Friday, August 24, 2018

Nobody Ever Said I Was Patient

We hadn't had any potatoes since early spring until a week or so ago when I caved and bought a five pound bag of Yukon Golds at our organic co-op.  Boy howdy, did they ever disappear lickety-split.

Yesterday I gathered my produce bucket and garden trowel, set a determined look on my face and headed out into the garden.  I wanted potatoes.

This is what I stole from under two plants.  Not bad, eh?  Not honking big ones, but not golf ball sized either.

Along with my usual bell peppers this spring, I started two plants of an Italian sweet pepper that turns orange or yellow or red.  I've been eyeing the attractive green peppers on these two plants for a while now and today snapped off three of them.

Shouldn't have.

Apparently, they really do need to be orange or yellow or red before they're ready for the table.

I sliced one of them lengthwise this evening and put a half on Papa Pea's plate and a half on mine.  After taking one bite, I uttered/muttered something like, "Yuck.  Gluck.  Ick."  

I'll be waiting now until they turn color.

As we were clearing the table, Papa Pea inquired, "Aren't you going to finish your pepper?"

"Nope, I'm not."

"Well," he said.  "I'm not going to let good garden produce go to waste."  And into his mouth it went.  The man will eat anything.


wisps of words said...

-grin- Gotta' love Papa Pea!!!!!! Not gonna' let that produce, go to waste. :-)

Guess you were really missing your potatoes!!! To go out and buy some. You won't have to do that, for some time now, though.

Gorgeous weather here! Hope your's is the same. And you did say, that your nights were cool and etc. Yeaaaaaaaaa... All round!!!

Mark said...

Your pepper lesson is interesting. We planted the usual Bells and Jalapenos, and, for something new, also a semi-hot pepper and a sweet pepper that now both look just like your Sweet Italian peppers. In the same bed. At the same time. So we no longer know which is which!! 😄 For some reason our chickens have the idea that one of the things a chicken is supposed to do is pull ALL the plant markers up and move them no less than a foot from where they were in any random direction. Kind of hard to figure out why that's important to them, but how logical are you gonna be when your brain is about the size of a lima bean?

We'll figure it out via an old fashion taste test, I suppose, but now I'm thinking I'd better leave them on the bush until they turn color or its clear they're not gonna.

DDD said...

You are funny, diligent, persistent(plant asparagus successfully), a great cook....and I love your blog!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - We WERE missing potatoes! :o] We ate a lot of rice this summer. I was hungry for potato soap and my dear husband LOVES mashed taters and gravy, as most men do.

Yes, thankyouthankyouthankyou, our nights are cooling off now. Not a lot some nights, but much more tolerable. This past week was mostly gray (smoke from Canadian fires) so that kept the day time heat down, too.

Yay for the coming wonderful autumn season!

Mark - Oh, the complications of the peppers thanks to your chickens! (Ever heard the expression "bird brain?" That explains a lot.)

DDD - What a boost you are for my ego! Thank you.

Leigh said...

I didn't know there were peppers that had to turn color before they were edible! Are they the kind that are used to make pepperoncini? Maybe they need to be pickled.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - I think the Italian peppers were edible, but just like the taste of a small, un-matured sweet green pepper, the flavor was not good. Have you ever noticed the difference in taste of a sweet green pepper in its "green" state and the taste of one that has been left on the vine to turn red? I think that's probably the same situation with these Italian peppers. Sure hope our weather hangs in there until they have a chance to turn color . . . so I'm convinced I know what I'm talking about!

Rain said...

LOL...Alex is like that too, he finishes my plate all the time! :) Oh the potatoes...I haven't bought any for a little while now but I'm REALLY craving them! The ones I got the other day are just sitting right now and I keep looking at them...thinking...I don't want to eat them just yet...I don't know what the hesitation is all about lol...first harvest I guess!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Oh, I understand completely. It's like when I can something and let it sit out on the counter for days just so I can look at the jars. I haven't used my first harvest of potatoes yet either!

Goatldi said...

I think with the peppers it is those little guys that don't get huge when they mature but need the time to come to perhaps a sugar content level? Don't know but they taste really good when ready.

Mama Pea you don't want toknow half of what Geoffrey eats after Chemo and during Chemo. And what is odder what he used to eat and love but now nada!

All this talk of potatoes has got my smooshed potato and chicken gravy meter going up. I miss the canned potatoes I had from two years back they were wonderful.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Yep, that's exactly what the peppers tasted like . . . lacking any kind of sugar in them. They were a lotta bitter!

You know chemo just has to do all kinds of weird things to the body so I'm not surprised Geoffrey's taste buds have gone a little wonky temporarily.

It's in the fall that potatoes and gravy really sound good. I can hardly wait for all those oven meals as soon as the temps drop and I am brave enough to turn on the oven again!