Sunday, February 4, 2018

Thoughts Rattling Around In My Head

There were only three other children, all 5-6 years older than our daughter, within several miles of the area in which we lived when she was growing up.  The older three were always so good in tolerating playing with her, and they were all close during those years.  One of the girls (grown now and a lovely woman) is the mother of two sons.  Her sixteen year old was just killed in an automobile accident.

The husband of one of my friends in my quilt group died suddenly and totally unexpectedly at home last Monday morning.

Our lives, our very lives, can change in  an instant.  We've got to make sure we appreciate all we're given, all the wonderful things we have in our lives, all we can do as individuals to make our lives, and those of others, better.  It's so unjustifiable to spend any time being negative or unappreciative.

* * * * * * * *

I spent nearly the whole day today going through my garden seeds and perusing the garden catalogs to find ones I needed to order.  Gotta admit it actually made me eager for this coming gardening season.  I'm avoiding planting anything extraneous this year (oh, will I ever need to find a big dose of will power to do that!) because of all the other items on our summer's To Do List.  Some corners must be cut.  Or at least rounded off a bit.

* * * * * * * *

My living room (or what was once my living room) is still functioning as a temporary bedroom for Papa Pea.  He's tried and tried to sleep in our bed, but the firm mattress makes his bruised body so ouchy and achy that he's given up trying to spend his nights there, at least for the time being.  Thank goodness we have a big, long couch where he is comfortable and is now sleeping well nights.

He's been walking around withOUT the help of a cane for the past two days.  In the house, that is.  He still takes his helper stick out with him to do poultry chores three times a day.  Scares the bejeebers out of me because we have so much ice around.  Actually, what really scares me the most is me walking on the ice out there.  I mean what a mell of a hess we'd be in if I fell and broke my whatever?!

* * * * * * * *

January, the long month of winter (ha!), has flown by and now we're tromping through February with me not finding enough time to spend in my quilt room.  (Anybody have a nice smoked cheese I can have with my whine?)  I keep dashing in there, pulling out one project or another . . . and leaving again.  (Do you notice a "messy" theme to these pictures?)

* * * * * * *

I finally got a new book light.  This may not be a big thing to some people, but it is for me because the only time (almost exclusively) I read is when I get into bed at night.  (Or when I wake up at 2:30 a.m. and can't get back to sleep.)  It's an LED rechargeable (yay, yay!) light with a high and low setting (the low is totally adequate) and has a much more "pleasant" light than my old fluorescent book light.

This relic was powered by four AA batteries that lasted about as long as a lifesaver.  Plus, it was held together by electrical tape and a toothpick inserted in just the right spot.  (Don't ask.)

* * * * * * * *

Well, dear readers, that's the sum total of the thoughts in my head tonight.  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Let's strive for an upbeat, positive, kind, helpful and appreciative outlook on life for the coming week.


Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) I'm very happy to hear that Papa Pea is someone caneless...but I'd be worried about that ice too. I buy a cheapo pair of ice cleats each fall that are made to slip onto my boots. I don't take them off from November through to April! When I'm in the stores, all you can hear is clink clink crunch first I was embarrassed but I'm so used to that sound now!

That's really sad about the young one dying in a car accident. You are right, we must sieze the day and live in positive light ALWAYS. It's just too damn short this life on earth.

Ha! I did NOT notice the mess, but I DID notice the Hygge candles everywhere! :) LOL...I can try to make you a smoked cheese, but only if we can share it with wine not whine lol :)

Is the book reading light partner friendly? I mean, if I woke up and put it on to read, is it really bright? I always thought it would be a nice idea to have a little light like that.

Oh my you have so many seed catalogs! I have to be careful, I have to stick to what works now! I'm so tempted to try different crops, but I have to keep in mind the climate here and the fact that they mostly have to be in containers!

tpals said...

My best friend was just telling me today about the mother of one of her little boy's friends passing this weekend. It made us both reflect on how much more real tragedy feels when it touches someone we know and makes us more appreciative of how precious all our minutes are.

I'm so happy Papa Pea is progressing so well!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the timely reminder, Mama Pea!

Goatldi said...

Ah yes I know that drill. Live in the present for the past is gone and the future yet of come.

There are things that change a day or a week and then the ones that change it all and there is no turning back.Kindness takes no more energy than anger.

Glad to hear Papa Pea is getting along. I also understand your fear of falling. Ever since Geoffrey became chronically ill 6+ years back I live in worry of that. It is a frightening prospect of where we would be if the chief cook and bottle washer was taken out of action.

Nice collection of seed catalogs. Today I planted two bear root trees a Granny Smith apple and a peach. The pear hit the ground a week back. You will have such fun when Spring takes hold!

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about the deaths of those close to you. Am glad to hear that your husband does still use the cane in the vulnerable out-of-doors. So many folks feel sort of 'prideful' about using canes and walkers and discard them prematurely to unwittingly set themselves up for another setback. You most definitely can NOT get hurt! No falling, nor sickness can come your way!!!!! As far as your wonderful quilt room.... looks like a lovely creative hub to me. Hugs!! :)

Katie C. said...

I too seem to be living in and creating a big mess. I’m trying to clear out and organize three of the four upstairs closets. In the process, I have trashed the two guest bedrooms but not the office. Where does all this stuff come from?! I’m also trying to find the pattern for a shell sweater that I started, um, quite a while ago. I have a LOT of half started projects. My goal is to finish something, anything!

Theresa Y said...

Every day truly is a blessing. Sometimes we forget that. Thank you Mama Pea for reminding us.

Mama Pea said...

Rain - If you have a bed partner who is a light sleeper (as is the man I live with), I don't think any book light, aside from one under the covers maybe would be compatible! This new one of mine is bright, but shines down directly on the page of the book. How much light it sheds on surrounding area I really can't tell. And right now I have no one in bed with me to gives a thumbs up or thumbs down on it!

I'm eager to see how your container gardening garden turns out this year!

Mama Pea said...

tpals - You said it. We have to appreciate each and every day all the love, support and joy in our lives.

Thanks for the good wishes for Papa Pea.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Yes, hearing a reminder now and then helps us stay on the right track immeasurably!

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Methinks you do a superb job as "chief cook and bottle washer" at your house!

I get even more catalogs than those shown (some already went into the recycling box) but find I order from only a couple each year. Taking the time to compare is good though.

Susan said...

I'm glad that Papa Pea is progressing to the point of canelessness, but boy do I relate to the fear of ice. Being the only one here, I tippy-toe around, even with my Yak Traks on. There's been a lot of ice this year, with all the up and down of the temperatures. It is a good reminder of the fragileness of our lives. Things can change so quickly. I need to focus on all the good in my life a lot more often than I do.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - My messy quilt room does have some creativeness scattered hither and yon in there. I just need the time to be in there with it! Hug backs to you, my friend!

Mama Pea said...

Katie C. - I can totally relate to having an unfinished project and not being able to find the pattern that goes with it. These days I've found I have to pin a detailed note on any project I set aside. (Hoping I can understand the note when the time comes!)

Sounds as if your goal to finish something should be those closets. Hee-hee! You're big and brave to tackle three at once! (Finding any surprises?)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - You have had a lot of up and down temperatures in your area this winter!

I think when we are too busy (ahem) it's easier to focus on those niggling, undone items on The List rather than on all the good surrounding us. I'll keep bopping you over the head to remember how fortunate we are if you'll do the same for me. Deal?

Anonymous said...

'So glad to see PP progressing towards full recovery. It just takes time and patience, hard as it is to do. He's a strong, strapping man and he will do fine.
I appreciate your thoughts about practicing gratitude for all that we have in our lives-especially our loved ones. Gratitude replaces negativity with joy---even on the so-called bad days. Some folks learn that lesson early on in their lives. As for me, it took a few decades to understand that I can be grateful for the hardships and challenges in life. It is where we can be stretched the most, learn the most and find out how strong we truly are. We learn what true love is and who really loves us (warts and all!) It hopefully builds good character and it might give us a little bit of wisdom to share. Yes, I am thankful for those tough times as well as the good.-M

wisps of words said...

Oh yes, pay attention to what we have. Stop any wishing, for what we may "want." The sorrows of others, can be a wake up call... To return to this wisdom.

wisps of words said...

Sending quick little comments, because my first one, disappeared on me... Yet again.

I understand the fear of falling. You two have to go out, to do chores... so you have no choice. We do not, and don't go out, unless necessary. You both stay "upright." :-)

wisps of words said...

It's not easy, having an open space in the house, disrupted. But I'm sure you are glad he has someplace, where he can sleep comfortably. ---- In sleep, we heal... Sleep is very, very necessary.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Hiya Mama Pea! Just catching up after a week's hiatus from the world. You know, I have been thinking the exact same thing about how precious life is and how quick something can happen. In an instant. I am so glad Papa Pea is sans cane in the house. Outside oh it is so slippery out!! I do the granny shuffle when necessary....its a necessity to stay safe!

Mark said...

You are so right about slowing down and taking time to be thankful for the good things God allows into our lives, and that goes double for the people! Being bitter or angry about the things we don't have or that aren't going our way requires a huge investment of energy with absolutely no possible payback. I can't afford it and, truth be told, most other folks can't either.

I remember it being a really good day after an illness or surgery when I could get out of the recliner and get comfortably back into bed { with my bride ;-) }. Hopefully that day will come for Papa Pea sooner rather than later.

We're taking stock about what we can and can't do this year in the garden, too. High hopes, but they have to be grounded in some sense of reality.

Mama Pea said...

M - Wise words from a wise lady!!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - I've been having the same problems of my comments disappear. Why?

Believe me, we are both being very careful when outside in these icy conditions! Although I must admit that times others than falling off a 16' ladder, we've both not had any real injuries when slipping on the ice. But I sure don't want Papa Pea to test out that theory when he's just starting to heal well!

And, yes, I'm so thankful he is comfortable sleeping on the couch because that is when the true healing can take place. During good, restful sleep. Praise be!

Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - (Having so much trouble commenting here tonight! Grrr.)

You and me both outside walking on slippery ground . . . I know I must look like a hundred year old crone creaking along!

Mama Pea said...

Mark - I know you can relate perfectly with finally getting back into your own little beddie with your bride! I'm currently lonesome in our king sized bed but at the same time so gratefully Papa Pea is getting a good night's sleep out on the couch. I'll suffer along (gladly) a while longer until he's healed more.

Ha! Ground our high hopes in some sense of reality . . . when you figure out how to do that one, please let me know. Immediately. ;o)

Fiona said...

Paying attention to the good often gets rushed by. In our new adventures with halter breaking and retraining a milk cow we have suddenly realized how much people miss. Doddering across an icy driveway with a bucket of fresh milk followed by spoiled barn cats I suddenly realized how city people never get that in their day! Injuries are out there though. We are glad Papa Pea is getting better. We must savor each moment. God bless you both.

The Wykeham Observer said...

I was just thinking this morning, did we have January yet? Where did it go? I've only gotten one catalogue so far, the Burgess one on the top of your stack. So you have a lot more to look over.

Goatldi said...

Very sweet of you Mama Pea.

I only got two catalogs so far I love them. Remember the day when catalogs began flooding the mailbox with everything from Harry and Davids to the seed catalogs? One was assured ample reading material even if one wasn't particularly interested in each and every topic.

Mama Pea said...

Fiona - You said so much in your sentence regarding having milked the cow and bringing the pail full into the house: "I suddenly realized how city people never get that in their day!" I know everyone doesn't think the way we do, but there are certain values and ways of living and taking self-responsibility that have sadly gone by the wayside these days. Most of the population has absolutely no idea of what real living is. (Not said very well, but I'm sure you know what I mean.) Thanks for your comment, Fiona.

Mama Pea said...

Phil - When people complain about January being such a long month, it just leaves me scratching my head. I wish every month was as "long" as January!

I have about 15 garden catalogs I could send you! If you order from one, I think you'll end up getting more than you need!

Anonymous said...

"Ground our high hopes in some sense of reality". You asked how to do that. You do that by realizing that every breath you take, every minute and every hour you are alive comes from the God who created you and loves you more than the mind can comprehend. Mama Pea, you are a wonderful, kind, hard working country woman. I have followed your blog for a few years now. After what has happened to Papa Pea, surely you know he is alive only by the grace of his heavenly Father. I keep praying for you both, not only for strength and healing, but for your awakening to who God is in your lives. He's always been there. He has blessed you beyond measure. I have never understood why you don't acknowledge Him in the least. I hope you are not offended by my words. If you are going to have a blog about your life, shouldn't the One responsible for all your blessings be mentioned once in a while??? Really want to know your thoughts and heart about I so admire everything else you give us.

Mama Pea said...

Anonymous - We all need a faith to live by. I believe in a "higher power" or "good spirit" in my life as do many others, no matter the name or label we each choose to give it. The beliefs I have that keep me going may be different than those of others, but I'd never argue that anyone else's beliefs were "wrong." (I know this wasn't your intent either.)

I don't talk or write of my beliefs in that respect as I feel one's beliefs, values, and faith are a private, but important, part of one's life which gives direction to it.

For anyone who chooses to espouse a particular religion or belong to a specific church that symbolizes their beliefs and gives them support and comfort, that's a good thing. We all need and should have the same in one form or another.

It's been said we all believe in the same power or entity (even in the diverse religions). We just name it differently.

Thanks for your comment. I'm not offended by your words, and I certainly respect your thoughts and feelings.

P.S. Unless I misunderstood Mark, I think his comment of "ground our high hopes in some sense of reality" related to the somewhat ambitious lists we all tend to make disregarding the reality that we'd need a crew of 12 working 24/7 to accomplish same!

Kristina said...

I have spikes on my muck boots and I wear them until there is no sign of ice. It's crazy cold here with lots of ice. I too have been going through my seeds and books. I hope to grow a decent amount of whatever this summer.

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - I have a feeling you'll have a super good garden this year. You're DUE!

Sandy Livesay said...

Mama Pea,
It's so wonderful to hear Papa Pea getting around even more. Do you and Papa Pea have Yaktrax to put on your shoes/boots for walking on ice? The Yaktrax have made a big difference for us when walking on ice. They really help prevent you from falling.

I'm really sorry to hear about your daughters friend's son, and your husband's friend passing away before their time. We all need to live our lives to its fullest, and appreciate what we have.

Your quilt room doesn't look messy, I don't know what your talking about😁. It truly looks like a room for creativity, and appears organized to me.

The reading lights come in handy at night in bed. They're just right for reading and not disturbing your husband.

Hugs, and love sent your way,

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - We've tried the various different brands of "grippers" on our boots but the problem we've found with them is that our chore boots are so big (over-sized because of the insulation against our cold up here) that none of them stay on very well.

I think today my quilt room may look more cluttered even than it did in the picture! But I plan on spending all day tomorrow playing in there, and I know I'll have to straighten up a bit before I can settle in for a day of creating! It will be a good thing all the way around. ;o}