Monday, August 7, 2017

New Week, Beautiful Monday Morning

Almost before I was awake this morning, I pulled on jeans, a short sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt.  I am a sweatshirt kinda gal and maybe that's a perk to this cool August weather.  Sweatshirts are once again a part of my wardrobe, at least for now.

Then I was out and off to the farm to get fresh milk products . . . before my latte even!  (What was I thinking?)  We were overdue for a resupply.

Cottage cheese in process.

Papa Pea was missing cream for his coffee and I was missing the cottage cheese I make for quick, light meals this busy time of year.

I didn't see anyone at the farm; I'm pretty sure all the activity was in the milking parlor as it was no doubt morning milking time. 

As I was loading up my purchased bounty, a few calves came out of their side door of the barn and into the morning sunshine of their outdoor pen.  I think they've taken it upon themselves these days to act as the official meeters and greeters to the business in and out of the milk house.

Traffic on the roads on my 18 mile round trip journey was 'bout even between guys in pick-ups on their way to work and deer.  All in all, a gorgeous morning for a ride.  Cool, crisp and sunshiny.

Baked a batch of zucchini bread last night which we sampled for breakfast.  Mmmm, good.

I'm going to do another batch today substituting half of the butter with applesauce, adding a little more grated zucchini and cutting the sugar.  I like to bake it in my small loaf pans rather than two regular size pans.  Makes a more convenient size for giving away (much better than a couple of over-sized zucchini, right?) or taking on a hike or short vehicle trip.

Also on the schedule is harvesting and processing some beets.  Gotta uncover the blueberries (sigh, whadda job) to check for ripe ones.  The small orchard of new (last year) fruit trees needs to be weeded.

I also want to plant some salad greens to see if they'll germinate and produce a new crop of lusciousness for us late into the season.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

I'll spare you a close-up look inside.
You're welcome.

Papa Pea picked a good amount of ripe raspberries yesterday but, sadness and woe, when I opened a container from the fridge this morning to have with fresh cream, I found the berries are once again infested with little white worms which I believe are the larvae of the fruit fly.  (Pardon me while I go do a small shudder dance.)  The berries developed the worms at the end of last year's season and it looks like they've come on stronger than ever this year.  Good thing the raspberry canes are scheduled to come out this year (they are geriatric and have needed to be replaced) and a new raspberry patch planted.  Oh, well.

The poultry will think it's a holiday when I dump the wormy berries.

It's Monday Wash Day as usual so I'd better get on with that.  Here's wishing all of you a wonderful week! 


gld said...

I am curious about how you make your cottage cheese.

I need to do that again soon. Max got three gallons from the cow this morning and that is too much for just drinking.

How disgusting about the worms on those luscious berries!

Mama Pea said...

Glenda - I wrote a post on how I make my cottage cheese back in 2010. If you go way down on my right hand side bar to the Search box and enter "cottage cheese" that post should pop up for you. The method is super-simple and we really love the cottage cheese.

Yeah, I'm really bummed about the worms in the raspberries. They're about my favorite berry and I'm not gonna have any to eat fresh this year let alone put in the freezer. So it goes. Waaaaahhh!

Susan said...

All summer long, I have had to keep two sets of morning clothes at the ready - t-shirt and sweatshirt! So sorry about your raspberries! I am a HUGE fan of your cottage cheese! I make it almost every week..

gld said...

Thank you. Easier than my version using store-bought culture and takes longer.

Also found the kimchi again. Need to make that again.

Rain said...

Oooh nasty white worms! I'll join you for that "grosse-out" dance!!! That's too bad about the raspberries though, how will you deal with that? Will the new plants rid you of that problem?

It's sweatshirt weather here too, and somehow I'm not really minding it. My frazzled brain isn't quite in summer mode these days (Jack is still pretty sick). I just want to feel warm and cozy to soothe myself while I cuddle with him under blankets!

I just found your recipe for cottage cheese, I love that stuff, I'll be making that soon! :)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Yeah, I'm trying not to think about having no raspberries this year. Grumpf.

We're having a cottage cheese fruit salad for dinner tonight. So glad you like and make it!

Mama Pea said...

Glenda - Yes, very easy and simple to make, for sure!

I'm getting enough cucumbers right now that I'm getting ready to make some kimchi, too! We like it best with chopped cukes as the main ingredient although other veggies work, too.

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Supposedly the fruit flies over-winter in the soil . . . when we don't have a severe enough winter to kill 'em off. So first off, I'm hoping for a couple of good, old-fashioned (cold!) winters to kill the little buggers. Also, we'll be planting the new raspberry canes in a different area which I hope will eliminate the problem. Fingers crossed.

Hope the cottage cheese recipe works for you. Very simple.

Get well soon, little Jack!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I have never heard of raspberries getting that!!!! Now I am shuddering internally thinking of how many raspberries I have eaten over the past few weeks. Yesterday I saw my first fruit fly in the kitchen. Out came the apple cider vinegar and dish soap and my traps were laid. Exciting times.

Sandy said...

Mama Pea,

That's some really nice looking cottage cheese forming there sweetie. You were up and out the door getting your supplies before coffee....Oh My!!! Need the gasoline (aka: coffee) to get moving first...LOL!!!!

Using smaller loaf pans for bread making is a real good thing. It seems to cut back on waste in my household. When I use the large one, we just don't eat the bread fast enough. However, when using the smaller one the bread moves...I think it's a psychological thing.

Those darn fruit flies!!!


Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - We hadn't either . . . until they showed up at the end of the season last year. I noticed our first fruit fly in the kitchen yesterday, too, so I need to get my "trap" set up pdq. Now I hate the little buggers more than ever!

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - Ha, hubby just shook his head knowing he could NEVER start to function in the morning without having his caffeine fix first! So He would definitely empathize with you.

With the small loaves, I like the smaller slices you get, too. Sometimes a gal just wants a wee bite to keep her going!

Lisa said...

You always have such a lot of things going on your way! That zucchini bread sounds delish! One year I substituted applesauce for the oils and honey for the sugar and thought it was pretty good. Ooooooo, worms in the raspberries! Shudder!!! That happened to us a few years ago with our blackberries..... and I still have problems eating those to this day. We'd been stuffing our mouths with the berries while picking and didn't notice the little, tiny worms until 'cleaning' them for freezing. And from a few posts down.... those young'uns are the cutest things picking strawberries in your strawberry patch. Your daughter is very special. :)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Lisa! And, yes, too MUCH going on most days it feels like! But it's our choice and we love our life . . . I just wish for some days when there was time to do more . . . like spend time cocooned in my quilt room!

Hubby still goes out to the raspberry patch and eats berries. I can't stand the thought of it, but he assures me he checks each berry for worms before he pops it into his mouth. Well, I checked each berry I picked also, but all those worms showed up after they sat a while in the refridge!!

It was such a huge tragedy when our daughter found out she'd never be able to have children. She is such a natural, nurturing person with little ones that she would have been able to raise wonderful children. But, then, of course, her marriage didn't last so it would have been another single mom raising kids. And that's NOT an easy route, no matter what. The upside is that she's in great demand as a nanny and gets a lot of satisfaction out of that. The twins she has on Saturdays are very, very special. They've been socialized (like puppies!) from birth on and I've never known any children that were loved by so many people. Which, I think, makes them the extraordinary children they are.

roth phallyka said...
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