Friday, October 26, 2012

My Brain Hurts

We spent the whole day today until a little after 3 p.m. planning, designing, measuring and figuring lumber needed for storage units in the garage.  Ugh.  Isn't it surprising how a project like that will often leave you feeling as if you've done a day of hard, physical labor?

Both Papa Pea and I felt beat up when we finally decided we had it figured out to our satisfaction, and he headed for the lumber yard to pick up supplies.

Tomorrow we'll lay the boards out on sawhorses in the garage, fire up the wood stove out there and I'll apply a finish to all of the boards before they're made into the storage units.  It will actually be easier and quicker that way.

Yup, it would have been wiser to do this job in the summer when I could have set up outside (instead of crowded inside the garage) but seems we were busy doing other things then.  You'd think being "retired" and home all day we'd have plenty of time for any and all projects, but we don't seem to be able to fit everything in.

Every now and then we kid each other about selling out, buying a condo and "living the good life."  The truth is though it wouldn't be "the good life" for us.  We're doing just what we want to do right here.  (But it definitely would be a relief if someone would stop us from coming up with new ideas and undertakings!)

Lotsa wall space for good storage.  We just have to make sure we utilize it wisely! 


  1. I totally understand and we are not retired! I think we are doing more than when all the kids were, you would think we would have gained space! We were just discussing adding more shelving in the basement for canned good storage and a loft level in the garage. Where was all this stuff before we HAD a garage...oh, thats right we didn't garden like this...but you know what? We've never been happier!

  2. So THAT'S what you've been up to! Screwing off as usual :)

    I swear, it's almost like the same thing now that I'm a SAHM....I *should* have all this time now that I'm not working away from home, but it seems like there's less time now!

    And yes, I occasionally want to give it all up, move into a small house in town and do nothing but watch Oprah and eat bonbons. But the thought passes quickly enough.

  3. There is no way I could go live in town. My neighbor just sent me a picture of her son's new home under construction here. It is a 2 story, and there is maybe 10 feet between him and the houses next door. Some of these homes have a concrete block wall 20 ft from their house and that is all there is for a back yard. NO WAY, NOT ME. I need my space......

  4. Hubby always says he doesn't know how he used to fit in time to work. We are busy busy all day. And it IS the good life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. All those projects are what makes life interesting and satisfying.
    It's going to be great having the garage all set up and organized. All that planning will pay off for many years to come (if it doesn't kill ya first!)

  5. Trying to keep you and Papa Pea from coming up with brilliant ideas is sort of like trying to keep the sun from rising. It ain't happening! I only hope I make it to retirement with half as much brain power and energy. Cannot wait to see what the Minnie-Soda Mensas have come up with!

  6. I agree with you, sometimes brain work is more exhausting. I have no doubt though that you two have come up with an amazing always do :)

  7. You made me laugh with the "Someone needs to stop coming up with new ideas..." Ain't it the truth! SM and I are BOTH guilty of the next "bright idea" which turns into the project from hell.

    Oh well, you'd be bored to tears if you didn't have all these projects to work on.

  8. Ooo.... we talked about just this thing yesterday at my conference. It IS hard work to think- especially when it is something out of the ordinary (I'm guessing designing storage units is out of the ordinary) and that mental exhaustion means physical exhaustion.
    My Dad always says: Re-tired = Tired Again. I think active people never really retire, they just shift gears.

  9. I think we all ponder selling out at one point or another through the year. Even at my age (not near retirement) we wonder whether it is all worth it. Stick to it; you have a beautiful life.

  10. More varnishing for you? LOL... There is never enough time to finish all the things we keep coming up with, is there?

  11. I talk about getting a place in town with a 40 square foot backyard. I'd be soooo bored. You can come visit and build shelving/storage in our garage when you are done.

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