Friday, November 20, 2015

A Blanket of Mulch

It looks as though our unusually warm beginning-of-winter weather is over.  High winds started two nights ago and have definitely blown in a new weather front.  Our high temps for the past two days have been only in the low 30s and high 20s accompanied by snow flurries.  One to three inches of snow is forecast for Sunday.

Whoo-ee, gotta say this is more like our typical November weather.

Later into the season than usual, today was the time to cover the strawberry plants and asparagus with straw mulch for the winter.

These are three rows of the new strawberry plants we put in this year.

They sure have remained robust and healthy looking late into the season.

The everbearing strawberry plants are in a different area of the garden and are even bigger than these June bearing plants.  By all rights (and with a little luck -- and sunshine -- thrown in) we should have as many strawberries as we want (and then some) in the 2016 gardening season.  Good thing 'cause we were really short in the strawberry department this past summer which did not set well with my strawberry-lovin' husband!

Now if we do, indeed, get those couple inches of snow this weekend on top of the mulch spread today, all will be snug and cozy in the garden 'til spring.


Laurie said...

I guess there might not be any wood left over after all. 20's and 30's and a couple inches of snow would shut us down. Lol! Sounds like you are well prepared for it, though.

Mama Pea said...

Laurie - Our abnormal warm weather had to stop sometime . . . even though we're supposed to have a warmer than usual winter and less snow than usual. We both worked outside almost all day today, filled up the wood box to overflowing before we came in and I've got to say the wood heat in here feels mighty nice tonight! Have a great weekend.

Sue said...

Hello dear lady
I'm glad to see the warmth FINALLY go away. Even my garlic popped up this fall--something it has never done before. I hope it will be okay next spring.
They've changed our forecast umpteen times already. I've heard anything from 1-3 inches all the way up to 5 inches today. And by next week---back into the 40's.
Where is my WINTER?????????????

Mama Pea said...

Question for you, Gardener Extraordinaire that you are: When you plant your garlic in the fall, do you cover it right away with mulch? If so, how do you know it popped up this fall because of the warm weather? Did you peek under the mulch? Or do you wait until frost to cover it? (This inquiring mind wants to know!)

I ask because I just commented to my better half the other day that I hoped my garlic hadn't grown six inches (under the mulch) in this unusually warm fall/early winter. The mulch is frozen solid (over whatever is under there) now but I have wondered about it.

Sure hope we don't go back up into the 40s. Not good for anything or anybody this time of year. My body thermostat is fouled up enough as it is!

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

We're having more of a normal fall/winter here as well. Cold, leaves falling, gradual. Wish I had room for the berries!

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - You do a GREAT job with the space you have, my friend!

Our leaves are gone, gone, gone . . . except for those on the fruit trees. Wonder why they are able to hang on so long?

Sue said...

Hi Mama Pea----I BURIED the garlic under 6 inches of mulch. They're OVER the top of the mulch---looking very much like teenage garlic plants. I think I see a garlic--less year ahead. SOB!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Uh-oh. Did you put more mulch on to cover the teenage garlic shoots? If not, I'm sure they will get frozen . . . but will they just die back and produce more healthy shoots come next spring? I tell ya, there's never a moment in gardening when you can relax and feel you've conquered all you need to know!

Wendy said...

Just read on our news you must have heavy snow by now. Hope you are ok. Here it is also finally getting colder. Unfortunately no snow but those fierce hailstorms (poor garden) and then some intense sunlight. Wild skies. Our temps are 40 F at the moment. I have finally looked to the winter cloths. Gloves and hats for the boys ready. They must bike to and from school and that is a 45 minutes one way. Yes we Dutch like our bikes and it keeps us healthy! Strong winds give strong legs. (Glad we have no mountains as well). It would do me good too, to ride a bit more but usually I have too much to carry (or I am sure I will have ;-) Have a nice Sunday.


Leigh said...

Thanks for the reminder to tend to my strawberries! Now, if I can only find them under all that wire grass.

Mama Pea said...

Wendy - Nothing but snow flurries for us so far. They did get about a foot of snow several hundred miles south of us (what's wrong with that picture?) late last week but none here to speak of. Yet.

I love that your boys bike 45 minutes to school! What could be better health wise? The kids in our area often ride the bus an hour (or more!) to and from school because our population is so widely spread but there are also kids in town that live 2 blocks from school and they are bussed. Sad. Something wrong there.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - I thought of the battle you continually wage with that awful wire grass when I was covering my strawberries that are nearly weed-free. We all have our gardening "problems" and challenges but I sure wouldn't want that wire grass!

Mark said...

I'm just a little behind you, which makes me a day late and a dollar short! I got all my mulch in piles and ready to go 1 day before we got 8 inches of the white stuff. My piles are just starting to poke through 2 days later. Oh well, best laid plans and all.