Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid-Week Mumblings

Boy, did I ever goof.  I blew my opportunity to have a lovely picture to include with this post.

Neither hubby nor I was super-hungry tonight so I just made us each a big salad with chopped hard-boiled egg and some chunks of ham in it.

But the exciting part was that the salad was (are you ready for this?) made up completely of greens from the garden!  Yep, I finally had big enough plants to snip some leaves.  Several varieties of both green and red lettuce, spinach, kale, mizuna mustard, arugula and scallions.  The chunks of carrots were from last year's garden but I think they should still count as homegrown, although not technically fresh.  I tell ya, greens freshly harvested from your own garden taste soooo much better than anything you can purchase.

Oh, heck.  I had to go take a picture of the container of greens left in the refridge.  (How pathetic is that?)  Not as pretty as the salads were but photographic proof of the first great green-ness from the garden anyway.

These are our little chicks (not so little anymore) from this spring.  At the end of every day before trooping into their house for the night, they gather on the rim of this 4' x 8' box that is in the poultry yard.  It seems to be a ritual for them.  I can't help but wonder why they do it.  Is it to check in with each other, have a little chat and recap of their day?  Is it to share info on where the best bugs and worms are found?  It it to count beaks and see if everyone is present and accounted for?  What goes on in those little bird brains?


  1. They are fascinating, aren't they? Mine have to be massed up behind the pop door in the morning because the second it's open they come charging outside.

  2. They are plotting against your garden. At least, that's what mine do.

  3. I can barely wait till we have some lettuce from the garden. I think chickens just follow the leader, don't they? Funny birds anyway.

  4. Dinners from the yard are the best!!!!!!
    Chickens, we will never figure them out ;)

  5. Congrats on those lovely greens!

    As for the chicks, be careful! They could be "plotting" something devious-LOL!

  6. I can't imagine live without chickens. The greens look great. We only planted kale this year.

  7. I love those tweenie chicks! I can't wait until my twosome is that age - and they can move out of my utility room.... Your lettuces (lettuci?) are beautiful! Don't you just love shopping in your back yard?

  8. I have those type of evenings where you don't feel like cooking, you've been working all day, and it's hot out. Therefore, you just put together a salad from your garden greens. Your greens look amazing!!!!

    The chicks are all sitting around their park reminiscing about the days activities.

  9. Your garden greens look like they are waiting for someone to grab a handful and have a second helping of salad!!

    I love all your chickies ... I love my chickies too, but I wanted to expand my little group; this year it was not to be ... I stepped on one and it died ... sniff ... the other two were doing great but liked to roost out in the pen ... last (a week ago) Sunday a skunk got in and killed one of them. I haven't figured out how it got in. The next night it came back and killed the last of my tween chickies ... but I got the skunk ... it is in the trash waiting for the truck in the morning ...
    Oops, didn't mean to hijack here, but I'm still missing all 3 of them.