Friday, August 10, 2018

The Summer Continues . . .

The summer continues with heat and humidity.  It's taking a toll on the garden.  (And us!)  Take a look at my poor nasturtiums.

They're not lacking water, just getting too much heat, I think.  Could be worse.

And this head of cauliflower is definitely "worse."  I think I've mentioned I put seven of the cauliflowers I started inside this spring out in the garden later than those I set out earlier.  I held them in their peat pots until I found an area of the field garden in which to plant them.  I didn't really expect them to do much because cauliflower is a cool weather crop and doesn't like to grow in warmer weather.  Still, when the little nubbins of heads started to form, I tied the leaves up over them to keep the developing heads white and forming nicely.  So what happened to this one?  No idea.  I chopped it up and tossed it into the poultry yard.  The geese, especially, seemed to like it.

We've been working on the cleaning and sorting of our big storage shed for the past two mornings.  As the sun moves across the sky, it shines directly on the front of the shed and with our continuing heat and humidity (90 degrees in the sun today), it gets a bit unpleasant to work back there as noon time approaches.  We're almost finished, possibly one more session there and we'll be satisfied with what we've accomplished.

Yesterday right before dinner time we checked blueberries in the garden and saw there were more to be picked.  Then I was surprised by the number of pickling cucumbers that were ready to be harvested.  Deciding I'd better "unwrap" and check those seven late cauliflower plants, I found two that had gone wonko on us (one which is pictured above) and two that were lovely and needed to be picked and processed.  Those two heads are shown (cut up and soaking in salted water in the picture above) prior to being blanched and frozen.  There weren't enough of the pickling cukes for a batch of dill pickles but they'll keep nicely in the spare refridge until I harvest more, probably tomorrow.

After lunch today I tried to work in the garden but it was just too hot.  (Might maybe could have had something to do with the beer Papa Pea and I split with our ham sandwiches for lunch.  Sure did taste good going down though.)  Anyway, after taking a couple of pictures, I came in here to our cool bedroom and my desk to get caught up on some paper work.

I'm not sure this picture shows off the red cabbages to the best advantage, but they are really pretty (I think) this year. 

The green ones grow faster than the red.  This head is about 10" across already.

Hooray!  Had to show you that my California Poppy seed mix finally came through with more white ones and a few of what they call red ones.  Makes a pretty picture, doesn't it?


Michelle said...

A VERY pretty picture! The cabbage are pretty, too.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Looks like a great harvest so far (minus a couple of cauliflower). I've never planted that kind of poppy before - they look lovely! -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Thank you to someone who has the talent for taking beautiful pictures all the time!

Jenn - Yep, I'm grateful for all we're getting from the garden this year. (Minus those couple of rogue cauliflowers!) The California poppies I've planted before were just the yellow/gold colored ones. They were the first to bloom and I thought I wasn't going to get any other color from the "mixed" packet I bought. 'Twas a pleasant surprise when the white and red ones came on.

wisps of words said...

Red cabbage is used for Autumn decorations, I think.

I agree about wilting flowers... Too much sun..... But happily, ours which were "pooped," have perked up again, and our marigolds are simply bursting out of their pot!!!

Out front, one of the begonias in our stoop pot, is now flowering. The other one 'bit the dust,' a while ago, but we left this one in. And it is repaying us!!!

Cleaning out, in this weather, has to be brutal. -sigh-

Hope your weather change comes soon. It certainly has been welcome here.

Goatldi said...

Doing well you are! I have a an odd issue with my pear and apple trees. Your nasturtiums reminded me. They are getting ample water but the leaves are curling up and slowly dry up. They don't fall off and I can scratch the branches and find good signs of life. I can only surmise that the smoke and yucky environment are the culprits. Hoping as our air quality continues to heal perhaps we can right these two. Would hate to loose them!

Lynne said...

Everything looks so healthy. It's hot and humid here too. Can't honestly remember one like it with very little rain. Thank-you for the caring comment. I do enjoy my life and my children are so wonderful to me. So as they what goes around comes around is true. You got your work cut out for you, with freezing and canning and making jams. Go easy on yourself if you can!!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - I planted some "tall" marigolds that are doing very well in this ungodly weather we still have. They look like mums! Actually, they look like mum bushes, if there is such a thing. Enjoy your coolish weather. If it would just cool off enough at night to sleep comfortably, that would help us tremendously.

Goatldi - I'm pretty sure you're right in your assumption that your poor air quality is affecting your pear and apple trees. After all, they're living things and need good air to thrive. Has the fire situation improved at all yet?

Lynne - Whenever I hear someone complain that their children avoid them or don't want a good relationship, I always think there must be a reason for that. I suppose there's always the exception (basically "bad seeds"), but most often I think the children have a reason (no doubt from their upbringing) for the way they feel about their parent(s). You've obviously done a wonderful job of raising your kids and now they are being wonderful to you!

Sure is hard to find that elusive balance in everyday life at this time of year! Tomorrow I could/should make dill pickles, prep beets for the freezer along with more green and yellow beans. Good thing the blueberries will hold in the freezer so I can make jam in the cooler months. And then there are those weeds that are threatening to make the garden into a jungle. Geesh!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Those poppies are gorgeous!! Your garden is doing nicely, even with this heat. We broke records this weekend. At one point in Winnipeg it reached 37.5 celcius with humidity that made it feel like 1 million degrees. Gross. We have a couple days of nice weather then they are promising more of the same. What did we do to our Earth? :(

Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - What did we do to our Earth? Abused it, misused it and have crazy people trying to control the weather. :o(