I'm creating. And thank you!

Kristina - Many projects do keep us interested!

wyomingheart - Not anywhere close! But I sure did enjoy doing this piece. :o]

wisps of words - Your creativeness shows up loud and clear (and beautifully) in your home decoration. And you stay away from my stash or there might be trouble! ;o)

Lynne - Uh-oh, the pressure is on! ;o) Having done a bit of embroidery definitely helped with the wool applique.

Sandy Livesay said...

Mama Pea,

I've been thinking about you, and Susan having to deal with the extreme low temperatures, wind, snow, and ice. Staying warm, making sure your critters are safe, and doing projects inside. I love this new project your working on embroidery with appliques. Both you and Susan have the patience needed for these projects. Oh girl, I understand about having multiple projects in the works or materials collected throughout the years stored. This should never stop you from finding new projects to start or even finish.'s Susan's fault!!! I adore you both, wish I were so talented :-)

Keep on being creative!!!

Hugs, and Love

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - Awww, thanks for the encouraging words. You're very kind. Susan and I will take your words to heart and keep on using our creative juices! :o}

Tanza Erlambang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wisps of words said...

Mama Pea... YOu just gotta' get caller ID. New phone maybe, to get it but... YOu will love it to bits, when you do get it.

Here... We have our land line set to shortest number of rings. And have caller ID answer it. :::: Everyone who matters, knows we do this, and will leave a message, which we can reply to. Plus we tell anyone else (like doc offices, etc., etc.) that we do this. And for them to leave a message.


We look, when we get to it. Or, if we hear it, and it's family, we go pick up.

But all the ROBO-CALLS get NO answer! 'Cause if they do, you are known as a "live one". Or some such. And more calls will come.

Plus, your phone number is sold around, and more and more calls, will come.

It is a vicious business!

Especially since they prey on older people!!!! If one still has their "marbles," they know it's crap. But! If an older person is not quite so sharp anymore...... Then they can get roped into spending money, or worse.

Vicious business!

Gotta' fight 'em, any way we can!

Please consider getting caller ID.

Anonymous said...

As a detailed oriented person, (as are you) the paint by number set gets my vote for your new hobby! I always loved coloring and I ALWAYS outlined the picture before I began! It just seemed so crisp to me and highlighted what was colored in the interior. Talking about needing a shrink at a young age...LOL!

Lisa said...

Love this!!! We are never too old nor too young, to learn new things!! Nor can one have too many hobbies. :)

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