Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Steam Is Building

Not in a bad way as in "I'm going to blow my cork soon," but rather in getting some vim and vigor back after my two-week awful period of draggin' my wagon.

To that I say, "WA-HOO!"

What is it with emotional (or physical) breakdowns? Sometimes you can pinpoint the cause and other times it feels a little scary in that you don't know why you're feeling the way you do and can't seem to change it. Ugh.

I'm wanting to think I've been helped by my strong resolve to put more emphasis on the good things in my life. I mean the appreciation is always there, deep down somewhere, but proactively bringing it to the forefront, writing things down, seems to be strong medicine.

I got so involved yesterday I never got a chance to post the list of the day, so thought I'd slap it up here this morning.


- the ability to do laundry at home

- having ample eggs at this time of year

- the gift of juicy, sweet grapefruit from a good friend

- a husband who doesn't have to go to work (off the homestead anyway!) every day

- ample freezer space

- sunshine to fill our solar batteries

- two GALLONS of homemade laundry detergent as a gift from my daughter

- apples from our own trees
(Yes, there is a slice of Dutch Apple Pie under all that ice cream . . . why do you ask?)


Carolyn said...

Blow some of your hot air over here, please! Hehe!

odiie said...

Sometimes your body and mind just know when they need a break to recharge. Glad to see that your "steam is building". Look out!

Unknown said...

I like the phrase draggin yer wagon. Your body wanted down time. Glad to hear your boiler is lit and the steam rise'in to move forward. Now let's talk about the pie shall we? I scratched the screen and could not smell it ;-(

Judy T said...

Glad to hear you are getting some oomph back. Throw another log or lump of coal in your boiler fire and your steam will continue to build.
I do think your appreciation trick will help (as you think). It's always so energizing to see what you have and have done rather than looking at that list of what is still to be done... blah...

Can you ship a slice of that pie my way?? It looks wondrous!!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I am right with you there on the sun. We had a few hours of it today and I was doing a happy dance that I would finally have enough battery power to spare to run the sweeper. Who would have guessed you could be happy to run a sweeper?

Erin said...

All wonderful things! Those eggs are looking pretty good compared to the eggs I have in the fridge right now!

dr momi said...

Glad your steam is coming back. I would love a present of homemade laundry soap!

judy said...

because I need a piece-the bank says no-go on giving all my money back-super depressed and beside myself with anger-it might kill me

Mama Pea said...

Carolyn Renee - Would that I could! Sounds like we all need a shot of some get-up-and-go right now. Maybe we're drained by the ending of a year that wasn't the greatest, ya think? 2012 is gonna be much, much, much better!

odiie - Ha-ha, it's a cruel joke that the world just keeps going on while you're taking the break!! But you're right, back at it!

Nancy - Didja try lickin' it?? ;o}

Judy - The piece of pie is in the mail. ;o} Thanks!

Jane - As my hubby is fond of saying, "Everything is relative." :o}

Erin - If you were living up here, I'd be more than glad to share them. 'Course, if you were living up here, you'd have your own flock! Someday, Girl, someday.

dr momi - You have no idea how much I love this homemade detergent. If my daughter ever stops making it, I'll definitely have to learn to do it myself!

judy - Oh, dang. So sorry about the financial screw-up. You won't win fighting the bank so be the strong lady you are and try to learn something (anything?) from this. I know you won't let it happen again. Hugs.

Sparkless said...

Oh I love your gratitude list! And I'm so glad you are getting your vim and vigor back. I never doubted for a minute that you wouldn't.
And how did you know I've been craving apple pie? Now I absolutely must have a slice before this day is out or go completely mad!

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - So how long will it take you to drive here? Only two pieces left . . . !

Stephanie said...

Mama Pea I think we are all going through that. I did a few weeks ago, which I think is what put me in such a melancholy mood. Couldn't explain why I had no energy, just did. Glad to see you are getting your vim back:)

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - What the heck is it? Something in the air that is attacking all us like-minded women? You're absolutely right, I've heard so many of my bloggy friends expressing the same symptoms . . .

Susan said...

Ah, the power of positive thinking! I guess you just have to reach the point where you can convince yourself that you truly believe. You do have a lot of things to be thankful for and your list has helped me realize I do, too!

Leigh said...

What a lovely post! This is the very best way to start a new year.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Sometimes the positive thinking seems to fall to the bottom of the barrel, but if we just reach down and pull it back up we can keep going and come out better than ever!

You are continually an inspiration for me . . . no foolin'.

Leigh - Thank you, Leigh. Your comments are always appreciated.