Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Is Just Wrong!

We had a temperature that came close to hitting 80 degrees today. In the middle of March? In northern Minnesota? When we should still be slogging through piles of snow measured in feet? I don't know about everybody else, but this weather is making me very uneasy. This is the wall area to the left of the doorway going out into our entry room (our mud room, of sorts). Want to know what that little sign says above the light switch?

It says', "Let It Snow," and I hung it there late last fall. I think it's time to take it down.

We were sitting eating dinner tonight when Papa Pea remarked, "Ya know, your decorations just don't look . . . right anymore."

Boy, that's for sure! These snowmen gracing the top of our kitchen cabinets do not match what's going on outside our doors and windows.

Nor does this snowman on the toboggan or the ceramic mitten on my spice rack.

Yep, I think it's definitely time to change my decorations tomorrow because there is no snow and the temperature is as warm as it gets in the middle of summer in northern Minnesota.

And that's just wrong!


Chicken Mama said...

Yep, this weather just ain't right.

And, ha! We were blogging at the same time!


Carolyn Renee said...

I agree, the weather has been REALLY wonky. But honestly, I'm LOVING it! Just hope things don't get too messed up!

Carolyn Renee said...

Maybe you can just give the snowmen a bottle of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses and keep them up.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I agree - it is so strange! but I am liking it... two weekends ago we snowmobiled all weekend... Strange??? I keep wondering what is going to come next..

Nancy said...

I agree it ain't right. I can only imagine a stormy Spring and sultry summer ahead. I guess we oughtah prepare somehow eh? If we do git a cold snap good gosh that could do damage to fruit trees and more.

Sparkless said...

Well at least in a few days Spring will officially be here so it is time to take the winter decorations down.

Erin said...

Yes, it's time to change the decor.... now that's a sure way to see one more snowfall, right? :)

Dawn said...

Here in middle Georgia the weather man is calling for it to be 88 degrees today. As as my husband said last night... that's just 2 away from 90!!!

judy said...

I like Karen's comments.I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop,somewhere in MN,they will get SEVERE weather tonight and tomorrow(just covering my butt,so I didn't leave room for mistakes,ha,ha,ha)stay safe everyone

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Yes, supposed to be 80s this week in mid-MI but then back down to 50s next week. Crazy weather for sure!

tami said...

The warmth and now the BUGS!!! Not cold enough to kill the nasty's and this weekend I found a all black wooly worm. In March? When I showed it to SM he said "Don't you know it's the end of the world this year?" Creepy!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I took the storm windows off the coop and seasoned the outside wood oven, so I am sure that it is just days before the big snowfall comes. It scares me that everything is blooming and I know we are in for at least a few more hard freezes.

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

I so agree! I was working outside yesterday in a t-shirt and I got a sunburn... and the kids were complaining it was too hot! Too hot for March, to be sure. The mosquitoes were out as well -- I think it's going to be very very buggy this year. I heard spring peepers for the first time last night -- that's really early. I keep telling the kids that we could still get snow -- we've had blizzards in April and hard frosts in May -- but this year I'm not so sure... While I love the warmer weather, it makes me very uneasy...

odiie said...

I'm just enjoying it. It's soooo nice. My daughter says it's the end of the world. :)

thimblevee said...

I'm right there with you, Mama Pea. I just put away all the snowmen this weekend. Even for north Georgia this is indeed NOT RIGHT! We are breaking heat records down here almost every day. The scariest part for here, is where can it go but HOTTER for July and August???? I must say, I am enjoying the early spring though.

Mama Pea said...

Chicken Mama - Great minds . . . !

CR - When the weather is warmer than normal for even YOU living in the Banana Belt, we know something is truly whacko!

I wish I had little lawn chairs I could place up by the snowmen. (Hee-hee!)

Growing up a Country Girl - The snowmobiling up here this year was a real bust. A sorry state for those relying on tourism 'cause the snowmobilers that usually come from out of the area just didn't come this year. :o(

Nancy - I know, we worry about the fruit trees and berry bushes, too. Not that I know anything (that's for sure) but I don't think we're going to have any more freezing weather.

Sparkless - Could you please come help me with the changing of decorations? The way things have started this morning, I don't think I'm gonna get to it on my list today!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Or hauling the deck furniture out to the deck yesterday could do it, too!

Dawn - Ha! Isn't it funny that it sounds so much "worse" when your hubby makes the statement of it being so close to NINETY!?

judy - Yup, we're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, too, but at least they aren't saying they are going to be severe. Fingers crossed no one has really bad weather.

Jen - So do we keep the turtlenecks and other winter type clothing out . . . or switch to tank tops and sleeveless tops? It's hard to figure from day to day!

tami - We haven't personally seen any biting insects here yet but have had reports of them being out elsewhere in the county. Yuck. The end of the world? It sure has been very, very strange for a year or so now. I read somewhere long ago that it will not be man who destroys the world (with bombs, nuclear warfare, etc.) but rather Mother Nature with huge, natural calamities.

Jane - Oh, I sincerely hope none of us get any more severe freezes. That would be really BAD at this point!

Pizza? Do I smell pizza coming out of your outdoor oven??

Fiona - Spring peepers?? Holy moley! That's a sure sign of spring for us. My hubby will just croak if he hears them here soon. He always manages to hear them before anyone else.

I think you and I are both in the same uneasy boat. (Did you bring some knitting?)

odiie - Yikes, another vote for the end of the world! The world can't end. I have way too much quilting I want to do yet.

thimblevee - We enjoyed it for the past several days, too. Isn't it weird and wonderful how warm, spring-like weather makes you feel? But now this morning we are very gray, damp and it feels like rain could start any moment out there. It is in the forecast . . . showers today and thunderstorms tonight.

Lisa said...

It's been a no-winter in South Carolina too. Daffodils blooming since January, mowing grass for @1 month now... weedeating too. I'm concerned about basically 2 things ~ potentially horrible, stormy, tornadic weather (which we already have even in a 'normal' year) and a plethora of stinging bugs because we have not had enough cold to kill back the yellow jackets and hornets, (both of which I'm highly allergic!)...and I also have way too much I still want to do for the world to end this year! Well said Mama Pea.

Susan said...

I waver between putting away the down coat or just trying to cram all my coats - winter through summer - into the closet and the heck with it! It is supposed to reach the upper 70s on Weds. I really, really, really, hope that this means a nice, long growing season without any more weirdness. Right.

Dirt Lover said...

The weather sure has been wacky this year. It was warm here, and I worked in the garden, and then last week it was raining, raining, raining. Today we had very cold weather (for us) and who knows what tomorrow will bring? Luckily, my plum tree got enough good weather that I think it will give me some plums this year. Unless they get frozen off. I hope it's not the end of the world. I'm not done yet!

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - One moment I can't believe we are actually done with snow and winter weather, and the next I'm ready to go out and plant some cool weather crops . . . something usually not done around here until May at the earliest!

What do you do regarding your insect sting allergy? Do you have an epi-pen?

Susan - We've got all our summer/winter jackets crammed into the closet right now, too. Monday I ran to town (okay, I drove to town) to do some errands and I was so over-dressed, I came home red-faced and stripping as I walked in . . . thought I'd die if I didn't get that turtleneck off!

Lori - We're under forest fire danger already because of lack of snow and melting moisture this year. We were supposed to get rain yesterday and thunderstorms during the night but not a drop yet. Very gray and heavily overcast today so far though so maybe it will rain later.

If it is the end of the world, I can't imagine the lists all of us homesteader type people are going to leave undone!