Thursday, September 19, 2013

Didn't It Rain!

We've had two deluges of rain today that were enough to knock a person down.  (And I guess if you were dumb enough to be standing out in it, you'd deserve to get knocked down!)

Daughter and I had just left our local recycling center when the second of the torrents hit.  We cut our stops in town short because it would have meant getting drenched to the bone and beyond the moment you stepped out of the truck.  Driving home, I nearly had to pull over to the side of the road because the wipers could barely keep the windshield clear enough to see.

It's still raining now so I haven't ventured out to the deck to see just how much water is collected in the rain gauge, but I'm guessing it must be close to two inches total for the day.

I wanted to spend most of the week doing the last of the harvesting in the garden and a lot of clean up work, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  Not a problem as both Papa Pea and I have found lots to keep us busy indoors.  (Imagine that.)

We had a big rack of clothes upstairs in a storage area that we went through yesterday.  I think we're to the point in our lives when we both want to simplify and start sorting (and even getting rid of!) a lot of material things we really, truly don't need.

Our recycling center has a second hand clothing store attached to it and daughter and I filled the back of the Suburban with 6 garbage bags of clothing and four shopping bags of shoe boxes.  I was glad to get it out of the house and know that everything would go to someone who could make good use of it.

I'm hoping we still stay with this purging (lots more areas to sort) and keep making sensible decisions as to what is really important and necessary in our lives.

* * * * * * * *

A little lapse of time there while I stopped to make a batch of hamburgers for the freezer.  Kept two burgers out for dinner along with Creamy Cucumber Salad and a big, ol', lumpy, luscious tomato from our neighbor's garden.  I am evidently cursed as I can't grow standard sized tomatoes like they can.  But their bean crop was a total bust this year so we were happy to share our plentiful crop of green and yellow beans with them.  (I'd still rather be able to grow tomatoes!)

Just in from reading the rain gauge . . . we got one and 7/10ths inches of rainfall today.  That's a fairly wet fall day.

When I was out on the deck reading the rain gauge, I noticed the impatiens in the window boxes.  After a summer of struggling to make a decent showing, now when I want to fill the window boxes with fall leaves and miniature pumpkins, the flowers are looking better than they have all season.  How can I pull them out now?

The Virginia Creeper made lush growth this summer completely covering the window (yes, there is a window above and slightly to the left of the deck chair), but not yet showing a bit of the brilliant red color it takes on in the fall.

Folks around here are saying we're going to have an early winter.  But so far, we've yet to have much of a fall.  The trees are just now starting to show autumnal coloring and we're fast coming up on the third weekend in September . . . which usually is marked as our peak color weekend for all the leaf-lookers.

Yep, the odd weather seems to be continuing right on into the last months of the year.  I'm going to concentrate on enjoying whatever comes our way.  Maybe it will turn out to be a long, late fall yet.  But if it's an early winter, so be it.  All the more time for cozy hours spent by the wood stove.

But first, I need a little dry weather so I can go finish up my work in the garden!  (Oh my, it's pouring rain again.)


Carolyn said...

I can't believe we're all talking about "the end of the year" stuff. Fall colors creeping in, pulling the last of the garden bounty (well, some of us anyhow). We had a few fallish days a few days ago, but today was hot & humid as usual, but after our little downpour today, the temps have cooled and I think we may drop down to the upper 40's Saturday night. Fall used to be my favorite time of the year, and I suppose it still is, but now Fall just seems to mean "Get ready for Winter". Which I don't so much care for. Except for the soups & stews & hot teas and......

Good idea on the purging. Maybe I'll make a note to myself to get at least one bag full of donations together before the weekend is over.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Well I guess it's good you got some of the rain to help the people in Colorado that didn't need more, but I sure wish all of you on the east side of the Rockies would share just a little bit with us on the west coast.

At least the temps have cooled down at night and I can sleep even turned off the fans.

Take care you will get some dry days soon I hope.

Sue said...

I've gotten most of the garden put to rest. We've had 2 frosts so far so nothing is left growing. It ended up being a good year...but where was all this rain during the GROWING season????? Hubby has been lax in getting the water tanks put away and they are overflowing. We never had that problem--when we needed the rain-LOL!

Qwaynt said...

Rain we have not had a drop since july 8th it is very dry here. Tomatoes I can grow them, I had so many I finally quit canning them and pulled them out

Qwaynt said...

Rain we have not had a drop since july 8th it is very dry here. Tomatoes I can grow them, I had so many I finally quit canning them and pulled them out

Stephanie said...

Rain...always when you don't want it lol. We are expected to finally get some this weekend, after none for weeks. Of course it will hit on Sunday, when I have my aunt's party planned for. Oh well :)

Susan said...

Ah, yes. Another example of wonky weather. We've had two frosts, my lemon tree is in full bloom, and the garden - with the exception of leafy greens and the non-existent sweet potatoes - is kaput. I am trying to keep my lemon tree outside so that the bees can do the pollinating - and so I won't have to put on my little bee costume (which is a little too tight) and do the pollination dance. I've given up complaining and, like you, will just embrace whatever is sent my way. Those impatiens are lovely, BTW.

Mama Pea said...

Carolyn - I know what you mean about the fall season. It's my favorite, too, but also the time when we have to face everything that didn't get done on the summer list and start scrambling to do those things that are absolutely necessary. Do ya think our lists are too long??

Mama Pea said...

Tombstone Livestock - So glad for you that you're horridable (!) temperatures have finally abated. Now, if you could just get some soaking rain . . .

No rain for us today other than a little five minute spitting shower, but all in the garden is still so wet. Maybe tomorrow I can really get out there and get something done.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - You've had two frosts already? Wow, I guess we're really lucky this year. Not even a light frost here yet. Tell your hubby to watch those water tanks. He's gonna end up with ice on them!

Mama Pea said...

Qwaynt - Omigosh, I didn't realize your part of the state STILL hasn't had any rain. Amazing the tomatoes kept growing. Or did you water every day?

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - Oh, I do hope you get good weather for your aunt's party. Even if you do need the rain badly. But then, I guess we have to take it when we get it . . . and be grateful.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - You and Sue . . . both with two frosts already?

The impatiens were a little beaten down by the heavy rains but still bloomin' their little hearts out. 'Bout time. They were scrawny as could be all summer!

P.S. I really would like you to post a picture of you in your bee pollinating costume. Then the rest of us will know how to do it . . . if our bees go on strike. ;o}