Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning A New Skill

While I was out and away this morning, Papa Pea and B got the rest of the backing up on the walls behind where the wood stove will be in the living room.

I got home about 12:30, changed into working duds and slurped a bowl of soup as the other "workers" had already eaten. (They said they were famished after such a hard morning's work.

Then I pulled up a stool and watched closely as B started to apply the Z-Brick (fake brick material) finish to the walls. I asked a million questions and tried to pick up all the tricks of the trade from her because she's going to be out of town for the rest of the week and it will be my job to finish putting up the Z-Brick.

Before she left, I was sure to ask her if she would accept emergency phone calls from me if I got in a real bind. She assured me I'd have no trouble . . . and then said I could call her any time.

I sure hope I learned enough today so I don't make a mess of it without my teacher here to hold my hand. Or trowel.


judy said...

Here's to your new endeavor ,I'm sure it will be more productive than mine

Carolyn said...

That corner is looking mighty nice! I'm sure you'll do just fine. And if not, at least give us a good story or laugh out of it. Yes, we expect to be entertained through your suffering.

Erin said...

Bricklayer! Yet another title :)

Sparkless said...

I've always wanted to do brick work, really I have. We have the same brick around our fire place just a bit different color.

Sue said...

Gawd, there anything you can't do now?
This remodel is turning you into a real know-it-all, but in a good way!

Stevie said...

Z brick? I had to google this and I love it! All the great color choices, too. Thanks for posting about this and good luck with your project.

Lisa said...

Pruner one day, bricklayer the next! What I admire, is that you are not afraid to learn new skills and do them well. Ya'll are really moving along nicely in your remodeling. That brick looks nice.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I can see it now. The sewing machine will be going out the window and a tool belt will be going on. Builder Mama Pea.

Susan said...

That's going to look mighty fine on your resume, Mama Pea! I love learning something new - even if it gives me the coniptions at the beginning. Will we be seeing evidence of your new skills?

Mary Bergfeld said...

That is going to look wonderful and I am sure you are up to completing the task. This is my first visit to your blog, so I took some to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a great spot to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I'm going to have to get you to come my way so you can help me with all the projects I am planning for our new house! LOL

Mama Pea said...

judy - You, m'dear, have much more important things on your plate than I do! And you do a good job of them.

CR - You know I'll tell all! Can't keep my mouth shut regarding my foibles!

Erin - Just what I've always wanted to known as!!

Sparkless - Well, go for it, Girl! It's not too late yet. Just think . . . you could go on to design and build gorgeous fireplaces out of brick and stone!

Sue - Don't give me any credit. I ain't done it yet!

Stevie - Welcome and thanks for commenting! I think Z-Brick is fantastic looking stuff. Looks just like real brick but is so much easier to work with. Of course, more economical, too!

Lisa - I figure the more we all know how to do ourselves, the better off we will be. People used to know how to do a little bit of everything and didn't rely on other people to do everything for them. Besides, bottom line, doesn't it make us all feel good and kinda proud to realize we can actually accomplish even simple things?

Jane - I can assure you, my dear, that will NEVER happen. My husband gets very frustrated with me because I can piece together a very complicated quilt pattern and have it come out near perfect but have very little interest in learning to be a good carpenter! I'm doing only what has to be done to get this house finished . . . so I have more time to quilt!

Susan - We can ALL do so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for. We shouldn't let our lack of experience or knowledge hold us back. Or the thought of a job being imperfect in some way. Who the heck cares what "experts" might think. We can all probably do a very adequate job at just about any task. (Well, except maybe nuclear fisson.)

Mary - Welcome and thanks so much for commenting and your kind words. I'm going to try to get a post up yet tonight explaining why I didn't do any brick work today!

Jen - I have absolutely no doubt that you can do A-N-Y-thing at all that you need doing around your new house. If you've never done it before, you will find out how to do it!

Leigh said...

It's gonna look super when it's done! I'm sure you'll do very well with it too.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - If I can do the rest of it without flubbing up, I know I'm gonna like it, too!