Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 The Creative Year

Have you ever experienced a time when several things you've read or heard have "come together" and seem to be trying to tell you something?

Since we are at the beginning of a new year, and New Year's Resolutions are on many peoples' minds, I've been giving the concept some thought of my own.

Any day is a fresh beginning, a new start.  However, in keeping with tradition, I'll give credit to the new year as being a good time for finding a way of a general "house cleaning" of my habits and routines and being able to make some changes.

I recently read this quote by Debbie Millman, Writer, Artist, Educator, and Radio Host.  She said:

"Busy is a decision.  We do the things we want 
to do, period.  If we say we are too busy, 
it is just shorthand for the thing being 
"not important enough" or "not a priority."

Now, I found that to be a truth that smacked me upside the head.

Next, I think I've recently read or heard on three different occasions the question:  What did you enjoy doing as a child?

As a child, I was nearly obsessed making things with my hands.  Drawing, painting, constructing paper mache dolls and animals, creating banners, drawing and cutting out different styles of letters and creating signs/sayings, making paper hats for different special occasions, making outfits for my paper dolls, designing clothes for my doll (which a loving aunt sewed for me), making party favors, name tags and place cards, greeting cards, elaborate paper chains, "sculpting" with clay, and on and on.

Lastly, I read but have lost track of where I saw this query (or to whom it should be attributed, sorry).  The question posed was:  What does success mean to you?  The answer:  To do something one is fulfilled and energized by.

Whoa, Nellie.  To feel fulfilled and energized!  Attainable?  Pretty exciting to think about, to my mind.

I've been whining saying for I-don't-know-how-many years that I don't have time to do all the creative things I want to do that would feed my soul which in turn would make me an all-'round better person.

Time to stop making excuses.  Time to use my creativity, which I've known was a need of mine since childhood, to fulfill and energize me.

The new year of 2017 is going to be my Year of Creativity. 


Sandy said...

Mama Pea,
Well said Mama Pea!
2017 is your year to be creative. I hear your craft room calling you right now :-)

The year 2017 is my year to live my life to it's fullest.

Did you ship cold weather down south?? Temperatures are in the 20's, and expecting snow. Brrr.....
Sending hugs and love your way.

Sue said...

Such great thoughts!!
And I already think you are one of the most creative people I know.
2017 for me will be the year I hope to find a new place. I know I will be happy no matter where we settle.....after all, I'm taking my "things" with me, so place really doesn't matter. Hubby, on the other hand, NEEDS to find the "right place".So this is our year of travel, I guess. I just want him to be happy.
Give me a stove, a spot to garden, and a great library, and I'm content!
May you obtain all the happiness you so richly deserve in this New Year. Hugs and love to you! Happy creating!!!

FairviewFarm said...

A thought provoking post that I will be pondering as I look for the answers in my own life.

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - Oooh, we must hear more of what is to come for you in this new year. Sounds very exciting!

Don't know if we sent cold weather your way, but we're in the deep freeze here today with a few degrees below zero and a wind chill factor. Double brrr!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - My goodness! Who knew such exciting events were in store for so many people?? What a year this may be!

Mama Pea said...

Fairview Farm - It's been said that when we stop growing, we start dying. So looking for the answers in our lives is not a bad thing! ;o)

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see all that you create!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Just wish me luck in actually doing this! ;o}

Rain said...

Congratulations! Creativity feeds the mind and the spirit. When I'm creative, if it's a hobby or a recipe or even a new way of doing something old that just ain't workin' for me, then I feel stronger and more fulfilled. Busy is a choice I suppose, but I prefer happily busy rather than hopelessly bored! I used to be TOO busy, and it caused me dis-ease, so now I'm more of a putterer than a superwoman, but a creative putterer!!! :)

Tracy Chadfield (was The_Croods) said...

Great post and good luck, I'll watch with interest :)

Mama Pea said...

Rain - I want to join your "creative putterer's" club!

Mama Pea said...

Tracy - I already have one finished creation I will post about soon! (Does this mean I'm on a roll?)

Kim said...

The first step is always the hardest one. You got this one!

Bobbie said...

You go for it, Mama........ I'm in your boat, and plan to do the same. I'm crocheting a horse saddle blanket for a friend right now. Making it with double yarns, acrylic, for easy washing. I've been designing and crocheting for days, finally decided on the design and now I'm crocheting. It's satisfying to see it come together, but boy-oh-boy, is it ever hard on the hands.
My thoughts this year are going to become balanced with all things - from homesteading to hobbies. I'm definitely going to need to stay focused on this until it becomes natural, but I'm determined.
Looking forward to all your new creations. Your work inspires me, and I'm sure others, to take time to enjoy our hobbies.
Happy Day To You My Friend ~ Bobbie

Mama Pea said...

Kim - I do? I DO! I do, do, do!! :o)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Bobbie - Wow, you are creative to be making that horse saddle blanket. My crocheting of my rag rugs is hard on my hands, too. (We've just got to toughen up!)

A balance, a happy medium . . . hard to achieve, but so necessary, isn't it? Let's work on this together!

Kristina said...

Fun post! As a kid, I spent many hours sitting at an old school desk in our "game room" and writing poetry. I'd staple the pages together to make my own "book."

Susan said...

Of course, we will now hold (nag) you to this... Feeding the creative mind is just as, if not more, important than feeding our bodies. Maybe you'll get us ALL motivated!

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - I'd say you've been following your bliss by being the writer that you are now as an adult! Good goin'!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I think in our society which is more work than creative oriented, creative endeavors are not given enough credit. Not mentioning any names (my father -- ahem) but an authority figure in my life told me I needed to put my efforts on something "practical." I love that you state we need to nurture our creative minds.