Thursday, May 10, 2018

She's A Keeper!

As I said to my husband today in reference to our indispensably talented daughter, "Aren't you glad we had her?"

Truly, this latest transfer from our local server over to Google's servers (a necessary change, we had no choice) has been a big, fat, ol' pain in the patoot that Papa Pea and I could never have handled on our own.  We could have called in someone from one of the local computer businesses (but I know they are all busier than they want to be), but having Chicken Mama do it was considerably cheaper (!) and she set things up just exactly as her fuddy-duddy, set-in-their-ways parents wanted it. 

We are so, so appreciative of the time she's given us since this is a particularly busy week for her in more ways than I'll relate here.

She manages and cleans a rental cabin for a couple who live in Minneapolis and, wouldn't ya know, this is the week they've blocked out guests so dear daughter could get some inside painting done.  And construct a safety railing in a loft they are turning into another sleeping area.

Then night before last she was called out before midnight to hurry to special friends' house to stay with their two little boys while the mom and dad headed out on the 2-1/2 hour drive to the big city to give birth!

As if Chicken Mama didn't have her hands full enough without this unexpected computer kafuffle.  She just left a few minutes ago and I do believe I'm back in business.  Papa Pea, too.  She was even able to coax his old, old, old Windows XP into accepting the changes.  I suspect she had to use some black magic on that one.

Now for me to catch up.  I'm pooped tonight but plan on getting up early tomorrow morning and getting at it as soon as I can.   Toodles until then.


Michelle said...

Applause from afar!

Kristina said...

Yay! She is truly a keeper.

Kris said...

Windows XP? I loved that system. When they discontinued it - I gave up on Windows and PCs, switched to a Mac and have never looked back. Glad Chicken Mama put you back online. We'd sure miss your posts! Happy Mother's Day.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - I can hear you! (From afar!) ;o)

Kristina - Yep!

Kris - My husband is so funny. He's hanging on to XP with both hands and teeth, but knows it's not gonna last forever. Thank you for your kind words and Happy Mother's Day back to you!

Goatldi said...

Can I borrow her? All my grand girls are still in school and working. My new one laptop came barebones to keep it cheap. I am still grinding my teeth over Windows 10. I want my last one back. I may have to abort it and put 8 in. It's only $$$$ ! !

Rain said...

Having a willing techie in the family is a great thing! :) Alex is that for me and thankfully I have to say! Yay for Chicken Mama! :)

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Well, she loves to travel and if everyone's circumstances were different, she'd be on a plane tomorrow flying to you! Isn't this whole computer thing absolutely nutsy at times? They keep making them with more bells and whistles and unneeded complication for us "normal" folks. Wishing you luck!

Rain - Just one more reason for you to keep Alex around. (Hee-hee!)

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Three cheers for Chicken Mama!!!!! :)

wisps of words said...

Yes, your daughter is a GEM!!!!!!

But I am sure, you are very good, back to her toooo. :-)

Thank you for your wise comment on my blog. Yes, I agree, get what will really add to our quality of life!!!! Like that Dear Older Lady, who bought new furniture! Good for her. Who cares how much "value" she "would " get out of it. It was her decision, and her money!!!!!!!

I'm still not sure, about the camera change. I know, I hate to read/learn instructions. And I might as well use my old one, if I was to buy a new one, and not learn to use it properly.

So, still "on the fence". But I agree, something which will be super, is fine to buy. _That_ does not interfere with Simplicity.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Yep, I've always wondered why people think they can/should give advice (OR issue edictums!) to others . . . as so many did to our friend's mom when she bought new furniture. You were right; it was her decision and her money.

You know, I hate to read/learn instructions for a new appliance, tool, piece of equipment, whatever, too! I think we need to analyze that and find out just why we are like that!

Maybe if you can't make the decision to get the new camera, that means your want/need/desire for it isn't that strong?? Just thinking . . .