Saturday, May 19, 2018

Good Gardening Progress and More Computer Trouble

How's that title for covering the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Ah yes, more computer problems.  This time I'm unable to send out any e-mails.  Computer guru daughter took a quick look tonight on her way home from work and says it will take more time than she could immediately give as she'll have to go "deep within the bowels" to straighten it out.  Pretty sure it has to do with having to switch over to Google as a main server which we did recently.  Sigh.  It is what it is, and I'm actually taking this latest glitch quite well.  (I'm probably just too busy right now to care.)  Please know that I'm not ignoring any of you who have been expecting to receive an e-mail from me.  I'll be back at it as soon as I can.

Spent a fantastically profitable day in the garden today.  The weather was blustery and cool, but the positive is that there are no bugs out yet, and I certainly didn't get over-heated.

No pictures yet, sorry to say, but so far I have all the broccoli in, half of the cauliflower (going to experiment with the other half), three raised beds of onions, snow peas planted with a new overhead trellis which I'm hoping will make picking a lot easier this year, three cherry tomato plants protected by Wall O' Waters, and a raised bed of transplanted salad greens and lettuce I started inside.

Papa Pea helped me put up three sixteen foot long shell pea trellises which I hope to get planted out tomorrow.

I'm tempted to set out my teeny-tiny pepper plants (under a cold frame) tomorrow, too.  Did I tell you about the first peppers I started inside?  One day the leaves looked a little shriveled and I thought perhaps they weren't getting enough water.  So I gave them a good drink.  Next day, the leaves started falling off.  One by one sad leaf, they just dropped off.  I have no idea what made this happen, but I had to start some seeds all over again.  Hence, the smaller than usual size of the peppers now.

And, oh yes, we ate the very first harvest of the year of asparagus for our lunch today.  A big plate for each of us with butter and salt.  Was it good?  You bet!


wisps of words said...

Yes, it's my bed time!!! But came on line, to check a baseball score and...... ,-)

"go "deep within the bowels" Oh I love seeing that term used, in regard to doing stuff, with a computer!!!!! I usually I don't want to; "go "deep within the bowels" to make a change. He-he-heee... But daughter knows what she is doing.

Hooray for progress!!! And for a first eating of a delicious crop!

good night now! :-)))

Susan said...

Well, rats. That is not the word I wanted to use, but this is a family blog... :) I hope Chicken Mama was able to get to the bottom of the problem. And computers were created to make our lives easier, right? I'm so glad you were able to get out in the garden and make progress. It gets so overwhelming this time of year, especially when you have a shorter growing season!

Leigh said...

I love it when spring salad gardenings are beginning to make their early offerings, although I'm sorry your peppers didn't do well. Here's hoping for productive gardens for us all! Did google make you switch to their email? They pretty much like to be top dog it seems.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - We've had a second (large!) harvest of asparagus and another one should have been picked yesterday . . . but I simply ran out of steam! Funny how that happens this time of year! And I'm happy to report daughter didn't have to spend as much time as she thought she might to rectify the latest computer glitch. Now if I could just STAY computer problem free for a while . . . !

Susan - I looked at my records from last year yesterday and it looks as though I'm a good two weeks behind this year because of our terribly cool spring. But I am getting things done each day and may survive. Whether some of the garden will mature all depends on the length of summer/fall we get. It's always something, isn't it?

Leigh - I did set out (under their summer-long cold frame!) half of my peppers but they are soooo pitifully small I feel sorry for them every time I check on them. I think the rest of them are going out today as our weather is actually starting to warm up. (Warm for us is nothing like it is for you though!)

Our (small) local provider has seen the writing on the wall and is rapidly phasing themselves out and strongly suggests everyone switch over to Google before it becomes a crisis situation so that's why we did what we did. Not that I'm happy about it or the "service" we seem to be getting from Google. Yes, just another HUGE organization that doesn't seem to give diddly-sqwat about the individual! Grrrrr . . .

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) Oh the gardening life, don't you love it? :) I'm so ENVIOUS of your asparagus lunch!!! That is one crop we will be planting in the future! Sorry for your computer troubles...Alex is the one who goes deep into the bowels around here, lol...that sounds just awful ha ha ha! ;)