Friday, December 23, 2011

Just In The (St.) Nick Of Time

I didn't think it was going to happen this year, but we did finally put up our little Christmas tree late yesterday.

We've never put up a tree so late . . . it's usually the weekend following Thanksgiving that our tree gets decorated. That way we can enjoy the lights in the dark morning hours and then again shortly after 4:30 in the afternoon for a little more than a month.

When we cut this tree down in our woods, we didn't realize it had a forked trunk up by the top. It was a tall, spindly tree but the top looked nice and full. It wasn't until the tree was on the ground and we examined it closely that we discovered the trunk split into two forks about two-thirds up the tree. This meant that the top which looked so plump and round was actually two trees (two forks) smooshed together. When we cut them apart, we saw both little trees had one completely bare, flat side! Well, no matter as we had to place it up against a window anyway.

Our Charlie Brown tree doesn't look too bad in the above straight-on shot, but glancing at it from the side kinda makes you wonder why someone took a chainsaw to the whole back side.

A friend stopped in this morning who had seen the tree in its bucket of water in the garage and couldn't believe it was the same tree all decorated up and looking as good as it does. Now that it's done, I'm glad we did go to the effort of getting this little yule tree up this year. Ho-ho-ho!


  1. Now what good is a 'perfect' Christmas tree? It is just no fun. None at all, no character, individuality, or personality. Long live the odd ball.

  2. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful! I'm glad to see you got a tree. Even though it's small and you say misshapen it looks wonderful. That's the magic of a Christmas tree.

  3. At first I thought you were putting up a baby tree you cut down,I would have said ,what would momma tree say to that? my hubby once went into the forest [ enchanted I think ] and cut this tree,OK,will call it a charlie brown tree,but not even.I asked him,"I know your not a true Minnesotan,but don't you know what a Christmas tree looks like " it had branches so limp,a piece of string wouldn't stay attached and if I were A horticulturist,I'd know the name of said tree--ho-ho yourself

  4. It looks so wonderfully Christmas-y! And just in time. I happen to be a fan of not-perfect things. There is so much more beauty in Christmas with 'personalities'! Merry Christmas to you both!

  5. Well, you've beat our late-tree decorating....we did one in the EVENING of Christmas Eve!

    Glad you got a tree up....even if it's a little forked-up! :)

  6. Jane - Good point you've just made. Besides that, perfection is impossible to attain. Yay to all us odd balls with character, individuality and personality!! Ho, ho, ho, I say!

    Sparkless - This here Ms. Scrooge has to admit that I've felt a bit of Christmas Spirit since we got the tree up. (Why did I fight it?)

    judy - Don't you know NEVER to send a man out by himself to find a respectable Christmas tree? They can't do it!! :o]

    Stephanie - Our little wonky tree is basking in your praise of it!

    Susan - I'd say being happy with not-perfect things is a sure fire way to stay happy. Relax and enjoy the weekend, Friend!

    Carolyn Renee - You have a talent for a play on words that just cracks me up!!

  7. i think the "goofier" the tree, the more perfect it is! I'm glad you got it up in time to enjoy it for awhile!

  8. Ah, memories of trying to pick out a decent but cheap tree with my Dad when I was a kid. Decent meant that it had at least two good sides. That's all you need, right? We always bought one just before Christmas and decorated it Christmas Eve and took it down New Years Day. Guess that's why I dislike the displays going up in stores before Halloween now. Way to soon!!! Glad you got yours up in time. Enjoy it and your DIY down time. My wish for you is a Happy Quilting New Year!!!

  9. Erin - Well, if you could see this one in person, you'd definitely like it then! Even though I told hubby to throw it out earlier this week, I'm now glad he didn't!

    Karen L. - I wish your wish for me will come true!

  10. I think you did a marvelous job with your little Charlie Brown tree. Very sweet! I agree with Jane, "Long live the odd ball."

  11. I was wondering if I missed the tree in a post. LOL It's just "perfect" -- glad you did it.

  12. Lori - Martha Steward we ain't, but it does look colorful and festive!

    dr momi - Hopefully next year things will be on more of an even keel (with less sawdust!) and I'll be back to getting the tree up right after Thanksgiving!

  13. LOL - another friend just told me yesterday that she got a live tree at a tree lot and she didn't notice until she got it home it had a forked top, which she called devil horns. If you were superstitious you might call it a sign of the end of times! HA HA HA

    Your little tree is lovely. Merry Christmas!

  14. Jen - Or . . . the Year of the Forked Tree!

    Merry Christmas to you, too!