Monday, September 10, 2012

A Give-A-Way: Do Ya Wanna?

Do ya wanna loosen your joints?

Create a strong calming effect on your mind and body?

Help heal a variety of ailments?

Learn a preventative health program that balances and revitalizes your whole body?

You say you do? Well, have I got a VCR tape for you!

In rearranging our TV/stereo area, I came across this tape I've had for several years and would now like to pass it along to someone who will actually use it.

Along with all of the above listed benefits, "Qigong for Healing" supposedly will " . . . cultivate clear and free flowing qi, the body's life force, which is essential to good health." (Now, who's gonna pass that up?)

So who wants their name thrown in the hat to win this give-a-way? Doesn't matter if you've never commented on my blog before or if you're a regular around here. Just leave a comment letting me know you'd be interested in receiving this instructional tape. I'll close comments tomorrow night, Tuesday, when I shut down my computer, usually around 9 p.m., and draw a winner sometime Wednesday morning.

Come on, jump in. You know you'd like to loosen your joints!


Akannie said...

That sounds like it's made for me...I'm an achy old woman, lol.

I also have a vcr player...LOL

And a turntable.

Happy Monday, Mama Pea!!

judy said...

I want it ,it has my name on it.Ever since about 3 years ago I lost my Dr.because she went into holistic medicine ,I have been very interested in this,One of my favorites that I said I would bye is the lady on channel 2,one advertised and shown on there.But if anyone ever needed relaxation and calming its me---lol---good luck everyone

Mama Pea said...

Akannie and judy - Right off, I'd say you two both have a pretty good chance of winning the Qigong tape!

Erin said...

I'm late to this but I'm giggling at the VCR part! You would be pleased to know that I used the kids' old VCR tapes at tomato ties since we don't have a VCR LOL