Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Sunset

Our house sits on our property so that we don't have a direct view of sunsets.

This was taken last night from our deck looking south of where the sun was setting. (Picture is straight out of the camera with no coloration.)

The sun goes down behind a large copse of trees in the back part of the chicken pasture. We could clear cut the area so we could see the sunsets but don't want to do that because this area of trees and brush gives our poultry a safe place to scurry to whenever they are threatened by a hawk or owl overhead. Many times we hear a cacophony that would wake the dead coming from the poultry yard but can't see a single bird anywhere. You can be sure at those times they're deep in this "safe area" where birds of prey likely can't even see them let alone swoop down and carry one off for dinner.


  1. You are blessed with a beautiful view, Mama Pea! What a lovely picture. Thank you for sharing!

  2. beautiful sunset you captured and I learned 2 new words[ sorry,I'm not a walking dictionary like some people ,won't mention any names besides you must have a live in thesaurus,right. the words were copse,and cacophony. thanks momma pea fr keeping a few brain cells alive!

  3. The copse of trees lends it an aura of mystery, no? What a beautiful sight. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? My chickens head for the decrepit picnic table at the first sign of danger. Where, I am sure, they'd be trapped if there were any real danger. All that TLC must give your chickens better brain cells than mine.

  4. Beautiful! I have mountains in the way of my sunset and a smelter but even so some nights it's beautiful too.
    Never cut trees down unless absolutely necessary. They do so much more for us than most people know.

  5. Whoa, what color ... and I like the trees in the foreground to set off the colors and give them some depth!!!! For some reason, over the last year or so, orange (red-orange actually) has become one of my top favorite colors. I have been stocking up some orange fabrics for a quilt. The only problem is that I look "sick" in orange and yellow so cannot wear those colors. (My husband just told me that orange is THE color this year.) PS: I also had gone back and looked at all your recipes and couldn't find that bread recipe. But I sure did find some that I want to try so it was worth the effort.

  6. Mooberry Farmwife - It can be almost unbelievable the shows Mother Nature puts on for us!

    judy - Never hurts for us to keep thinking! It's always interesting to run across a word you don't know. That's the way we learn!

    Susan - We have to wonder about our chickens' intelligence when they keep up their raucous cries of terror for an hour or so after the hawk is long gone! And why don't they run for their respective houses when danger lurks? They always head for the woods.

    Tombstone Livestock - You're welcome!

    Sparkless - Do you know I still feel bad about the 4 or 5 big trees we had to remove 16 years ago when we started our garden area here? They were so beautiful, but I wouldn't be able to grow the food I do if they had been left.

    Karen L. - Yellow and orange must do for you what purple does for me! Orange is MY favorite color. My very favorite quilt I ever made is primarily orange! And, yes, I've heard also that the "in" color this year is orange.

    Please hang in there -- Italian Bread post is coming. :o}

  7. I actually love the silhouette the trees make against the sky, great contrast! Those trees also make that sunset uniquely yours!

  8. Breathtaking. What a thing of beauty....