Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It's Thanksgiving Week!

We had a beautiful snowfall this morning.

Our driveway going out to the left,
the drive back to our 
wood working area to the right.

It didn't last very long and only gave us a few inches but, none the less, it was so pretty to watch the big flakes coming down.

 Standing at our back door
looking across the

The last several winters we haven't gotten the amount of snow Papa Pea and I would like to see.  I sure would be happy to have heavy amounts of snow return to our area.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy what we do get. 

A few days ago I wrapped all the Christmas presents we've already accumulated.  Yep, being a smidge bit ahead this year (both in obtaining gifts to give AND wrapping them) feels great.  How do you feel about the task of wrapping presents?  I used to love it, took the time and was very creative in doing so.  Then a couple few years ago, all of a sudden, I found I wasn't enjoying it . . . was actually dreading the chore.  I have no idea what happened but my wrapping mojo done left the building.  (And shows no sign of returning.)

Something else feels different this year.  As much as I like winter time for the slower, more leisurely lifestyle it gives us, fall is my favorite time of year.  And I love decorating the house, inside and out, for the colorful autumnal season.  I think it may be because we got a bit of snow (and cold weather) early this year, but for the last few weeks, I've been itching to take down and pack away all the fall decorations and replace them with Christmas/winter ones whereas most years I actually mourn saying good-bye to all the fall colors.  I have a feeling this coming Friday, right after Turkey Day, I'll be switching the decorations and being mighty happy doing it.

Starting last weekend, I've felt I'm finally beginning to wind down and relax.  (Or I may be just unraveling and falling apart.)  At any rate, it feels good.  I've even started to put in time on making handwork items for Christmas . . . some sewn, some quilted, some embroidered or cross-stitched thingies that can be used as ornaments on a tree.  Going through books and finding new holiday-ish recipes is appealing.  (Although this morning I tried one that took way too much time and fussing, tasted nothing but ordinary, and made more pots and pans and dishes than I wanted to clean up.  No matter.  I'll never come across a new fantastic, delicious dish if I don't try new ones, right?)

I'm cooking our fourteen pound turkey tomorrow.  In the past couple of years, I've started roasting it one day ahead because I have only the one oven and with the turkey in it, there's no room for any of the other hot dishes being prepared.  The big bird gets carved up, then I warm up all the slices and parts of the turkey needed on a rack in a pan with a little water in the bottom and covered with foil on Thanksgiving.  Works great and also enables me to make the gravy the day before with the turkey drippings which is then so easy to heat up before serving on Thursday.  Not the Norman Rockwell way of presenting the beautifully baked turkey on the table for all to see, but it works much, much better for me.

I probably won't post again before Thanksgiving so I want to send Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles (and through the Internet!) from our home to yours.



coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I knew someone who did the same thing, made the turkey a day ahead (this was for Christmas), carved it all up, and then heated it up with a little broth in the oven. Not a bad idea!! I don't carve well under pressure, so I might consider it. You have a lot of snow! -Jenn

DFW said...

2nd try ... Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

DFW said...

3rd try .. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

Sherry said...

So pretty, Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

wyomingheart said...

Mama Pea, I love, love, love your snow! It looks enchanting! I hope you don't have to get out and drive in it, however. Clever idea on the turkey. May have to try that next year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Vera said...

Hope your Thanksgiving goes well, Mama Pea, and that snow looks a delight although I would not like to have any here just yet as I still have the grass to get cut with my new Flymo, but the nearby mountains have had snow.

I am in awe of your love for decorating your home in seasonal colours. I used to put up lots of decorations when I lived in the UK, but I never have since I moved here. Perhaps this is because in the UK the mid winter weather was very dreary so the festive lights did cheer us all up, but with the weather being so much brighter here I have not felt the need to be cheered up because I am cheered up already!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving when the day arrives! This year feels different in many many ways for a variety of things. I just can't put my finger on it though.

Enjoy the turkey!

wisps of words said...

As you know, I've been rushing the Holiday Season a bit. Just a bit though. Which works for me. Don't want to inundate myself with *sparkle*, too soon. :-)

We don't see the lovely turkey, presented at the table either. Both sons carve, in the kitchen. ,-) And it's been at their houses, for years now. Since the family got too big, to easily fit around our table.

Pop's Stuffin' stays the same though! And his 'Newman's Creamed Potatoes'! And my Apple Pie.

Anything to do with Christmas Gifts, is a "downer", to me. -chuckle- Even though it's simple, these days, it still bring memories of Christmass Past, with all the gift getting hassle, hassle, hassle. Brrrr. It's like PTS. So I concentrate on the sparkle!!!!!!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to put up Christmas decorations, which is strange for me. I usually fight it. But this year is feeling dreary and sad already (it's Lyndsey's last holiday season with us for a least two years while she's in Ghana) and so I think I just need something to cheer me up. Your snow is beautiful, I'm envious.

Nancy In Boise said...

Pretty snow! Inside Autumn photos please? :) With our kinds grown up, and them on a tight budget, we don't really do gifts much any more. I kind of missing wrapping gifts when they were little. Now just something minimal for hubby and I. I'll pack up the fall things this weekend and put winter out next weekend, I like to take a break in between. Luckily I took this week off on vacation and have more time to relax! Enjoy the snow....

Lynne said...

I bet it feels nice to have some of the wrapping out of the way. I too use to love to wrap present's, but last year was a turning point for me. My patience runs amuck with it. Not sure what it is now. We have the turkey and all he dressings on the table. I personally would like to go out to eat, but then I'd miss the leftovers. I guess we're never happy. We start decorating right after Thanks giving for xmas . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !! OH loved the snow!!

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - No one in our family seems to carve well even not under pressure! I just now finished taking all the meat off the turkey. Carcass and all other undesirable parts are in my big stock pot. I'll make lots of good bone broth from that. Yum!! Happy Thanksgiving!

DFW - Sorry you had trouble commenting. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Sherry Miller - We're enjoying the new coating of snow. It's very pretty and light so clearing it was no trouble. Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

wyomingheart - We are home for Thanksgiving and I'm very happy with that. Hate fighting busy roads, especially this time of year when you never know what the weather will be in these here parts. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Vera - Grass to cut yet? Oh, my! The dreary winters are the reason so many folks in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden especially, I think) paint and decorate the insides of their homes in cheerful, bright colors. Couldn't hurt any of us! Keep up your cheery attitude and you'll never have a dreary winter again!

MrsDM - Well, you've gone through a lot of "changes" lately so I can understand why you may be feeling a little off kilter. I'm looking forward to tomorrow in a much more relaxed state than I have for years. What a good feeling! :o)

wisps of words - You have such a good attitude . . . about everything! I know exactly what you mean about less than good feelings about the extra work the holidays make for the woman of the household. My dear husband has been volunteering to do all the dishes around each major holiday which really helps me. Even today when I made the turkey and gravy, he did all the dishes . . . and will continue to do so tomorrow. I love it! I'm thankful on this Thanksgiving holiday for him. (Well, every day throughout the year, too!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And sparkle on, my friend!

Ruth - I can understand why you're going to miss Lyndsey so much. But you know the two years will go by so fast. Be proud of her (I know you are) for the beautiful young lady she is and the experience she's going to have. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy - I know you love decorating your house for the seasons and do as much as I do! I'll remember next year (it seems so "over with" this year) and post some pics of my autumn decorating in the house. I always enjoy seeing yours so that's a good idea. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynne - I hit a low point a few years ago what with ALL the preparations for Thanksgiving and declared I wanted to go out to eat. My husband supported me . . . but no one else. :o( I've worked my way to something that feels more comfortable now and am looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you and yours have a lovely Turkey Day!

Wendy said...

We do not do Thanksgiving in the Netherlands but I am thankfull for your blog. Have a nice day.


Leigh said...

Wishing you and Papa Pea a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mama Pea said...

Thank you, Leigh. We're in wind down mode here now. Had a lovely day . . . except for the freezing rain! Hope all travelers in our area are safe tonight.

Hope you and Dan had a nice day!

Mrs. White said...

Your snowy pictures are lovely and peaceful!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mama Pea said...

Mrs. White - Unfortunately, we've had a spike upwards in our temps and our beautiful snow is m-e-l-t-i-n-g! :o( Up to 40 degrees above now at 10 a.m. Rain forecast for later today and tomorrow. Darn. We're snow lovers and enjoy winters up here in northern Minnesota so much. But, yes, it was lovely while it lasted.

We had a relaxing Thanksgiving Day with no travel involved which was nice because we did have a bit of thawing/freezing which made walking and driving a little slick. Our daughter made a large part of our dinner and it was SO good!

Thanks for commenting . . . and now we're all on to preparations for a wonderful Christmas celebration, warm hearths and closeness of family in just about a month!

Rain said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mama and Papa Pea!!! :) The snow is fantastic. I'm really enjoying it! Hope you had a great holiday! xx