Monday, July 29, 2013

Safe! By a Long Shot.

Fifty miles north of us woke to a temp of 39° this morning.  I'm happy to report (that's for sure) that we were a good ten degrees warmer than that.

The red-lettered warning I saw last night?  It's still posted this morning.  Guess it just goes to prove the old axiom you shouldn't believe everything you read.

Now I'm going to take my morning latte and go walk through the garden and talk nice to my brave little plants that continue to hang in there through it all.


  1. Wow. Please send some this way!

  2. Nothing like the mighty cold in Minnesota!!!!
    I came from a place not to far from you, Marquette, get's just as cold.

  3. They should hang those weather guys up by their thumbs! What a fright! Hope those brave little plants grow fast...