Monday, April 30, 2012

Just More Gardening Stuff . . .

Got wood shavings spread over entire blueberry patch.

Got the Sweet Peas planted.

Made the decision to plant all the potatoes in the pumpkin patch this year.

Started more seedlings inside.

Planted out two raised beds.

Did some tilling around the field garden and pumpkin patch to knock back sod that was trying to creep in.

* * * * * *

Raised Bed #3 has been planted out to our first crop of lettuce with a few rows of Swiss chard and spinach interspersed.  Come on, salad greens, we're hungry for a good home grown tossed salad!

Raised Bed #6 has been planted out with alternating rows of scallions, radishes and kohlrabi.

* * * * * *

I haven't even covered the raised beds with cold frames since it's stopped freezing at night (at least for the time being), no sprouts are up yet to be damaged (obviously), and I wanted the forecasted rain on the seeds in the newly planted beds.

* * * * * *

All we've gotten in the way of moisture was a little over night (the deck was wet first thing this morning) and then about 10 minutes of light rain before noon.

The day felt very cold, gray and damp and the sun did not choose to shine on northern Minnesota at all today.  But our temp now at nearly 9:30 is still 40 degrees and I have windows and doors open because some dummy (that would be me) over-fired the wood stove after dinner and it's HOT in here.  I find it's difficult to heat with wood in the "shoulder seasons" as the house either feels a titch on the chilly side or you stoke the fire for 20 below . . . as I apparently did tonight.


  1. Happy Birthday Mama Pea! I hope you have cake.

  2. Sparkless - Thank you! My birthday "cake" is a Banana Cream Pie which my daughter always makes for me. We haven't celebrated yet with her . . . this is one nutsy-busy week and we're still trying to come up with a night to get together!

  3. I hear you on the wood heat balance thing. It's either too hot or too cold in our house LOL The boys run around with no shirts in December but in April the kids love their flannel sheets and lots of blankets :-)

  4. Did I hear someone say it's your Birthday??? Well then Happy Birthday. Sounds like you have been extra super busy in the garden, good for you.

  5. you did all that,you must thing its spring or something. don't know WHAT to expect with today's warnings.I keep telling my kids ,possible tornado 's today,they say" oh mom,you always say that and we get nothing" GOOD,lets keep it that way.I can't do "Dorthy " very well.besides all the negatives around me ,I'm still p.o. at menards,it used to be the day when if you forgot something at the store ,you'd call and that say sure thing,got your item right here just waiting for you to pick it up NO,AND i KNOW ITS MY FAULT THAT I FORGOT MY NEW HANGING PLANT HOLDER THAT I GOT ON SALE(HAVEN'T BOUGHT MYSELF ONE IN EONS OF YEARS) CAN'T FIND IT,MY RECEIPT SAID I BOUGHT IT.HAVE FUN IN THE GARDEN

  6. Wow you got a lot done! Hope your back is feeling good, mine is always sore after bending and planting all day. And Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you have a great day and your seeds are sprouting :)

  7. Heard all over the blogosphere (OK, it was two blogs) that it was your birthday yesterday. Hope you had a fabulous day and that the year ahead is a good one.

  8. oh,I forgot "Happy Birthday"What does a woman get nowadays for there 39th birthday?

  9. A little birdie told me it was your birthday yesterday.... wishing you many birthday blessings.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Can I ask a question? So is your 'pumpkin patch' gonna' stay so-named 'pumpkin patch'... or will it now be changed to 'potato patch'? I used to have a trailer.... a pink trailer... (well, it used to be red and faded to pink)... that Tom painted a glorious, glossy black. We still refer to that trailer as 'the pink trailer'..... oh well, what can I say...! Have a great day!!!
    PS Banana Cream Pie sounds absolutely delicious!

  10. Oh, is that ALL you got done? The closest I have gotten to planting is to put it on paper. I am venturing out with spade and seed taters this weekend. I meant to ask you about your planting guide - I got one and it is Greek to me. Mmmmmm. Banana Cream Pie.....

  11. No where in there did it say eat lots of cake and open presents! That is very important. Have a very happy Birthday.

  12. Birthday???
    Have a very blessed and enjoyable one.

  13. Your birthday was yesterday and you didn't even mention it? Guess when you get to "our" age, it's no big deal but really it should be because we made it this far. Sounds like you have put off celebrating for a bit and are working your tail off instead. Seriously, every time I read your blog now, I am exhausted afterward .... and all I have done is read. Cut it out ... and give yourself a birthday gift of quilting time. Happy, Happy Birthday. May you have many more happy, healthy ones to celebrate.

  14. Freedom Acres Farm - Also, we sure do go through an awful lot of kindling this time of year. Seems like we're always starting a fire, rather than just keeping it going all day!

    Tombstone Livestock - Thank you for the birthday greetings!

    judy - It seems there has been unsettled weather all around us, but we didn't even get the thunderstorm forecast for us this afternoon. Hope you're staying safe and dry!

    My 39th birthday? I love it! My age number is getting way too high so I'll stay with 39!

    Erin - My back is holding out pretty good so far . . . but my knees are kinda sore from so much kneeling when I was cleaning up the strawberry patch! Thanks for the birthday greetings, Erin!

    LindaCO - Thanks, ma'am. Actually we've had to put off the big (pshaw!) birthday celebration because of other things going on. We shouldn't be "retired" and still this busy, should we?

    Lisa - The pumpkin patch will remain the pumpkin patch . . . even though it will hold only potatoes this year. Maybe we could use your pink trailer to haul the potatoes in this fall! ;o}

    The Weekend Homesteader - Aw shucks, the work doesn't seem hard when it's something you love to do!

    Susan - I know the planting guide can be hard to decipher at first. Take your time and I know you'll get it. (I've already "failed" at a couple of dates for planting the seedlings. :o( It's kinda HARD.)

    Jane - How 'bout PIE and presents?? ;o}

    Rhonda - Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

    Karen L. - Truth to tell, I don't do a lick of work at all. I make up everything I write here on my blog. (Hee-hee-hee.)

    I was halfway through the day yesterday when I stopped in my tracks and asked my dear hubby why the heck I didn't plan a whole day of quilting as a birthday present to myself. Humph. Just not very bright, I guess. :o]

  15. Wow, you have been busy! And I have to agree about wood heat during the change of seasons. When it's just a tad chilly and I light a fire, I know I'll be wishing for it cooler in the house very, very soon.

  16. Happy Birthday!
    What a great way to spend the day-gardening. And no freezes at night? How so?? Cripes, I'm still a frozen tundra here...............

  17. Happy Birthday you.

    Hope you got to do everything you wanted and not a minute more! lol

  18. Leigh - I guess that's what doors and windows are for!

    Sue - Thanks, Sue! Nope, no freezing at night for a few nights now. It's been staying quite warm . . . in the 40s.

    Akannie - Thanks for the well wishes. Birthdays sure do come and go quickly!

  19. What a busy bee you have been! I am glad, since I can't do a garden this year, I can live vicariously through you !! :)

  20. How in the heck did I miss that it was your birthday? Found out on Chicken Mama's blog, guess I should read hers first.
    Well, I hope it was a super blessed one, can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

  21. Stephanie - Nope, no garden for you this year . . . but just think of the fun you'll have planning for NEXT year!

    I've never made a big deal of my birthday but very much appreciate the good wishes from you and everyone else. Thanks!