Friday, May 4, 2018

Good Neighbors Are Worth More Than Gold

I know I've mentioned before how fortunate (blessed might be a better word) we are to have D and M as our nearest neighbors.  Talk about being lucky-duckies when we bought this property that abuts theirs.

Kind of a funny story to it all though.  Hard to believe, I know, but they are the ones who insist how happy they are having us as neighbors.  I believe this becomes very easy for anyone to understand when you know that the house on our property when we bought it was a really, really tacky, run-down rental.  And, oh yeah.   Did I mention it was a drug house?

Whenever D or M say we're good neighbors, we remind them that after the previous occupants of the property, anybody would have been a marked improvement.

But back to the main reason for this post. 

As the frost has been coming out of the ground, we've noticed two big humps, sort of like small pitchers' mounds, that have materialized in the parking area by our garage.

The other afternoon I heard the rumble of a piece of machinery and looked out to see Good Neighbor D digging a hole in that area.  Papa Pea, who had been working elsewhere outside, came to the area about the same time I exited the house to see what was going on.

Seems D had noticed the two recently appearing humps when he had stopped over recently and knew what they most likely were.  You see, when we moved here, this particular area had been wooded, we cut down the trees, had the ground leveled and graveled. 

Knowing he could easily rectify the situation, D brought one of his smaller pieces of machinery over and very efficiently proceeded to dig a few rather large pieces of tree (roots, stumps, whatever they had been) out from under each hump.  (The darn pieces of nearly rotted wood had happily lived below the surface for 20 years until this year when they decided to make a break for it.)  Then D filled in the holes, smoothed them over and was on his way back home.

But before he left, he told Papa Pea he'd been steam cleaning his equipment and would clean and de-grease our tractor if Papa Pea wanted to drive it over. 

Not one to pass up a great invitation like that, off he went returning home later with one spiffy-clean tractor.

This little tale illustrates the type of people our neighbors are, quickly and efficiently helping out whenever a need arises.   We've all heard the expression that someone would give you the shirt off his back. Well, I know we could count on that if ever needed from these good people we were fortunate enough to buy a piece of land next to.


Jan said...

Good neighbors are a real blessing!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

We are leaving behind neighbors whom I have known for 47 years. That is going to be tough. They are elderly now and are planning on selling up in the fall. I always tell them that I want to subdivide our new property and have them live on our land. :) What wonderful neighbors you have.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

There is nothing better than a good neighbour! Wait, no, there is nothing better than a good neighbour with equipment! -Jenn

Goatldi said...

Good neighbors are priceless. Don't ask how I know just saying.

Vera said...

How fortunate you are to have good neighbours, as we also have. We are indeed blessed.

Mama Pea said...

Jan - Indeed! :o)

MrsDM - Uh-oh. I think they may be leaving because you're leaving! :o(

Jenn - And neighbors who readily share their equipment! :o)

Goatldi - Hmmm, your comment leaves room for speculation . . .

Vera - I'm glad you, too, have good neighbors. Such a comfort in so many ways!

Goatldi said...

Mama Pea just to avoid nasty rumors from the media I will "splain
Have had the good fortune of having good to excellent neighbors almost my entire life . I do now but how unruly can Angus cows be?

It was that 5 year experience in Mendocino county that was err challenging.
Just don't want anyone thinking that our 42 acres of paradise has turned bad. 😊

wisps of words said...

They are worth their weight,in gold!!!!!

And I'm sure, you are wonderful neighbors, to them!

Win! Win!!!

Never heard of those tree trunks doing that! Shows the tenacity of Nature. :-)

Sparkless said...

Most definitely good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. It sounds like you've both got solid gold neighbors.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Yep, I think I do remember references you've made regarding some "difficult" times on a previous piece of property. Makes your current homestead all the more wonderful, doesn't it?

wisps of words - The mysterious thing is why did the frost push the debris up and out this year? Maybe it could move it toward the surface only a little each year? Was kind of spooky!

Sparkless - We certainly do!

gld said...

Two good neighbors, side by side; it doesn't get any better than that.

SmartAlex said...

You never know about those tree stumps. There were a dozen stumps ground up in our side yard 30 years ago and over the past two years the lawn has suddenly become so rough that not only will the mower rattle your teeth but I swear you could sprain an ankle walking through there! Some dips are a foot deep. So now I guess we have to dig it all up and start over.

Mama Pea said...

Glenda - Well, I'm sure of them; not so sure of us!! ;o)

SmartAlex - Oh. My. Gosh! Now I'm going to start being afraid of any little bump I see in the ground. Are those trees we killed coming back to get us?? Zombie trees? ;o)

Rain said...

That's great Mama Pea...I have yet to find a good neighbour...I do hope that Alex and I will have the same luck as you! Oh gosh, an old drug den, yikes...lucky about the tractor too! How generous! :) Interesting about the tree root/stumpy things hiding all these years!