Friday, January 25, 2019

Random Thoughts

I finished another pair of socks for my big-footed husband early this week.  But they've been worn already so I shan't pull them out of the dirty clothes basket to show you.  I'll remember to take a picture of them alongside the current pair on my needles when I finish them.  That will then be pair #5 and #6 for him.

Papa Pea made his usual batch of kefir earlier this week and I made mine of yogurt.  I've had a small yogurt maker (makes one quart) for several years now and it is so easy and turns out a wonderful batch of yogurt with so little effort on my part each and every time.  To think of all the hassle and disappointment I went through for years trying to correctly incubate a jar of yogurt wrapped in towels inside a styrofoam container placed on top of the refrigerator.  Ah yes, the right tool for the job makes ALL the difference!

We had 30-45 mph gusts of wind all day yesterday.  Looking outside presented a picture of a virtual white-out for most of the day.  My dear, dear husband did everything that needed doing outside while I luxuriated in the warmth and comfort of staying inside.  I think I'll keep him around.

This morning we have a temp of -15F and estimated wind chills today of 25-45 degrees below zero.  High today of 0 to 8 degrees above.

Both of us have commented often that with the changing of the seasons here in northern Minnesota, it's like living in a totally different world.

This is the scene out our window in mid-summer of a random year.

And this was taken a few years ago on our neighbors' deck when we were watching their house for them when they were gone.  The date of this picture?  April 1st.  So, yes, you may assume we have a lot of winter left this year.

I spent a few hours yesterday plowing through piles and files in and on my desk organizing and getting rid of (yay!) much unneeded paper.  I still have the far end of our long kitchen table covered with more to go through today.  Feels good to do so though.

Next inside/winter job to tackle?  I've read there is an old Chinese custom that the Chinese New Year (occurring around the end of January and beginning of February) is the time to do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen.

Look out cluttered and (slightly) dirty shelves and drawers.  I've got soap and water and I'm not afraid to use it!


wisps of words said...

YOur temps beat ours, Babe!!!!!!!!

I think blog land is playing the "My Weather is Worse Than Your Weather Game"! -giggggles But I gladly admit, you are the Winner, this time!!!!!!! Y-I-K-E-S!!!!!!!

Good man Papa Pea! To do all the outside chores. He obviously appreciates those nice warm socks, you are knitting for him!

Culling "stuff"! Oh what a job! But oh how wonnnnderful it feels, when done! And remember, Marie Kondo would give you a big hug. Keep up the good work!


Sam I Am...... said...

I am jealous! I would love to be tucked away in a blowing snowing world!
Good job on the socks...I need to get back to my sock knitting. That is the most beautiful garden I have ever seen....I mean it! That is the garden of my neat and lush! Absolutely gorgeous! Paperwork is the worst for me. I'm doing books but I am so tempted to do my kitchen as it needs it so bad and I have that new shelf paper too. Plus, I want to put all my dry goods; beans, pasta etc. in mason more plastic for me. You go girl!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Don't know that I'm particular glad to be labeled the winner of the cold winter weather game! But heck, as long as we have adequate clothing to dress in when we have to go out and a warm and cozy house to come back in to, we're doin' okay.

I haven't been following Marie Kondo other than through what others are saying on their blogs. Regardless of the method we use, decluttering, cleaning and organizing is not a bad thing!

Sam I Am - Aw, gee, thanks for the compliment on my garden picture. I love, love, love to garden and even like pulling weeds!

Haha, laughing at you wanting to clean the kitchen so you can use your new shelf paper! I am so like that. I put green and white checked shelf paper (well, light-weight oil cloth really) on the shelves of my utility/storage closet and I get a thrill every time I go in there. So much nicer than the bare shelves!

Do you know you can get 1/2 gallon glass jars? I store SO MUCH in those . . . pastas, dehydrated goodies from the garden, dried fruit, etc. Love that size.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

That's cold! In the 40s today and missing snow this year.

Kristina said...

That was so nice of Papa Pea to do the outside work. I can't imagine wind that bad, but we have it predicted here next week. I'm deep cleaning a cupboard today too.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - The 40s are DEFINITELY tolerable temps in which to work outside. Compared to our temps anyway!

Kristina - Yep, he's a good guy. Believe me, he was in his insulated coveralls with an ear flap hat and face mask. For the short (relatively) time he was out, he changed into warmed-up gloves three times once!

Cockeyed Jo said...

A good man is worth their weight in gold. A bad man isn't worth the price of a shotgun shell to shoot him. I've had both.

Lynne said...

That's really cold weather. I think it gets cold enough here. I don't know if I could take those temps! Burrrrr It's nice that you have been knitting along. Also nice to get rid of all the piles of papers, slowly but surely. Keep up the good work !

Mama Pea said...

Cockeyed Homestead - Let's hope you got rid of one and kept the other! ;o)

Lynne - Fortunately, ALL our winter weather isn't this cold. (Thankfully!) Still working on the paper eliminating today. Feels good!

Charlotte Boord said...

May I ask which brand yogurt maker you have?

Mama Pea said...

Charlotte - Certainly! The brand is Salton. I just looked it up on Amazon to see if it was still being made (when you find something good it seems to disappear off the market quickly!) and I found it. The Salton YM9 1-Qt. Yogurt Maker. HOWEVER, the priced listed is absolutely ridiculous. $69.95!! Unbelievable. I don't remember exactly what we paid for ours but know it was somewhere around $20. Brand new. I mean, our dollar has been devalued and we do have inflation, but there's no way one should have to pay $70 for this simple piece of equipment. Sigh. What IS this world coming to?

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Oh yes, there could certainly be a lot more winter left. I somehow doubt that you have very dirty kitchen cupboards! But a good tossing out of items always feels good. -Jenn

Leigh said...

That's just too cold! You two are so brave to live way up there in Minnesota. Loved seeing the summer garden photo. We all need warm thoughts right about now!

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - My kitchen drawers look as though someone sprinkled unidentifiable crumbs and debris in them. How does that happen? And, of course, drawers take more time to empty, clean and put back together than cupboards and cabinets. On the other hand, if the kitchen turns out to be anything like the papers and files I've been going through, I may find some good surprises! ;o)

Leigh - Our winters do make for some interesting times! Didn't get down to -20F last night . . . but close. At least there was no wind. But one heckuva frigid week coming up. Not bad when one is prepared. And, thankfully, we are. Hot chocolate, anyone?

Katie C. said...

Soooo cold! Stay warm. Do you knit your socks top down or toe up? Do you block them? I took a sock class this past summer but have yet to finish a pair. I did make two hats though. My new best accomplishment.

I need to clean the kitchen too. I just need to figure out what to use on my new-ish cabinets. Murphy’s oil soap?

Your garden looks absolutely amazing. Have you put in your seed order yet? We’re waiting on a specific catalog. I had a lot of glorious green bean vines last summer and ... not one single bean!

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - I've always knit my socks from the top down. There is a method for knitting two at a time from the toe up but I've never been able to understand it from books or YouTubes. And since I'm happy with the looks of the ones I do the way I do it, maybe I should leave well enough alone! No, I don't block my finished socks. Have never seen the purpose of that. Congrats on the knitting of your two hats! Hats are always welcomed.

Murphy's Oil soap has a good cleaner.

Yep, I've gotten my seed order in and am waiting for its arrival. Next I need to sit down and plot out my raised beds and field garden. Once I have that done (which always seems to take longer than I think it will), I'll feel ready for spring! Sounds as though your green beans didn't get pollinated. Did you see any bees (domestic or wild) in your garden? That whole scenario sounds very strange . . . ???