Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Time in the North Woods -- Brrr!

Another one of those days when we haven't even seen a glimpse of the sun. Lots of gray clouds and fog.

Papa Pea came back in twice for more clothing when he was working outside. I caught this shot of him gazing at the fog rolling in (again) right before he gave it up for the day. "Chilled to the bone," he declared as he came in for his afternoon cuppa java. (And just WHY is it we choose to live up here, you rightfully ask?)

We tried our best to get some pictures of the goslings but neither Mother nor Father Goose was happy with us being intrusive.

We can see three of them for sure so far.

Mother Goose pushed this egg out of the nest yesterday. Does she know it's a dud? Or with the already hatched goslings did she think she needed more room in the nest so this one had to go?

Hoping to see more hatched out yet. Even though it seems cold out for the little fuzz balls, they have a good, wind-proof shelter and I'm sure are spending a lot of time snuggled in under mom.


  1. Aww those are cute goslings. I hope the weather warms up a bit for you. We are supposed to get some sunny days coming up and we'll get outside and do some work.

  2. judy - How many do you want?

    Sparkless - We're forecast two sunny days this week -- Wednesday and Thursday -- and then the temps will plummet. Grrr!

  3. What cute goslings. After a day in the low 80s yesterday we're back down into the upper 60s today. The weather has been all over the place. At least it looks like we'll have a few dry days coming up. We've had almost 7 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks which makes it really, really hard to get into the garden.

  4. Goslings. Adorable. Can't be nearly as devilish as ducks, I'm thinking - which I have assured EVERYONE on this farm we will never try again. But geese. I could do that. Your pictures are going to do me in.... :)

  5. We're also in a streak of DREARY. Ugh. I'd love to see the sun.
    The babies are adorable. Papa Pea better watch out for all those future biters!

  6. Awww, they are too cute! We are back in the rain today, after two days of sun. Can't wait to get south where it is warmer lol.

  7. Judy - We hate to have to plant in a dry garden but . . . ish! The mud you must have is almost impossible. Hoping you get a dry, sunny spell so you can get your planting done.

    Mama Tea - No more ducks, huh? Oh, there's got to be a story behind that! Let's hear more!

    Sue - We have heavy fog this morning . . . yuck! But at least no rain over night.

    Papa Pea STILL has an ugly scab where Father Goose nailed him. But no more swelling or redness, thank goodness.

    Stephanie - Boy, we'd better not hear any complaining about the hot, muggy weather once you get to NC! ;o}

  8. Those babies are so cute! And, I'm busy taking clothes off, not putting them on. 90+ degrees here, but we are looking forward to some cooler weather during the next week, highs in the 80s.

  9. I am so glad the Goose's finally got a hatch this year. Such adorable fuzz balls. Now tell them to stay away from that hawk!

  10. How cute!!!! The look of Father Goose's neck speaks volumes of his 'irritation'... and coupled with what he did to Papa Pea's leg not too long ago, you're wise to respect their space. Cannot even begin to fathom a jacket, much less 'chilled to the bone'. Nope... cannot. :)

  11. Your garden beds and precious babies look so pretty.

  12. The Weekend Homesteader - Are those temps normal for you this time of year or are you getting warm (hot!) weather earlier than usual?

    Jane - Yes, after last year with ALL the eggs being duds we were beginning to wonder. A couple of years ago, we did lose one little gosling to a hawk. That just seemed awful!

  13. Lisa - Ah, I can just picture you sitting on the deck in tank top and shorts, sipping your Mint Julep and fanning yourself! We, on the other hand, have another cool day today with rain coming down lightly. I'll send some of this freezing weather to you when you need some air conditioning!

    Simply Scaife Family - Thank you so much! I promise the beds will look lots better when planted out and growing!

    1. Hey Mama Pea..... yeah..... riiigghht.... sipping a Mint Julep... fanning oneself... sitting...!!!! Does make for a nice thought though. Your offer for the Minnesota air conditioning already sounds good!!!

  14. This has been the most upside-down-backwards spring ever. First that heat wave, then winter comes back, then warm, then damp and cold. I keep putting warm clothes away, then bring them out again! Those goslings are so darling!

  15. Baby geese are adorable. Enjoy your cool weather ... getting into the mid 90's here much too soon.

  16. What crazy weather! I hope you are at least getting some rain to make up for the lack of snow runoff. Cute babies!

  17. Susan - I think this spring has been the wackiest I've ever experienced! Right now we're back to a more normal spring for us . . . cool and rainy!

    Tombstone Livestock - Frankly, my dear . . . you can keep your mid-90 temps!

    Erin - Yes, thankfully we are getting rain . . . and COLD!