Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Wounds and Injuries

No, nothing serious, I'm glad to report.  Just a couple of clutzy owies sustained by my husband and daughter.

Papa Pea was doing some tree clearing today while I was working in the garden.  When we came in at dinner time I noticed a large bandaid on his right hand.  I asked what happened and he replied it was nothing serious,  just that the pointy end of a branch had landed on his hand.

As I was trying to coerce him into taking off the bandaid and letting me see the wound, Chicken Mama stopped in on her way home from work and she was exiting the bathroom when I heard a loud THUNK and her distressed, "Ow!"  She had walked smack into the end side of the bathroom door that apparently jumped out right in front of her.

She hit the door right on her cheekbone, and it started to swell immediately so I got some ice for her to put on it.  Looks like she did a bad job of applying too much blush, doesn't it?  I think she'll have some colorful bruising tomorrow.

"Okay," I said.  "Now we're gonna see what Dad's wound really looks like."

We made him take the bandaid off and show us.

He promised us both that when it happened, he came in and washed it thoroughly before applying Tea Tree Oil and the bandaid.

Good thing he was wearing gloves, eh?

When I told Papa Pea I wanted to take pictures so I could go blog about their two injuries, he said, "Don't you have anything better to blog about?"

Nope.  I'll do anything to avoid the sink full of dishes in the kitchen.


tpals said...

Oh, dear, glad they weren't serious so I don't have to feel guilty for smiling at your need to blog.

wisps of words said...


It's the Full Moon!!!!

Didn't you ever hear of the Full Moon Effect???

Sometimes, it can be a "duuuuuuzzzie"... Sometimes, not.

Just YOU watch out! please don't go out again, and take chances with you getting some sort of an "ouchie"!

Happy Full Flower Moon!!!

*evil grin*

Mama Pea said...

tpals - I finally just did the dishes. But was very careful when washing the knives! ;o)

wisps of words - That's right! It IS a full moon tonight! Wonder if that's what's bring the really bad storms in the area? Sixty mile an hour winds with thunder and damaging lightning. It's coming our way but looks like it will end up going just northwest of us. Thankfully. We've battened down the hatches as best as we can outside just in case. But it doesn't sound good for the areas it is going to hit. Hope it's not as bad as it sounds. :o(

Vera said...

Me too!..... I will also do anything to avoid a 'sink full of dishes'!

Us too!.... beautiful full moon, but no storms just torrential rain through the night, so the humidity is going to be high today, which slows me down and makes me want to go to sleep, which makes me irritated because I have a lot I want to get done!

Hope the storms are not as bad as predicted. We have had lots of storms coming our way lately, and then they seem to split with some going north of us and some going south before they get to us, which is a good thing because our house is prone to lightning strikes which knock the internet out and we all know how upset we get when we can't get online!

Susan said...

Boy, oh, boy. Homesteading isn't for sissies, is it? I'm glad that Papa Pea didn't suffer a worse injury, but that looks painful! And, although Chicken Mama got whacked, may I say that I would kill for that complexion? :)

Susan said...

P.S. I love your new header photo! Beautiful!

Rain said...

Oh ouch! Those look painful! But I had to laugh at the last part, NOPE...hahaha...hope they both heal soon and Chicken Mama's face doesn't look too bad! What a piece of bad luck! I once had a problem banging into doorways...I was seeing a spiritual healer at the time and she said it was the Universe's way of telling me to slow down.