Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'll Never Get My Act Together

Erin over at Garden Now - Think Later titled her lastest post "Getting My Act Together." Ah, if only I could. Sigh.

I know I was on my feet and moving the majority of the day today but as hubby and I placed our posteriors on our chairs for dinner tonight I mused, "What the heck did I get done today?"

I know I wanted (really badly) to get into my quilt room for a little while but never made it. Also, I promised myself I'd get the Easter decorations down and put away. (And get my blog header photo changed. Ahem.)

How'm I doin'?

Not so good, huh?

Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. But tomorrow carpenter lady B joins us to help in getting the bead board installed on the living room ceiling. Wish us luck. Another fun filled day working with our arms over our heads. Don't know about you, but it's one of my favorite ways to inflict pain upon my body.

I do have a little something new to share on the quilting front. When I put my Easter decorations out (gosh, seems that was just yesterday) I realized I didn't have any nice spring-type quilted runners to put on the three surfaces that need them. So I pulled some yellow and green fabrics from my stash and got a good start on some new ones. If you wish, hope over (Hop? Easter runners? Easter Bunny? Sorry, pun totally unintended.) to my quilting blog for pictures.


Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, you're going to do beadboard ceilings? Love it!

I know what you mean about going all day long and then wondering what got accomplished. I experience that all too often.

Erin said...

Too funny!!! Don't you worry, you are getting PLENTY done - enough to spur me on! I can't wait until late summer when you are posting photos of all the preserving and applesauce making in that new kitchen of yours, as long as you put that Easter Bunny away by then we'll keep you around...bahahahaha!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Don't feel bad, I haven't gotten much accomplished lately either, not since I did my bedroom lol. Need to get on the ball, June 30th is just around the corner.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Well, we're "cheating" on the bead board ceiling. It's a look I really wanted but we're using 4 x 8' sheets. Mainly because going this route was really cheap (whoops, I meant to say economical) and once it's up, I'm confident it will be satisfactory. I hope. I think. Fingers crossed.

Erin - Ya know, I started to go get the box to pack the Easter stuff away in three or four times today . . . and got sidetracked each time. (Unconsciously intentional? Could be!)

Stephanie - What are you gonna do come June 30th? I mean, where will you go if you don't have things lined up on your new homestead land by then?

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Oooh! Oooh! Sewing posts - I love em!!! I'm excited for gardening season but I still have so many sewing projects unfinished :-(

Anonymous said...

"Getting my act together"? If I did that, they'd cancel the show.

Judy T said...

I bet you accomplished more than you think... it just wasn't what was on 'the list'. I do that all the time. Sometimes I think I need to put all that other stuff on 'the list' so I feel like I got something done. I've been feeling lately like I DO stuff but don't FINISH anything.
Good luck with the ceiling. We're doing deck stuff so it was cramped spaces with your hands over your head- yeah....


Sparkless said...

I am positive you got more done today than I did. I went back to bed after the kids went to sleep and I actually slept for almost the whole day!! I won't make that mistake again no matter how little sleep I get the night before. Do not go back to bed, only take a nap on the couch fully dressed.

Tami said...

(Laughing)..."One more new way to inflict pain"...That's what I tell myself as my hip and leg muscles scream from not using them all winter. Yep, feel the burn!

So with you on the "what did I get done today" thing. I think we're ALL feeling like that lately.

Sue said...

Love the colors in those new quilt designs. I think you get PLENTY done! Sorry about the upcoming day of "over-your-head" misery. Just think, though. You won't have any of that chicken flap on your arm-behinds like the rest of us. Yep-you'll be "BUFF". How cool is that!

judy said...

I'm ahead of you? well,I cheated ,I did simple this year for Easter ,one wreath,thats all I put up,and thats all I had to take down.Judy is right( over at fulfreezer) you walk in a room and see something needs to be done,you do it,you see a small mess,you clean it up.or you find something not in its original place,you return it.All in a days work.

Mama Pea said...

Freedom Acres Farm - I've been itchy lately to make a new apron or two . . . but have a feeling that won't happen until fall. That's okay, something to look forward to! I do love seeing yours and the sewing projects of others though.

Ruth - Haha! Gotta remember that one. So true!

Judy - Oh, the fun projects we do get ourselves into! Yeah, I know I did get a bit done yesterday. I think it was just that it was the "regular" stuff -- cleaning ashes out of wood stoves, baking a pie, making food for freezer, getting in wood, etc. -- that doesn't show as much as a move-ahead project.

Sparkless - Back to bed and slept most of the day? That sounds WONDERFUL! Some day I'm gonna do that. Yes, I am.

tami - Yep, happens every spring. We find out about all the muscles we don't use regularly! No pain, no gain? Phooey.

Sue - If only! Nope, I'm afraid the flap on my arm-behinds (love that!) will still be flowing in the breeze. (Isn't it good that WE don't see that part of our body regularly?)

judy - Your apt description of what we do all day is the reason people think housewives/homemakers who are "home all day" don't do anything! Those every day things need to be done EVERY DAY but don't show up as tasks accomplished. Bummer!

Susan said...

The only problem with more hours in the day is that we would just fill them with more work. Don't kid yourself into thinking you'd finally get some "down" time - ha! My shoulders are aching just thinking about that bead board... be careful!

Lisa said...

Excuse me....'never get your act together'.... are you kidding me?!!! I think you have your act together quite well!! You are an inspiration to us others. Good luck with the beadboard and hope since today's Thursday you're able to find some time to be in your quilt room.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Don't feel bad, best laid plans continually change. I keep getting interuptions and losing forward motion every day. My to do list keeps getting pushed aside due to interuptions. What is really irritating is the constant looking out the window and finding someone parked in my driveway and they will sit there til I come out. Now that involves putting on my shoes (don't wear them inside) treking down the driveway (20 acres, house sits smack dab in the middle with long driveway) only to find someone thinking I have so many sheep they must be for sale. EXCUSE ME, I don't see a for sale sign out there anywhere, matter of fact there is a sign "Sheep and Goats are NOT for sale". Then recently I was on the phone, car pulls in all the way to the gate, find shoes, long walk, it was a woman that pulled into my driveway so she could talk on her cell phone. I think I need a sign on a 4x8 sheet of plywood and in 4 languages ... Do Not Disturb (I'm disturbed already). Then I get a phone call yesterday, relatives want to come visit for 3 days next week, there goes skirting fleeces, planting garden, making soap ........... my list just got pushed another week. Hang in there, at least we will never suffer from boredom will we?

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I'm just now taking a break to give my arms and shoulders a chance to stop screaming. (And I'm not even working as hard as Papa Pea or B! Four people on this job would be about perfect.) So do you think those extra hours would enable us to "get caught up" any time soon? (Why are you laughing hysterically?)

Lisa - I have a feeling that my quilting Thursdays may have now gone the way of the dodo bird!

Tombstone Livestock - I think if I were you I would have started sending a volley of shotgun shells over the heads of drop-in visitors by now. No matter what sign(s) you put up, some people refuse to read them. Sigh.

What is it with people who want to come for a visit but never are polite or caring enough to ask you when would be a good time? Are we obligated to put our lives on hold for them? Sigh. Yes, most of the time we are.

And you're right, we will never suffer from boredom because the second we have a spare hour, we fill it with four hours of work! On the other hand, I know many people that I would NEVER want to change places with.

We'll get it done, it just takes longer than we want it to!!