Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rug Is A'growin'

My crocheted rag rug is about 20" x 32" now and I think I'm going to add only two more color bands to it.

I'm already eager to start another rug which I think is really going to be very multicolored without much rhyme or reason to the color scheme. Most of the reason I want to start another one right away is to use it for a tutorial to post for those of you who asked for some instruction on how to make your own.

This present rug seems to be going a lot faster than the first one I made. Hmmm. Must mean I'm actively working on it more, huh? (What a masterfully deductive mind.)

Got a lot of little putzy things done today that have been on my list for a long time. That always feels good. Still many things remaining on the list, but I'm working very hard on appreciating those tasks I do get done. Because I'm coming to realize I will never reach the end of my list, I'm trying to enjoy the every day journey more than I have (had the sense to do) in the past.

Some wise person once said, "You can never have a happy ending to an unhappy journey." Plus, if you're emitting bad vibrations all the time, I suspect they will bounce right back attcha and keep you from ever getting just where you want to be.


  1. Great looking rug ... good job. That would be a good use for some old flowered sheets I have. Have to check thrift stores for old sheets maybe.

    Keep up the positive outlook.

  2. it looks great - a tutorial would be wonderful - I have been thinking of taking a class but now with pinterest and some tutorials I think I can do it on my own...

  3. Love the rug. What great colors.
    And I loved your line about never reaching the end of the list. I think that's so true. I seem to add more things onto the list than I ever take off, so making a conscious effort to focus on the accomplishments makes so much sense... and definitely makes you feel better.

  4. I have been really wanting to learn how to make those, but can't afford to take the local class. Maybe I can learn how from your tutorial. Too true about learning to appreciate what we have accomplished and live in the now. Thanks for all the kind words of support. I love it!

  5. OK, a question from one of the guy's.
    what kind of material can be used to make the rugs? I have a bunch of old uniforms (from an old job) and some of them are a wool blend and some are cotton. Will they work? and I'm looking forward to the tutorial post!

  6. I was wondering what you were using to make the rug, too. It looks super thick!

  7. I've never made a rag rug before and am looking forward to your tutorial. Your rug is looking very pretty.
    "Positive attitude" is something I need to tattoo on my forehead or maybe somewhere I can see it to remind myself.

  8. Truer words never spoken,and by the way,I want a red and white rug,maybe I should take that up at trips to the VA instead of reading!and again I focus on no news is good news because essentially out of 117 pictures during Jerry's scan last week ,they told us nothing new. maybe the chemo IS working oh,I can say it better than that ,hell ya is MUST be working but don't know why they are gonna change it up.His red blood cell count was up---:) :)--I will inquire more on our visit to the reg. doc this week--and who said there were no miracles [ probably doubting Thomas here ]--moi,good day everyone

  9. Love the rug!! Can't wait to see the tutorial:)

  10. Tombstone Livestock - You sure could get a lot of 1-1/2" strips from sheets!

    Growing Up A Country Girl - For the type of rugs I'm making, I know you could do it without paying $$ for a class. I'll get on my horse and try to get the tutorial done asap!

    Judy - For anyone with a love of life and interests in (too) many things, the lists will never be done. But I think that's what life is all about -- looking forward to goals and dreams, big and small! :o}

    Ruth - Bloggy friends like you, Ruth, keep me going in so many ways.

    Tom Stewart - Hi, guy! :o} You could probably use just about any material to make the rugs. My only caution about using wool or a wool blend would be regarding the washability of the rug. Don't know about you, but living out in the sticks here, we track in a lot of grit and grime and I NEED rugs that can be washed frequently. Some wool blends can be thrown in the washing machine, but I'd hate to see you go to the time of making a rug and then have it ruined by washing. Something to think about.

    Prairie Cat - I'm using 1-1/2" strips of 100% cotton fabric. The rugs come out about 1/2" thick.

    Sparkless - I think I need to be hit in the head with a "positive 2x4" several times a day!!

    judy - As always, keeping our fingers crossed for you and Jerry!

  11. Lovely, it is looking so nice. Now can I place my order for a 20x13-that is feet, not inches? I really need a new living room rug :)

  12. That rug is looking great now. The added red really sets it off. I like the idea of checking Goodwill for lengths of fabric to make one of these. I recently purchased two red long single flannel flat sheets and two pillowcases and made three dog beds and one dog coat for our two dogs with fabric leftover. (Never thought I would have a dog that needed a coat but she was a stray and underweight.) Looking forward to the tute. I imagine you use a very large crochet hook to make these and have to rest your hands now and then.

  13. That is beautiful! I can't wait to get started!

  14. Boy, you've said a mouthful. The list never does end, does it? And I guess that's because it is not supposed to. What would we list-aholics do with all that spare time? Make rugs??? heehee. You have given me the poke to pull out my potholder rug and finish the darn thing!

  15. Jane - 20 x 13', huh? I can't imagine how much that would weigh! You'd have to drive up here with one of The Ice Man's bigger trucks to pick it up! (I'll get started on it right away.) Hey, wait a minute. You must have enough of those jersey shirts left to do one for yourself, no?

    Karen L. - Oh yeah, flannel sheets would be great for the fabric for a rug. (Also super for doggie beds!) The hook came with the instructions I originally ordered several years ago. It's a whompin' big one, but doesn't have a size on it. The shaft is 3/8" in diameter. When I do the tutorial, I'll try to give you a better idea of the size.

    Stephanie and Patty - Uh-oh, the pressure is on! ;o}

  16. Susan - Glad I gave you the prod to add something else to your list, you crazy busy lady! Hope you're managing to stay upright on that treacherous ice you're dealing with! As I made my way via a zig-zag course across our back yard to get to the car this morning while avoiding icy patches, I'm sure I must have looked a little looped. Or at least directionally challenged! Hugs.

  17. I love the colors in your rug. I'm cutting strips to start that braided rug. It'll probably be quite awhile before it's seen.
    I look forward to your tutorial.

  18. I discovered your blog through Leigh's Five Acre Dream and I am so excited that I found you! I am very much looking forward to following your blog. It looks as though you are full of helpful and interesting ideas! I can't wait to see your tutorial on making a rug as I have a ton of scraps that I inherited from my grandmother. I want to use them for something (I thought about a quilt) but haven't quite decided what to create with them.

    Thanks much for sharing! And, I too struggle with the "list". I'm learning to focus on enjoying the moments instead of stressing about the goals.

    Have a wonderful day!


  19. odiie - Thanks, odiie. I think the "red" photographs a little more "pink" than it really is, but I'm pleased with the way the color combination is working out, too.

    RaShell (Poppy) - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Now I've found your blog, too! I guess now there's no skipping town and not doing the rug tutorial! Too many of you would hunt me down. ;o}

  20. Amazing! Gorgeous!
    It has been too many years since I have attempted one of these, and never as large.
    Would love to have a tutorial.
    Be sure to add hints about finding time to get it done!

  21. The rug is beautiful, just the right amount of yellow to really accent your kitchen in with the rest of the house, nice! I will look forward to a tutorial, I don't have the time now, but it's on my bucket list :)

  22. DogsMom - Finding time to get it done! Isn't that the thing? I want to finish this one before I start the next one for the tutorial but I just can't find enough time! Arrrgh. I sit down to work on it, then the phone rings or I think of something I HAD to do or hubby calls for help with one thing or another. Yeesh.

    Thanks, Erin m'dear! If it's on your list, I know you'll get to it!