Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Come and Gone

Although another deluge of heavy rain is forecast for tonight through tomorrow night, no moisture fell on us today. No sunshine warmed the garden soil either but it was still a very nice day for working outside which is what we did.

I didn't think I worked that hard but after our thrown-together dinner of leftovers, exhaustion took me by the tail and wouldn't let go. Now after having had a shower and donning jammies I feel better but think bed will feel awfully good early on tonight.

Papa Pea did the early summer chore of taking down the electric fence that encircles our poultry yard and pond so he could mow last year's accumulation of weeds that had grown right up next to the fence. Then, of course, the fence had to be put back up so our chickens and geese couldn't wander off toward town seeking excitement. It's a big job and took him all afternoon. He also got a couple of passes made up and down the driveway with the Gravely garden tractor and attached rotary mower to help keep the brush from growing right up to the gravel on the driveway.

I worked in the garden. Tilled around the potato patch (better known as the pumpkin patch in previous years), the field garden and blueberries and our three new haskap berries which are doing really well.

Instead of setting the tepee trellis in the field garden, as I usually do, I set it up in one of the raised beds and transplanted the morning glory seedlings around it that I had started indoors under lights. Also transplanted (relocated, actually) some spinach, lettuce and Swiss chard that were left in the bed that the crows having been working hard to decimate. (Blasted crows!)

Planted some more radishes. I can make a meal of those crunchy little morsels and never get enough of them before the summer heat makes it difficult to grow them.

We decided to be proactive regarding our resident woodchuck. We set a Havahart trap baited with apple for him last night. He apparently appreciated the apple but didn't trip the trap. I'm wondering if he's too big for our biggest trap. It's set again tonight so we'll see what's what in the morning. If we find a note asking for a larger serving of apple, we'll know we're in over our heads.

I'll be painting and polying in the garage tomorrow if it rains. I could have done it outside today but wanted to take advantage of the good weather to work in the garden. Before the dreaded bugs arrive you'll find me getting in as much time outside as I can. If the remodeling agenda doesn't call for my services inside, that is.


  1. Hope you get a good rest after your long day of work!

  2. Good luck with the woodchuck, if he starts writing you notes for his breakfast order he could become more famous than Puxty Phil and you could be rich and be on Good Morning America, LOL.

  3. LOL! Geese wandering off to town looking for excitement--I love that line. But, with country living, you HAVE to have a sense of humor. That, or we'd all just lay (lie?)down and cry. Work , work, fills the day and wears us out, but I still can't think of a better life.

    We've had the non-tripping trap problem here with our mischievious raccoon. Perhaps there is some built in flaw with the trap. It couldn't be our darling hubbies, could it???

  4. You two sure do put in a full days work. I get tired just reading all you get done in a day!

    I hope Mr Woodchuck snaps the trap or takes a hike all on his own.

  5. Sounds like you two had a very productive day! Hope you got that rest you needed :)

  6. Um, if your setting the trap out at night I think your going to trap a very different type of animal. Maybe a less fragrant one or one with little hands that can destroy the trap (I did have a raccoon do a number on a live trap). To get your woodchuck you need to have your trap out during the day with a blanket covering the back part of the trap. That is how I have had the best luck.

  7. trapper Jane had some good advice ,and you mean you don't even giver the chickens a night out on the town? wow ,what task masters you 2 are! what possible harm ,road kill,or more mouths to fed when they return home

  8. Simply Scaife Family - I'm thinking we're both gonna squeeze in some down time today. The rain started during the night and continues on now this a.m. so I'm very glad we spent the day outside yesterday.

    Tombstone Livestock - Haha! I could tolerate the "rich" part but I'm way too shy to appear on "Good Morning, America!"

    Sue - Hmmm, come to think of it, *I* am the one who is most concerned about the woodchuck getting into my garden . . .

    Sparkless - The trap wasn't tripped this morning nor was there a woodchuck in evidence. Papa Pea said that maybe he left on his own and I said, "HA! It couldn't be so easy!"

    Stephanie - With the rain pelting down this morning, I am very happy looking out at all the mowing we did (field and yard) over the last two days. My whole attitude is affected when we can manage to stay on top of that in the summer time!

    Jane - This woodchuck looks so big I think he could do a number on the live trap just by sitting on it! Thank you, Jane, thank you for your wisdom once again. We will point the trap under the shed where he seems to be hiding out and cover the back end of it with something. Stay tuned.

    judy - Love your little scenario of the chickens going to town! (Could happen!)

  9. Oh my goodness you all have a Gravely. Dan would love one of those. Found one for sale once too, $2000 with all attachments. Problem was it didn't run. Anyway, sounds like you had a very productive day.

  10. Leigh - My husband is a Gravely FANATIC! He loves the machine and has nearly all available attachments for it, I think. It's one of the "old" ones that just lives on forever. Much different and better than the new ones that he refers to as Tonka Toys. :o)

  11. Make sure all the cars are accounted for, maybe Mr. Woodchuck decided to go have a joyride LOL!

  12. Erin - Just as long as his "joyride" doesn't bring him back, I'm okay with it! (Papa Pea thinks since we haven't caught him in the several days we've had the trap out, he's gone on to greener pastures. I only hope!

  13. Hey Mama Pea! Would you share some of your radish recipes? Planted a plethora of radishes in our garden this year and they are more-than-ready to be harvested and all I know how to eat them is to cut 'em up in a salad. Knowing they sprout so quickly and grow fast, I planted so many to give us 'inspiration' and 'motivation' at the beginning of this year's gardening season! :) PS I love morning glories too!!

  14. Lisa - I have to confess I don't really have any radish "recipes!" I just love to eat a bowl of them with salt! I do remember a recipe published last year over at A Farmish Kind of Life for sauteed radish slices that I want to try. Go to' and scroll down to the May 23, 2011 post to find it if you're interested.

    Also, sliced radishes made into a sandwich on whole wheat bread with mayonnaise have been recommended to me but I've yet to try it.

    1. Thank you Mama Pea! Her direct link is: and it looks great. I'm gonna' try it today as our radishes are HUGE and look more like beets. Never, ever thought about 'cooking' radishes.

  15. Lisa - You're very welcome! Even my radishes are not growing as they should. Too much rain and NO sunshine. I planted more over the weekend and the first ones (that are just sitting there) may come through yet. But it's been over a month since I planted them already.