Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Addemdum To This Morning's "Business" Post

Thanks to all of you who commented regarding either having or not having problems leaving comments on my posts.  It was good to hear from each of you.

My technically-inclined, way-smarter-than-I-am daughter spent a couple of hours today doing some research and checking out the settings on my computer.  Following are some notes she left for me to share with you.

 ~  We've removed the CAPTCHA (I'm not a robot) confirmation previously required before posting your written comment on my blog.  That *should* help.

~  Google+ users have also been having problems posting comments on Blogger - go figure.  (This according to Blogger with no fix offered.)  So if you are using Google+, this could be contributing to the problem of your comments "disappearing."
 ~  Comments disappearing before being posted *IS* a common problem that Blogger is not addressing!
~  You can also make sure that your browser is set to ENABLE (stop filtering) "third party cookies."  That setting has a known affect on Blogger commenting.
Bottom line, there doesn't seem to be any easy fix for the problems you may be having commenting on my blog or other blogs.  Frustrating, I know, but at present this is all I can offer.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have heard from Pam Malone, the winner of the crocheted rug, so it will be sent out to her p.d.q.! 


Susan said...

Well, shoot. Google doesn't even work well on it's own Blogger? What?!? I just type slowly so that I won't lose too much if I have to type it over again. You are worth the extra work... :) xoxo

wisps of words said...


Hate I am not a robot.

Google+ has been, for some time, one of the most hated things, on the Net.!!!!!!! Guess not everyone has heard that yet, though.

Bahhh hisssss Google+!!!!!!

wisps of words said...

Comments disappearing is a wide-spread problem. ,-)

But I have not had it happen, on any other blog, but here.

Not that I follow a "zillion" blogs...

wisps of words said...

I type fast. Wonder if that has anything to do with the POOF business??? I am now typing slowly here.

Will help??? Who knows???? :-)

wisps of words said...

Sent you the pics, of how blogs look, on my biggggg computer screen. I do not, not, not use tablet or phone. Eeeek no. I'm way too old-fashioned. -grin-

wisps of words said...

I am on a roll...!!!

So I thought I'd add this....

I get lots and lots of Visitors, from your blog.

Wish they would say HI, on my blog.




wisps of words said...


(I am not a robot) question still shows.

But just ignore it.

You do not have to check it...!!!!!!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - You're sweet to hang in through all my blankety-blank commenting problems. Daughter and I are still working on trying to make them go away. Forever. But it may not be possible since Blogger seems to have an integral part in causing them.

I'm trying a new method for replying to comments here on my blog by typing replies which will appear way down at the end of the comment section rather than under each individual comment. Hoping this will work better.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - I may have just screwed up some previously made comments to you so if this is a repeat, bear with me.

Yes, Google+ has not done us "normal" people any favors. Maybe for the techies who do a lot more on their computers, but not us.

My daughter says the "disappearing" problem for your comments may be related to the template of my particular blog layout. (Which doesn't make a lot of sense but . . . ) She wants to "update" my blog and make it have a new look so hopefully we can do that sooner rather than later to see if that helps the problem.

I appreciate you taking the time to send the pictures you did.

I get an average of a hundred readers a day, but you can see how few comment. And that's okay. I, myself, read a few blogs that I never comment on. But isn't it wonderful to get comments? I love them.

Yep, my daughter told me one doesn't have to check the idiot robot box but rather just hit publish. So far that has worked for me. But even checking I'm not a robot is one heckuva lot faster than the CAPTCHA we used to have to go through!

As I said to Susan above, please remember to look for my comments to your comments way down here at the bottom of this section now.

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :) Sorry about all the problems you all have been having! For comments, I usually just open Word Pad and write all of my replies there first, then copy and paste. That way I don't lose anything. I've had the "poof disappear" problem as well, so I've been starting to again, use Word Pad to write comments as I read through the blogs, it's my fail safe!!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Good idea for a "safety measure" you've come up with. We have to keep figuring how to get around all these glitches!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Another thing I've found - at the very top right of a blog post there is sometimes a pale grey "X" - if you click it to make it disappear it may then allow you to post comments. When the grey "X" is there I am not able to post comments so I have just gotten into the habit of x-ing it out whenever I see it - and all problems have disappeared.

Mama Pea said...

JoAnn - Well, that's a new one on me! So glad you can click on the pale grey "X", and make it disappear so that you can easily comment. I've never seen it . . . things are getting stranger as we go along here!