Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Those blankety-blank crows obviously read my blog.

At a few minutes before 5 this morning, I started hearing them calling in the woods nearby.

Or maybe they were laughing.

Not one single crow has shown his greedy little destructive beak yet this morning. Rats. And I was so ready.


  1. Keep everlastingly at it. Because they will.

  2. Did you know that crows are one of the only birds smart enough to use tools? I really think it is in your best interest not to irritate those crows ;)

  3. They are definitely staging something...!

  4. Crows are very smart birds.... yep, they were laughing mama pea.

  5. Are they related to starlings?? :)

  6. I've heard of plant a row for the hungry, looks like you need to plant a row (or two or three) for the crows if you want any food for yourself and Papa Pea. Hopefully they will get you "Armed and Dangerous" message and go find their meals elsewhere.

  7. JJ - We have a rainy day here today so I'm thinking they're staying in their cozy crow's home today. But you're right, I will have to do something to discourage them permanently. I'm not liking the thought of getting up every morning at 4:30. :o(

    Jane - Oh, great. Now I have this vision of a troop of them pulling this big ol' crow cannon out of the woods and aiming it directly toward the house.

    Erin - Can I call in a Swat Team for crow eradication?

    Spiderjohn - I was afraid of that.

    odiie - Are they related to starlings? Must be!

    Tombstone Livestock - I know there are some gardeners who say you have to share with the wild life, but they are not even sharing nicely!

  8. .....they are so gonna be there tomorrow :-)

  9. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.