Thursday, July 12, 2018

Backwards Progress

Or does it sound more positive to say progressing backwards?  Either way, the small task I did this morning didn't make me feel especially good, but it was one that had to be done.

I started this sock a while back.  Used a new-to-me yarn and my same old trusty sock pattern and my usual Size 1 needles.  Initially, I loved the way the yarn knit up and the even stitches coming off my needles.

Then I began noticing, as I progressed, that the sock looked smaller than usual.  I tried extreme denial for a while, but finally stopped knitting on it and tucked it away in a knitting bag.  Maybe a good rest period would enable the stitches to relax.  And the sock would, oh I don't know, somehow get bigger.

I came across the partial sock the other day and (difficult although it was) came to the conclusion that the only sensible thing to do was to rip the sock out and start over using #2 needles which I do believe will give me the right size gauge with this particular yarn.

Oh, it was so hard to do this.  All those stitches, all that time.  (All that stupidity in knitting the sock as far as I had knowing full well, deep down that it was too small.)

So.  This is progress.  Of a sort.  Even though it was definitely backwards progress.  I don't suppose any of you have ever done anything similar to this, huh?



wisps of words said...

-grin- Betcha' other knitters have done similar. My save? I don't knit. ,-)

Maybe continuing to read a book, which is not good, hoping it will get better? Which is a waste of time and effort too.


Sometimes it works! Sometimes the book does get better. I fear the sock will never get bigger.


Susan said...

Oh, we ARE twins! I don't know how often I have done the same thing - total denial that the sock/sweater/hat will grow/shrink to perfection, magically... I love that yarn! I use a US 1 and try very hard not to do my usual stranglehold on the yarn. To say I am a tight knitter is a total understatement.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - I used to make myself finish any book I started. Luckily, somewhere along the line I realized there are so many GOOD books out there so why should I waste my time reading bad ones?? Now I can give up on a book if it doesn't appeal to me. (I must admit though I do give it a fair try. You know . . . one more chapter and if this story doesn't shape up and grab me, I'm outta here!) ;o)

Susan - You should have seen me this morning . . . even before I got dressed. I put stoppers on all the needles and carefully (c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y) tried to wiggle the sock over my foot. It was not a good picture. I had this vision of all the little stitches going SPROINNNNNGG! and flying all over the living room.

P.S. I've seen your knitting and it doesn't look tight at all.

Michelle said...

We knit for pleasure, right? So you get more pleasure out of this lovely-colored skein, right? (I avoid things that have to fit a specific person's body-part size if I can. ha)

Goatldi said...

Oh heck NO! Are we sisters by different mothers? Too big, too small, too long,too short. Whatever I have an ample number of skeins that look like that one.

Good for you. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. 😂

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Hee-hee, if I keep going like this with this new yarn and sock, I'll never have the fear of running out of yarn, will I? I think that's why quilting is my first love . . . a bed quilt or wall hanging or baby quilt or table runner doesn't have to "fit" anybody! Without mentioning any names, I've known people to start out making a full-sized quilt and have so much trouble with it that it becomes a lap quilt that gets donated to a local care center!

Goatldi - I have no trouble admitting I have a problem (or problems). I just have trouble fixing them! :o/

Lisa B said...

I feel your angst. I have done the same a few times with the same project. Hmmm maybe that should tell me something.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - How 'bout if we say we're not stupid, but rather smart enough to realize when we've made a mistake? :o] (The real problem for me starts when I try to figure out how to fix it. Hee-hee.)

Myrna said...

What weight yarn that you are using number 1"s to knit with? I haven't knit any socks for years though I have started knitting again, hats, mittens, etc.

Kristina said...

I just pulled out a few rows of a blanket. But crochet. I've done that with a knitted dishcloth too. I'm too busy to even try to knit a sock (on my bucket list for years now). Maybe this winter?

Mama Pea said...

Myrna - It's all sock weight yarn. Even though all the yarn I work with is classified as "sock weight" there can be a great deal of difference in how it works up. (Just a little challenge to overcome!) Years ago, I made socks using worsted weight yarn and they were fine as "boot socks" but by using sock weight I find the product comes out very close to purchased socks and can be worn with regular, everyday shoes.

Kristina - I have to worn you that sock knitting can be addictive so once you learn how I'm betting you're going to be hooked, too. Yep, this winter would be a good time to tackle socks!