Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anybody Wanna Frog?

Years ago I was in a fabric shop with my list of needed supplies. Although I am not an impulse buyer, the second I saw the little stuffed frog up on a display shelf, I knew I had to have him.

Or rather I had to have the pattern to make him.

This finished fella is about 12" high and takes 16 oz. of fiberfill for stuffing.

All the pattern pieces and instructions are on this yard of material.

The pattern has lived for too long in my To Do box so I'd like to give it away to one of you.

Enter your name in the drawing by leaving me a comment on this post. Of course, I have to make the process interesting so in your comment, tell us all if your mother sewed. Can be as simple as a "yes" or "no" or you can elaborate if you wish.

My mom was a whiz at the sewing machine but not in the traditional give-me-a-pattern-and-some-fabric-and-I'll-sew-something way.

She worked outside the home in a professional setting and needed to dress nicely every day. However, she couldn't buy clothing "off the rack" because it would never fit her figure. She had a large bust and hips . . . but a very small waist. Although her figure was ample, it had the advantage of being very, very hourglass in shape. Because of this, she would purchase two or three outfits, bring them home and go directly to the sewing machine where she would proceed to tear the clothing apart and make the alterations necessary for them to fit her properly. And she was very good at it, too. She also had the talent for making slipcovers (with no pattern, of course) and reupholstering furniture.

So, wanna have this little project come to your house? Froggie would make a great friend for your toddler, an adorable gift for a newborn or a fun present for someone who has a thing for frogs!

If you'd like a chance to win this giveaway, leave a comment. I'll close comments Monday night, the 13th, when I shut off my computer . . . usually around 8 or 9 o'clock . . . and draw the winner on Tuesday.



Carolyn said...

Ok, that guy IS cute. But I also have a trio of stuffed fish patterns to tackle. And a just-started scarf. And a valentine's heart puffy thing.

What the heak, like you said, he IS cute! Toss my name into the cyber-hat. If I don't get to making him, maybe Rhiannon will (how old before you think she'll be able to sew???)

I don't remember my Mom sewing much, although we do have physical proof that she did as there are several little outfits she made for my sister and I when we were smaller for picture days. Now that she's retired she's been making quilts and enjoying doing that in her spare time.

Karen L. said...

Oh my, are we twins separated at birth or something? I am a frogaholic (similar to cookieaholic but not as tasty)and bought this same pattern many years ago. Probably around the same time you did. I also never made it but still might some day. So, do NOT put me in the drawing, please. Don't need two of these that's for sure.

My Mom only did repair work on the machine my Dad bought her. She shortened skirts and pants, mended shirts, etc. She, unlike me, was a superb housekeeper. Yes, you could eat off her floor but there is a bit more to life than that in my mind. She was from a different era. She took really good care of the family. Always had dinner keeping warm in the oven for me when I came home late from high school after practice. She was The Best .... but not a sewer or crafty.

Desert Threads said...

My mother was raised in a time that "you had children to help on the farm" and you didn't have a lot of "me" time. She did crochet and made a few clothes, with no pattern. She tried to sew but money and time were scarce for people on a farm.

mtnchild said...

I must have 10 to 15 of these kind of panels somewhere in the craft room! I'm with Karen L. - Please DO NOT put me in the hat (figuratively speaking!) I have to downsize my craft room ... sniff ...

My Mom couldn't sew a straight seam if her life depended on it, but had bought a purple colored Morse sewing machine with $200. in sales receipts + $50 cash from Albertson's, oh probably 50+ years ago. I used it to make doll clothes as after the first seam fiasco my Mom never went near it again. I used that machine for over 20 years (until it was stolen) and made all sorts of things for my dolls and later for my daughter. What memories this post brings up - thank you Mama Pea.

Mama Pea said...

Carolyn Renee - Good for you for jumping in! (We can never have too many things stashed away we want to do, can we?) If she shows an interest, Rhiannon may be sewing before you know it. I knew of a 7 year old that was piecing quilt blocks (albeit simple ones!) on a treadle machine.

If your mom is quilting, she's into sewing in a big way now!

Karen L. - Yep, I think you DO need two frogs. They can keep each other company. Frog friends. I'm putting you in the drawing. (Juuuust kidding.)

Ah yes, your mom the superb housekeeper. My dream. If the house would only STAY cleaned and sparkly looking! I love the way it looks that way . . . but then it takes less than a day to turn into "lived in."

Desert Threads - Thanks for commenting! We (well, me for sure) complain about not having enough time for "me" time but women like your mother had it so much harder in their day. Especially on a small farm where that was your only income!

Yvette - So good to hear from you again! Well, at least your mom's machine went to good use in your hands. I'm lucky that sewing comes so easily to me and that I enjoy it so much, but I know there are people who just can't handle it. Isn't it funny how we are all so different?

odiie said...

Put me in. I think it would make a good project for my daughter. He's a very cute frog.
And, yep, my mom sewed a lot. We didn't always have money for all of the clothes I wanted for school so my mom would stay up and sew me a wardrobe. In the morning I would wake up with my new clothes spread all over the living room couch. She's my sewing inspiration.

judy said...

hi momma pea,no I'm not gonna enter,please let someone with small children or who loves the hobby of sewing.But I would like to say my mother did not sew ,she raised 14 children and was the business woman behind my father . My grandmother however did sew. I found my baptismal dress ,all hand stitched [ but lost it somewhere ,what a shame] my sister could also sew with out a pattern, she even managed to see a couple of small decor novelty items to Dayton,back when,oh,she also made my non-conventional wedding dress! [ I miss Jo-anne greatly ]

Unknown said...

I can see why you just had to have that frog. I was so skinny as a kid (how skinny?) Mom had to sew all my clothes and being tall dresses were too short! Mom sewed on a treadle machine and I admired her.

Tom Stewart said...

YES, I would like this little Gut! I have small Stuffed Animals sitting around my Computer Keeping me company! And I would love to add this Guy to the group.
No, Mom never sewed! Not as far as I can remember. She was bed ridden before I was 6 or 7. She didn't do much of anything!

Gelfling said...

My mother sewed (and still does!). When I was a child, she made many of my clothes... My favorite was this cute little black and grey vest with giraffes all over it!

2 Tramps said...

My Mom did a lot of sewing. She is still sewing with the same machine that she made my clothes and matching doll outfits on - a little Singer Featherweight. Never had a store bought dress until probably the third grade. I have to pass on the cute frog - too many projects piled up here. And thanks for stirring up special memories for me - I can feel the pins sticking me now - I could never hold still!

Sue said...

What a sweetie.....but I don't sew, I just "talk" all the time and had to comment.
I'm sure some lucky gal will give him a good home.

My mom only sewed to repair things with needle and thread. I don't believe she even had a sewing machine. Can I blame her for my lack of "domestic skills"??

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I'd be happy to adopt him - I don't often make 3-dimensional items. Though I suppose I'd end up making a family of them since I can tell you know that both children would want one and I'd need one too. Ribbit!

My mother did sew at some point, but before I have any memory of it. I have doll clothes she made and there are pictures of my sister and I wearing the clothes she made for us before she started working full time. She did buy a fairly "fancy" Kenmore sewing machine from a seamstress when I was about 10, along with all the attachments. I never once saw her use the machine, but I can't complain because she ended up giving it to me when I was in my 20s and teaching myself to quilt. I still have that machine sitting downstairs and really *must* get it out and take it for a spin. Just moving it is a workout since it's all metal construction :)

Mama Pea said...

odiie - What a wonderful story about your mom sewing for you! Thanks for sharing.

judy - I've love to hear more about you "non-conventional" wedding dress your sister made you!

Nancy - Good old treadle machines. My hubby was recently talking with a man who has been in the sewing machine business very successfully for 25 years. Hubby asked him what he would recommend for sewing heavy canvas and/or leather. The man said the best bet would be a good treadle machine, a special needle and thread. Good old treadle machines.

Tom - It must have been hard for you in many ways to grow up with your mom being sick. So sorry.

Gelfling - I made most of my daughter's clothes, too, until she wanted "store bought" like all her friends. Sigh.

2 Tramps - Apparently they don't make machines as good as those Singer Featherweights anymore! I know several quilters who swear by them for all their piecing work.

Sue - So what nimrod told you you were lacking in "domestic skills?" If I had your gardening skills alone (we're talking full-spread magazine worthy gardens here, folks) I'd rest on those "domestic skill" laurels for-evah!!

Jen - I had a couple of those machines of that era that must have weighed AT LEAST 50 lbs.! But, you're right, they weren't made of plastic and were built to last. For the fun of it, you should weigh your mom's Kenmore you have to see the actual weight!

judy said...

hint-maybe I'll post a picture and also of hubby all bundled up in a green quilt,I was thinking of doing it on your quilt site but first I have to have Becca bring her new camera over,she keeps forgetting even tho I tried to mind her 15 x. I wanted to show how well he looked in green [ oh,the dress was baby blue dotted Swiss ] oh,so what it wasn't white. I may have swallowed a watermelon seed.

Qwaynt said...

I am a froggy collector.
But I do not need it Both my grandmother sewed and my mother. My grandmother taught me to sew. When I was in JR high I made the home ec project in 2 classes.( was to last for 6 weeks ) Teacher had a fit because I did it the way I was taught= NO NO NO had to follow the instruction on the pattern. I refuse to redo it and got an F

Susan said...

Well for crying out loud - I almost missed this! My mother made a lot of our clothes. Her idea was to make us triplets - even though there was a five year difference between me (oldest) and my youngest sister. She also sewed doll clothes for us, which we loved.

Mama Pea said...

Qwaynt - And I have a feeling you ended up being a much better sewer than that fuddy-duddy old teacher!

Susan - Glad you spotted this post in time! Three little girls within 5 years! My oh my, your mama had her hands full! I'll bet those outfits she made for all of you were adorable.

Anonymous said...

my mum is a passionate sewer and has been for many years before i was even born. i have taken upon this passion also, and studying A level textiles. for this i have to produce a childs toy for a high street market and i have chosen to make a stuffed frog. i would really appreciate it if i was given the sewing pattern to this frog as it is very difficult to find a suitable pattern that will ensure my good grade for my A level.

Mama Pea said...

Anonymous - I'm sorry to say I do not have a pattern for this stuffed frog. It was a printed piece that I bought. Pieces to be cut out and directions right on the piece of fabric. And I don't have it anymore. Sorry I can't help.