Friday, May 11, 2012

How We Get Our Exercise

Or this post could be entitled, "Gardening Is More Than Picking The Peas."

As you gardeners know, there's lots of work to be done in the garden even before those little seeds go into the ground.

We were blessed with another bee-yew-tiful day yesterday and we took advantage of it.

Papa Pea finished the work on getting a replacement raised bed frame in place. (One down, seven to go . . . for this season!)

Me and my trusty spading fork worked at digging quack grass out of the raised beds.

A typical quack grass root on steroids.

Hubby tilled the expanded berry area for the third time this spring.

Then he picked up rocks in the area . . . for the third time this spring.

I worked on tilling around the edges of the field garden trying to convince the encroaching sod that I'm stronger (and more determined) than it is.

My body held out just fine. Until I laid down in bed last night. Then my back said, "Zing! Screeeeech! Cr-a-a-a-mp! Yowzer!" I did a couple of good (gentle) stretching exercises while lying there and settled down with my book. Next thing I knew, hubby was removing the upright book from my hands, glasses from my nose and asking, "How do you remain in that position while sound asleep?"


judy said...

you have the best hubby ,I swear,so thoughtful,I'm sure Jerry would do the same foe me if he could :( quake grass on steroids ,gotta remember that one( but I won't when most days can't remember my name/gosh,when did I become such a complainer? I saw a guy yesterday on the way to Patrick 5th appt after he fractured his knee cap playing soft ball.this guy was tilling what looked to be apprx. 2-3 acres all by his-self-I was not close enough to see who? but I bet he is one of the Hmong in the area that work very hard on some rented acreage and a lot sell there wears at the farmers market

Unknown said...

Your garden plots are really coming along; they look beautiful. After a day like that I bet you are sore all over.

Carolyn said...

Paul always falls asleep like that! And when I occasionally rouse him from slumber by taking the book, he snaps awake and says, "Hey, I was reading that!". Sure you were dear, sure you were.

As for gardening, those fancy-pants expensive gym memberships got nothing on us! I think I have an idea! "Outdoor, all-natural weight loss program" and I have people come to my house to garden. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Rocks and quack grass, rocks and quack grass, rocks and quack grass...the unrelentless story of my life. Thanks for reminding me. Ugh.-"M"

Susan said...

I love that little tiller! Is it a Mantis? I'm a'looking for one that size. Nothing like a good 8 solid hours of manual labor to knock you out for the night. Your garden looks wonderful - even before it's planted!

Sparkless said...

Your garden is looking amazing! I fall asleep sitting up now. I feel truly old.

Stephanie said...

So glad you were able to get outside again! :) We finally had sun here, but it was cold and windy. They are claiming it will be in the 70's tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

Mama Pea said...

judy - I DO have the best hubby! I agree totally with you!

Simply Scaife Family - I must be in fairly good shape because I didn't feel any aches or pains this morning. (Last night I was wondering if my husband would have to hire a crane to get me out of bed in the morning!)

CR - Back in the 80s there actually were places referred to "Fat Farms" where people paid to go to in order to lose weight. They were working farms/homesteads where the people were housed and fed but their exercise program was doing actual work there. Do we homesteaders need to start one of those or what?!

"M" - You're welcome for the reminder. :o] (Like you could possibly forget??)

Susan - Yepper, it is indeed a Mantis and I don't know what I ever did all the years of gardening before we got one. I love it!!

Sparkless - I fall asleep every time I sit down these days, too!

Stephanie - I've been neglecting some painting I could be doing inside because I feel like I need to take advantage of all the jobs outside! But I know it's gonna rain one of these days again and I'll get on that painting.

Erin said...

My gosh that's a lot of work replacing raised beds! You are getting so much done, soon you will be able to get those seeds in and sit back (for a short time!) and watch them grow, can't wait to see you bringing harvest into the new kitchen!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - That's just what my husband commented when he was finishing up the new framed bed . . . there's a hay of a lot more work to it than you would think! A lot of moving dirt and digging around the edge to make sure the bed sits level.

Lisa said...

Your gardens are coming together BEAUTIFULLY! I'm already looking forward to your upcoming summer photos too!

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - I'm looking forward to the gardens in full-blown plants, too. I think my least favorite part of the garden is when things are planted . . . but nothing really shows yet.