Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are We Having Fun or What?!

Even though it was another gorgeous day outside today, we were good kids and forced ourselves into working inside on the living room ceiling.

First all the nail holes got patched. (Holy-crick-in-the-neck!) I wanted Papa Pea to count all of them he patched, but he said after the first couple of thousand he would be too depressed to go on.

Then the primer coat of paint went on.

All primed and ready for the final coat. (I'll bet this is about the most exciting picture you'll see on a blog all weekend. Uh-huh. Ya, I'll betcha.)

Now don't laugh or think I'm being too sappy. While in the midst of this fun project, we commented that it would have been a baaaad job to have to do alone, but because we worked on it together, kept a conversation going (in between the grunts and groans), the time flew by and we were done before we knew it. (Believe that and I'll tell ya another one.) We put Christmas music on the stereo so that when we are lounging in our comfortable, FINISHED living room this coming holiday season, we will remember this day when we were working on the ceiling and were sure our arms, shoulders, and necks would never be the same again. Ouch, owie, pain, agony, ugh, muscle spasm, oof . . . . . .


  1. My neck is a mess as it is---I can't imagine having to work all day on a project looking UP like that. I spent it looking DOWN--at taters. Got em all planted. Yes! I think tomorrow is a hooky day for me, and probably a NECK INJURY day for you.
    Hope you'll be ok
    And Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Now you just have to finish the brick, put the furniture back.... forget I said anything. LOL!

    I hope your next chores are more body friendly.

  3. Sue - Wish my taters were planted. But I'm also happy that primer coat is on the ceiling! We can't do everything, can we? I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow. No aches or pains since I've stretched the kinks out.

    Happy Mother's Day to you on your hooky day tomorrow, Sue.

    Sparkless - One more coat of paint on the ceiling, finish the brick, lay the new flooring, hook the stove back up, what else? I'm sure I'm forgetting something! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  4. You forgot all about the stuff in the gardens....oops just forget I said anything. It's a never ending loop of stuff to do. You either have to enjoy the ride or be very happy with the results. I'm gonna just enjoy the ride.

  5. Ugh! Just looking at all that ceiling work (as wonderful as it looks now) is giving ME a crick in the neck. I painted a few ceilings in my time and I hated every stinking second of it. When you're finished, make sure to recline in the couch and just stare at the ceiling :)

  6. I hope you don't have any of this nonsense planned for today LOL.... Happy Mother's Day!!

  7. Congratulations! It's looks great. Just like some of my ceilings but without the sags, LOL.

  8. La lalalalalala,what ever song you want it to be--"Happy mom's day"

  9. Sparkless - It's funny, but I don't consider the garden and all it entails a job. I love gardening so much that no matter how hard I work at it, I just love it. Remodeling on the other hand, not so much. :o/ You're right on the button; it's the end result on that one.

    CR - The thing is we chose not to put a ceiling light in that ceiling so except for bright days (and who the heck is going to be lounging in there on a bright day?) no one is going to notice the ceiling that much anyway! But just for you, I'll stretch out on the couch and enjoy how good it looks!

    Erin - Papa Pea is off to daughter's house for a project and I'm repotting seedlings and trying to get ahead on a couple of other householdy projects. (Sounds like a good day to me!) Hope your day is just what you want it to be.

    Stephanie - Same to you, m'dear!

    Leigh - I can't tell you how much we were worried this one would sag!

    judy - Right back at cha, Friend!

  10. Hey Mama Pea ~ One of the things I enjoy most when visiting your blog, is the attitude you convey in the middle of all your hard work. Christmas music?! Too funny! And what great memories ya'll made as you worked so hard... together. And actually I did think it was an exciting picture because it represented a LOT of hard work and showed great progress towards a beautiful finished room. Looking so good.

  11. That ceiling looks wonderful! But I could almost feel the ouch, owie, pain, agony, and muscle the tune of Rudolph. You two are an inspiration.

  12. I think it looks great. And you need a few war wounds after completing a project so you appreciate it more. What good is a project if you can walk upright afterwards?

  13. Patty - Slowly. But it's gettin' there!

    Lisa - Thanks for the encouragement, Friend. I was so tired of not having a soft chair to plop in at night that I cleaned and pulled furniture from the kitchen, pantry and my quilt room to put the living room back together yesterday. (Or as together as it can be at this point.) Did we relax in there last night? Nope. Kept working right up until bed time. Sigh.

    Susan - When I was selecting the Christmas music, hubby said, "Anything but Mitch Miller sing along!" Yes, I still have a Mitch Miller CD I play during the holiday season. Daughter and I love it, but Papa Pea can't stand it. (What's wrong with that man?)

    Jane - Walking upright wasn't too hard but after the final coat, I was having a bit of trouble unbending my left arm that I had held the can of paint in!