Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Snow!

No, we're not snowed in, but we did get a nice amount . . . finally! We have somewhere around 7" with a bit of drifting. It started snowing about mid-morning and looked as if it was going to stop right about the time it got dark, but now at a little after 7 p.m. it's snowing again. According to the forecast I just saw, we're to get maybe 2-4" more by 2 a.m. at which time they say the snow will be over.

It was coming down so hard early this afternoon that we lost Internet access for several hours. I guess the signals just couldn't see to plow through the snowflakes!

This was taken through our living room window around noon time. The temperature was in the high 20s all day so it's a wet snow and with the wind a lot of our windows are plastered with snow.

The white ground area in the right half of this picture is where my raised garden beds are. It's the first time this winter they've been totally covered.

The kitchen window over the sink is tucked in a little nook protected outside on one side by the entrance to the back porch and the wall of my pantry on the other. It hardly ever gets any snow in there but you can see how much snow the wind blew in today. The window box outside the window has evergreen boughs stuck in it for winter decoration and they are covered. To the left is an old plastic thermometer, and it's nearly hidden by snow, too.

We went out between 2 and 3 p.m. to do some preliminary shoveling of paths, cleaning off vehicles and getting in wood.

Above is a shot into the woods on the road back to the wood shed.

And another taken in the same area. A real winter wonderland with the snow coating and clinging to everything.

I can hardly wait to see what the scenery will look like by tomorrow morning. Snow, snow, snow. Yippee!


  1. I'm with you, I love snow! Thanks for sharing. At least someone got some :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you have real live honest to goodness winter! Care to share with the rest of us?

  3. 7" wow! That's a fantastic and welcome snowfall I bet, as long as there isn't dangerous roads bring it on :)

  4. Beautiful! I will say it again, I wish I lived where we got snow! Enjoy!

  5. You sound very happy with the white stuff lol. Your photos are so pretty. Hot cider by the fire time.

  6. I appreciate snows like that more in November/December/January--but any moisture that gets sent our way is always welcome.
    Enjoy the beauty!

  7. Congrats!! Please make it stop before it heads east :P
    They are saying we will see some here for Wednesday night into Thursday. My brother assures me he will plow my driveway while I am gone, so that the gas delivery can be made :)

  8. Although I will always question the sanity of one who happily embraces the thought of a 1/2 foot or more of snow, I will admit that it does look very, very pretty! Maybe one day I'll forget about those icky Chicago winters and pine for the white stuff.

  9. looks so pretty,but I was given a shock over at your daughters on her header too,I thought ,what are they making a re-do of "Little House On The Prairie"OK,our forecast-depending is there is a little warm weather along with our winter storm warning we might start out with shush,sleet and than,and than-6-12 and even heard 17 inches of snow in there, the cut off line is up by you.hope we get home from the VA tomorrow or Jerry might make me push his wheelchair all the way home,and in that case ,I'll be pushing up daises!--se ya next springggggggggggggggg............

  10. Gosh, those are beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  11. We were wondering where the snow went! They were talking here that SOMEONE was going to get snow...but all we got was lots and lots of wind. I think our wind from the south blew it all up by you! :)

  12. rugosarosefarm - It made it seem like December or January . . . when we didn't get any this year!

    Leigh - How much would you like?

    dr momi - Thank you, ma'am!

    Erin - We got about 3" more overnight . . . and I'm not sure what conditions the roads are in this morning but the schools have a 2 hour delay.

    Ruth - We've really missed our normal share of it this winter. :o(

    Nancy - Hot cider by the fire . . . right after we finish the clean-up outside today!

    Sue - Thanks, Sue! If we aren't exhausted after the snow clean-up today, we'll snowshoe (first time this year!) the loop trail.

  13. Stephanie - I think we're due for some more then also. Stop thinking about home and enjoy your trip south!

    Carolyn Renee - No one in their right mind EVER forgets those awful, icy winters in northern Illinois! That's why we left there . . . 'cept we went north and you went south!

    judy - Please don't send any of your slush and sleet northward. Snow is great, ice is NOT!

    Tami - I'll take more pictures today if I can put down the shovel long enough! Got about 3" more overnight.

    Mama Tea - Yepper, we did get it this time. And with plenty of wind, thank you very much! ;o}

  14. Beautiful snow photos! I can almost see/hear/feel it. Unless we get some crazy March snow this year (it has happened before), I think the 3-4 inches we got two Sundays ago may be it for the year. We will see. (By the way, you think I. Am. So. Funny.??? I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read your "quilt day" post that suggested someone should get me a glass of water. Still chuckling about that. Some days you are the one (and only one) who makes makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for that. Bet you are a hoot in person. Hmmm, maybe I should ask Papa P if "hoot" is the word he would use for you!?!? Then again, maybe not!!!)

  15. The sun is shining here this morning on all of that new snow. It is beautiful, but I was hoping for rain. :) Are you getting more snow this week? I love when the trees are all weighted down with snow like in your pictures.

  16. Karen L. - I am so not a "hoot" in person. I'm truly shy and quiet. And if you ask Papa Pea how he would describe me, he'd probably say I was a pain in the patoot!

    odiie - Yes, we're supposed to get some more snow on Wednesday. We'll probably just have this all cleared away by then! And we, too, have gorgeous sunshine today. So nice!

    Jane - Yep, it may have felt better in December or January but it is still such an improvement to the landscape that we're glad to have it.

  17. Mama Pea, because I have taken a blogger break this winter, I have not seen your finished kitchen. What I see here looks spectacular! What a cheery room. All that mess and hard work sure did pay off!

  18. Lorie - Good to hear from you! Yes, I am so pleased with how the kitchen turned out. I'm still playing with drawer and cabinet arrangements. I hardly know what to do with so much room! (Maybe I shouldn't say that too loudly.) We've always had a very small kitchen table (out of necessity) so now I am so enjoying the big, roomy table I have. One of us can have something spread all over one end and we still have plenty of room to eat at the other end. Happy, happy!