Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If I'm Not Mistaken, That's Snow!

Just wanted to share with you tonight that we've been getting snow all day. The temp was above freezing until late afternoon so all of it was melting as it hit the ground.

But as the temps started to drop, we have been getting a little build-up.

The huge propane gas truck just stopped about a half hour ago to drop off a part . . . we had expected him this afternoon . . . and he reported the roads are super-slick. He just had to get a tow truck to pull him out of a ditch to the side of a driveway he slid off of. Not the best conditions for anyone to have to be out and about in.

Our temp now is 23 degrees at 8 p.m. and expected to fall to the low teens before morning. Seventy percent chance of more snow tonight and 40% tomorrow. Then a cold front moves in.

Hope we get enough snow for some insulation on the ground. We'll take whatever we can get and be happy about it!


rugosarosefarm said...

Woo snow! It's about time. I'm living vicariously through you. We still don't have any snow.

Tombstone Livestock said...

well you will get to use up some of that wood you worked so hard to store in the woodshed.

Stay warm and dry.

Stephanie said...

We are getting 4-8" with some ice after her in the Northeast tonight too. Should make for a nice mess on the roads tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too bad in the afternoon when I go to the lawyers. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't leave my house:)
Stay safe

Marty said...

I know how tough the weather can be - it's down to 66 now. Might have to close the back door!

Sparkless said...

Nice! Send it up our way when you are done with it cause there's nothing but rain and sleet in our forecast.

Leah said...

glad to hear you are getting snow - we may have to make different plans for a snowmobile vacation - our destination has no snow.... stay warm!

Akannie said...

Ours is coming tonight/early morning.

At least that's what they

Old Man Winter is here at last!

Carolyn said...

I'm up at 3 am not because I'm a blog addict (well, I guess I am) but because the howling wind woke me up. Went outside to grab some firewood for the stove and saw we had a dusting of snow. Ick.

Going to go back and sit by the stove to warm up.

Keep warm there too!

Sue said...

I would like to borrow a cup or two of the white stuff, please.....


Jenyfer Matthews said...

We're having rain right now, with temps supposed to drop and then snow showers. It remains to be seen how much we get. The children are eagerly anticipating sled play... I think we jinxed them by getting them each TWO sleds for Christmas!

judy said...


Mama Pea said...

rugosarosefarm - We didn't get anymore over night . . . rats!

Tombstone Livestock - We had a temp of 10 degrees this morning, but the house was snuggly warm upon arising. My hubby does a super job of banking the stove at night . . . yup, with our dry, wonderful wood!

Stephanie - Our snow was mixed with crusty ice also. I was very careful when I was out shoveling the deck this morning. Couldn't get down to the wood but rather left a coating of knubbly ice. You be careful out there today, dear lady.

Marty - Phfffffbtth!

Sparkless - Rain and sleet is NOT nice no matter where you are! Be careful if you go out!

Mama Pea said...

Growing Up A Country Girl - It's sad because our area's businesses depend on snowmobile riders for winter income. And it's just not happening so far this year. :o(

Akannie - We got the winter temperature, but as I say, no more than an inch of snow/ice.

Carolyn Renee - Feel free to send your snow up our way. I know you don't want it!

P.S. Don't you know you're supposed to get in your supply of wood BEFORE going to bed?? It would take a lot to get me to go out at 3 a.m. for more firewood!

Sue - Hey, that's what good neighbors are for! (Unfortunately, I'd probably have trouble coming up with 2 cups for you!)

P.S. Wanted so much to comment on your latest blog post this morning . . . but can't! Arrrrgh.

Jen - Hoping you escape the slippery stuff!

judy - I always think of people who drive for a living (like the propane truck guy) in bad driving conditions. Oh, I would not like that stress and pressure.

Erin said...

Boo for the icy road conditions, but glad you are getting snow! This economy is bad enough without having no snow as the reason for the vacationers to be staying away. I always like to think you are somewhat isolated from the "no-vacation this year" types as a way to save money since most of what you get are only from a few hours away, but that's tough if there's no white stuff!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - I suppose if you really think about it, the weather affects the economy in many ways. And, bottom line, unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about it.