Monday, June 12, 2017


My computer has died a slow, painful death over the last several days.  At times I could get it to work for perhaps a 5 minute stint before it flopped onto its back with feet sticking straight up in the air with all functions frozen, and I had to do a "hard" shut down which my daughter said was not a good thing.

At the present time it is in computer hospital and, with luck, will return home (hopefully) in not too long a period and be back in working order.  (And please, please without too much of a repair bill, if that's at all possible.)

In the meantime, I am thinking of all of you but am unable to make new posts (daughter has me hooked up to a "foreign" machine to type this update), read your posts, comment on them or receive or answer any e-mails.

I'm having to sheepishly admit being unable to use my computer on a regular basis had caused me to wonder if it is a bad . . . or good thing.  For someone who thinks they don't spend much time on the computer, I've been made aware that I spend many short periods during a day's time with my fingers on the keyboard and eyes on the screen.

So have no fear I've passed out in the garden and the cucumber vines have nearly covered my prone form.  My absence is just one of those computer "problems" that we all experience from time to time. 


Michelle said...

Ah yes, another complaint to add to the list of 2017's insults. While waiting for my new laptop to be delivered, I found myself with lots of productive time on my hands – but I missed my blog pals!

Susan said...

Don't get too's not the same without you.

Goatldi said...

Thank God! I was beginning to think you just didn't like me anymore.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Here's to hoping your computer is fixable. Technology, when used for writing and publishing interesting, harmless subject matter, is not a bad thing, and time could be spent doing much worse! When you do end up posting again, no doubt the progress on your gardens will be amazing. -Jenn

Kristina said...

Yeah, it happens. I know too well. Hopefully you'll be back soon. Glad to know your garden is thriving though.

Rain said...

Lol Mama Pea, you're so funny. I'm just imagining your lying in a bed of cuke vines, you'd probably be happily taking a nap! ;)

Computer problems are horrible. I recently had to erase everything and start all over, but now mine is as fast as a racehorse. Love it.

But there is truth in what you say. We've had a house guest the last few days and I also have to admit that I haven't touched my laptop except to check the weather in the last few days and I'm not really missing it. Alex too, one of his goals for the summer is to stop using the computer so much. I still like to keep in touch and read blogs and post on my own blog, but less is more during the nice summer months! I normally use the internet more in the winter when I have cabin fever!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Fingers crossed its not too expensive!! We all tend to drift away from the computer world when the nice weather starts! See you!

Laurie said...

Yep, just experienced said problems myself. Hope you get yours up and running soon. Talking about vines...I was under the grapevine and a tendril felt like it was trying to curl up in my hair. You know me, I thought it was a snake. Liked to have died and nearly did wet my pants. Lol!! Don't stay out in the cucumbers too long!

gld said...

I think it is not too bad a thing to step back now and then and 'regroup' regarding the computer and blogging.

I have been forced because of family issues and settling MIL's estate to drop out. I may be getting back in the groove again just so I can track my daily doings.

I do enjoy reading all my favorite blogs very much. I will be looking forward to yours. I do hope the hospital charges aren't too extreme.