Friday, October 26, 2018

Settling In For A Do-Nothing-I-Can-Avoid Weekend

Just checked the weather forecast for the weekend and am actually glad to see more rain in the offing.

It's been drizzling on and off all of today, and even though the outside temp has reached the 40s, I've been a wee bit chilly inside.  I'm just too stubborn to push the thermostat on the L.P. furnace up a notch, but did put on a zip-up sweatshirt over my turtleneck and crewneck sweatshirt.  It's not too cool in here; it's me.  I know I'm a bit run down.

Haven't been sleeping well the last of this week and when I am zonked out, my dreams have been wild and exhausting.

As soon as I get the dishes in the sink taken care of, myself in and out of the shower, and my flannel jammies and robe on, I'm parking on the couch until bedtime.  I'm not even going to try to knit, but rather just grab the book I'm reading.

I took this apple coffee cake (for the weekend) out of the oven a while ago.

We had an easy meal of cream of cauliflower soup with some wild rice added for our second meal of the day.

I've already caved and made a small fire in the living room wood stove.  This will be my view from the couch in a short time.

I'm going to try to do nuthin' but relax most of the weekend.  (Wish me luck, please.)

Tell me, dear readers, what do you do to recharge your batteries when your body tells you loud and clear that you're running on empty?


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Your food looks good! It is very cold here right now. You deserve to put your feet up, read a book, watch the fire, whatever you want to do! -Jenn

tpals said...

I've learned to listen to my body; when it needs rest and I push on doing things, I end up sick in bed.

An old favorite book and a cat (or two) on my lap is my recipe for recovering.

M.E. Masterson said...

I am currently in this state right now!! Doing very little, watching a little tele, resting, napping and doing just the necessaries! Sheep and chickies won't take anything less! Feel better and enjoy.

Marie said...

beach! although my happy place has been winterized and isn't available until the spring thaw -- well, there's no water or heat ... enough layers might get us thru a few hours ... but the lack of "facilities" is an issue!

so, it's hot tea and a fabulous book in my "chair"

Michelle said...

Recharge? What's that? I just keep running on empty!

Leigh said...

Some days my body just forces me to slow down. I've learned to alternate daily activities so I'm not doing something physically demanding for too many days in a row. I follow my motivations! If it's one of those unmotivated days, I just remind myself that it isn't a race.

Katie C. said...

My other trick to warm up is to heat up a homemade rice pack and sit with it on my lap or some other body part. The rice pack is just a cotton pouch with the cheapest rice you can find in it. You microwave it to heat it up. I made some from flannel and some from a cannibalized sweat shirt hoodie. Anyway, they are great to warm your toes in bed too 😄

I used one yesterday while I was knitting.

Kristina said...

I'm recharging this weekend whether I want to or not. The weather has force me inside. I'm thinking some warm soup for dinner too. I know I will be crocheting for sure. I'll be sipping some warm herbal teas too, and keeping the fire going.

wisps of words said...

I try to listen to my body. Rest, when it is called for. Take notice when my dreams get particularly weird. Etc.

I'd say you are doing the right thing, even if a bit belatedly. Me'thinks your bod has been calling for "time-Out" for a while. Just glad you are listening.

Being run down is never good. Especially going into the season of colds and etc.

Nothing is so necessary, that doing it, would interfere with your health. You get sick and NOTHING is going to get done. What sense does that make?

Hooray for you!!! Listening to your Best Friend, your body!


wisps of words said...

Mmmmmm, perhaps this new only-2-meals-a-day, isn't the best, for this time of year???

Feeling run-down.... Could your body be telling you, it needs a little more "fuel," during the day?

It might be worth pondering......

I always look for "what's been different?" when I begin to not feel best.

This only-2-meal-a-day has been something kind-of-new, in your life.


Lynne said...

When I'm feeling tired and out of sorts, I do basically what your doing. I also like jig-saw puzzles and doing my knitting. Like you I'm an avid reader. I don't know how you do as much as you do. The wood stove looks very inviting!! Enjoy your rest time. We all need it at times.

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - We had another wet, gray, coolish day here again today so it wasn't hard to take the whole day for myself and r-e-l-a-x! It was wonderful.

tpals - I've got the old favorite book . . . but no cats! Do ya think they would really help?

M.E.Masterson- Well, I joined you today. Did the couple/few had to do things but otherwise took care of myself. I even stretched out on the couch in mid-afternoon (!) and read. Okay, napped a smidge, too!

Marie - I find time on a beach, listening to the soft lapping of the waves, to be very relaxing also. If I had tried that today, though, I would have ended up a wet, shivering icicle!!

Michelle - Running on empty . . . not a good thing, you know. But there are certain stages of one's life (kids, working away from home, community involvement, etc.) when "taking time off" is dang near impossible. I hear you, my friend.

Leigh - It's not only not a race, but no matter how fast we force ourselves to go, we'll never get it all done. (Kinda discouraging, isn't it?) I haven't felt good at all the last two mornings so I'm finally listening to my body and really took it easy (real easy!) today.

Katie C. - Putting the heated rice pack in bed by your feet would be even better than the old-fashioned remedy of a wrapped hot potato!!

Kristina - Your plan for the weekend is a sensible one. But have ya noticed that when the weather is too bad to work outside, there are four gazillion tasks you could be doing inside?? Drat.

wisps of words - Criminy, you always make me think! The two meals a day thing . . . there have been a few days when circumstances made it necessary to do the old regular 3 meals a day and, honestly, I had a too full, uncomfortable feeling then. I really do like the two meals, but I will keep in mind what you said about it.

Interesting you should mention weird dreams when you're tired. That's exactly what's been happening to me! I'll keep taking care of myself and when the unpleasant dreams disappear, I'll know I'm making good progress in the right direction. Thanks for all the good advice, Mom!

Lynne - Strange that I've always liked the idea of jig-saw puzzles, but don't get satisfaction from the very few I've done. (They're nothing you can "keep" like a knitted pair of socks!) You'll be happy to know I read this afternoon on the couch and have otherwise been avoiding any and all "work!"

Vera said...

After my health dip last year I have learnt not to push myself, and if things don't get done then they don't get done. And when I am tired I stop and rest, probably sleep. This means that the house can look untidy, or not....depending on the energy levels of the day....and it is OK....I love the house anyway.

Hope you enjoy your rest, ....perhaps do something with pen and paper? Just a thought which came into my mind for you....something like drawing perhaps. Vx

Mama Pea said...

Vera - I spent most of the day yesterday (other than my time on the couch reading and a small, little nippy-nap) in my quilt room. Surprisingly, what I chose to do was an intricate pattern that I would have normally tried to rush through, but I settled down and tried very hard (and I think succeeded) not to think of the time it was taking me. I may actually be convincing myself I neeeed the time off to forget about all the things (i.e., work related) I could be doing. Well, my work right now is taking care of myself and decompressing from too much "push!"

I have thought of taking up pen and paper, but for writing rather than drawing. That might be more productive than my artistic skills!

Lisa said...

Your comfy spot looks delightful! Re-charge.... do something nice for yourself.... just like you are doing here. Your soup looks yummy and sounds delicious!! Hope you feel better soon and get to feeling back to normal.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - I'm patting myself on the back (as is my dear husband) for taking care of myself this whole weekend! As I'm putzing doing exactly what makes me feel best, I catch myself thinking, "Oh, I should go do this . . . " or "If I get this started . . . " but have managed to avoid those voices in my head. And ya know what? It feels GOOD!! :o] Thanks for your support!

Susan said...

Oh, good for you! And I know how hard it is to actually just focus on yourself - but you must. When our bodies are coming through loud and clear, we must listen. I hope you had a totally relaxing weekend, filled with whatever made you happy!

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Rain said...

To recharge, I spend a lot of time in bed, or lounging on the couch watching movies. If I get a day or two of that, I get restless enough to find my energy again. I love the view from your couch, those fairy lights are so Hygge. :) The food looks great!!! Hope you rested up well!

wisps of words said...

Oct. 30th

My blog now fits on your screen, and I didn't do anything to it!!!!

Ahhhhh, the *unknowns* of blogging!!!! -grin-


Anonymous said...

I hit a wall yesterday and am trying to figure out when/how to unwind in the next few days. Good for you for doing self-care.