Sunday, February 12, 2012

View on the Roof

The situation on our roof was a smidge more "extreme" than I was led to believe (ahem) . . .

. . . but not disasterous.

Now, I'll give you one guess what happened when we got ourselves and all of the tools we thought we'd need up on the garage roof this afternoon. Yupper, the dang wind started blowing like heck again.

Papa Pea made the executive decision that we were not going to work that high off the ground in the frigid weather fighting gusts of nasty wind, so we did some temporary (please, please, please hold!) repairs until tomorrow when it's forecast to be much warmer and more condusive to remaining upright and working on a slanted roof. (How do people with metal roofs do it?)


  1. Safety harnesses!!!!! I hope the wind cooperates and you can get your chimney fixed soon.

  2. Oh my! Yes, please do be careful. Or somehow tie safety ropes to yourselves. I HATE working on roofs. I think my brother traumatized me as a child (long story!)

  3. Heights and I do not mix... I hate it when DH is up on the roof (oh, now I'm humming that song) and asks me to climb the ladder and hand him something. I climb with my eyes closed! Hope your temporary fix holds and you can safely complete the repairs!

  4. I hate roofs. Or, I should say, I hate getting on them. They're way too high up.
    Please be careful!

  5. Be very very careful-as ELmer Fudd would say. Hopefully this will be the last time up there for a long long time!

  6. Praying you get it fixed without any injuries to you or the chimney.

  7. Care is as careful does .Now what song was Ruth talking about,its not "There's a hole in the roof dear Liza ,a hole " now I got got it my head "There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza a hole"holes go away

  8. Good thinking. I wonder what IS going on with all of this wind. And I hope your temporary measures hold.

  9. Sparkless - But there is truly no place up there to fasten a rope or harness. We are very careful though. Honest.

    Carolyn Renee - Yes, ma'am!

    dr momi - We are very careful, I promise. But the work has to be done.

    Judy - Brother's have a way of traumatizing sisters!

    Ruth - Haha! Climbing the ladder with your eye's closed may not be the wisest way to go! :o}

    Lori - I know, those roofs do tend to be a ways off the ground!

    Sue - Hopefully it will be the last time we have to fix a blown down stove pipe chimney but hubby goes up there every few weeks to clean chimneys so we don't chance a chimney pipe fire! That's how most bad fires with a wood stove start.

    Stephanie - Don't worry, we'll get the job done safely.

    judy - Between you and Ruth I'll have songs going round and round in my head all day!

    Susan - Something is upset in the atmosphere, but I'm not smart enough to know what!

  10. I sure hope your day was warmer and less windy so you could make your repairs! Looks NOT fun!

  11. unseasonably nice weather... UNTIL you need to get this important work done! Be careful!

  12. Poppy - Projects like this are always NOT fun! Not as much wind the last couple of days but very gray and bone-chilling damp!

    Erin - Hubby is always truly careful and you wouldn't believe how s-l-o-w-l-y I move when I have to be up on a roof!

  13. Oh my, please be extra careful the next time you climb the roof. Staying upright on a slanted roof is tricky, so make sure you have secure footing before taking any steps.

  14. At first glance, I thought it was some sort of canon. haha That's the trick when going to the roof! Check the weather forecast beforehand to avoid bad weather. Metal roofs are slippery. I suggest you wear soft-soled shoes or sneakers for better traction.