Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apron Pattern Giveaway

Giveaways seem to be running rampant in Blogland these days, but who's complaining? 'Tis the season for giving gifts and spreading cheer so I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

This is a pattern for an apron I want to make, but I sure don't need two of the patterns . . . which is exactly what I found when looking through my stash of patterns a couple of weeks ago.

Would any of you like to receive this pattern? If you don't wish to keep it for yourself, it would make a nice little Christmas gift.

The pattern contains three Adult sizes, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Three Child sizes Small, Medium, and Large plus a pattern for an 18" doll's apron. The apron looks like a slip-over-the-head, loose fitting style that would be comfy to wear while providing pretty good coverage of your clothing.

If you'd like to be put in the running for the apron, just leave a comment saying so and for the fun of it, also include a little blurb on the one gift you would like most to receive for Christmas this year. It can be fanciful, funny, frivolous or practical. (Me, I would ask for one thing: To have our remodeling done! In lieu of that, I need a new pair of black leather gloves.) Let your imagination run wild . . . or take this opportunity to provide a written suggestion for Santa that might actually appear under the tree.

Get your comments in by this Saturday night, December 3rd., and I'll draw a name first thing Sunday morning.


  1. Ooo, I'm always up for another pattern!! What would I like for a holiday gift? Hmm, I'm really hoping that Santa brings me a soaker hose or two for the garden. Or a dress form. Either would be great. Now, in order to receive either of these, I know that I'll have to email Santa the URL for where to order it! He has no imagination.

  2. Ooh! Pick Me! Me. Me. MEEEEEE!!!

    I think anyone could guess what I'd like for Christmas: to be finally all moved into a farm that is OFFICIALLY ours! :)

    I's also like a nice pair of winter work gloves. :)

  3. I am NOT entering the giveaway, but I AM horning in on the opportunity to send a message to Santa (or the Universe, whomever is listening) - I would like something that starts with "Makita" and ends with "18v Cordless Drill"...hint, hint. And I hope that Santa is listening to you on both counts, Mama Pea...

  4. Apron? No Ruffles?? Count me in please!

    What'd I'd like from about my wood stove back where it belongs?! Like inside, providing HEAT instead of sitting outside on the porch providing smart-alex remarks from my mother.

    Oh. And a unicorn. With sparkles in it's hair.

  5. Wow !!!! like the others me me me me !!!! Love aprons and an ole style is best..... now from Santa a big bag of scrapes for quilting...

  6. Judy - Well, ya know, Santa is a guy. And guys usually aren't really good at gift kinda things. I know my husband really appreciates specifics so I say go ahead and give your Santa all the information he needs to come through with flying colors!

    Mama Tea - And what a grand Christmas present it is going to be this year!!!!

    Susan - I think all of your furry/fuzzy little children should get together and come up with that drill for you! It's only right.

    Carolyn Renee - Not a ruffle in sight on this apron! Send Santa a memo stating that 'tis the season for wood stoves to be inside, hooked up and percolating with warm, crackling fires!

    Blackberry Brambles - 0ooh, methinks you are planning on hunkering down to do some quilting after the first of the year. Sounds delightful!

  7. I love this apron pattern...I wear an apron every day...would love to add this style.

    For Christmas this year I would like 3 Nigerian Dwarf Does. I don't think I will get them, but that's what I want...and maybe next year a Brown Swiss milking cow. I plan on really getting into cheese making this coming year...and wouldn't that apron be a hit in the Cheese Room.

  8. I'd say that pattern is a prize! You don't have to enter me, but I sure think it's neat! One of those things that never really gets 'old'. I am hoping really really hard for that new canner this year! You know the one!! I've been none to subtle with the hints :0D

  9. I would love to be entered for the pattern:) As for what I would like for Christmas: that's a tough one, but have to say it would be a way to get on either my land here in NH by June...or to move to NC on land by then. :)Yes I have a one track mind!

  10. Lynda - I give you a Gold Star for wearing an apron every day. May some of your wise ways rub off on me!!

    APG - I just looked into my crystal ball (covered with a fine film of sawdust as is everything in this house) and I saw a very big, heavy package for you under the tree. I think I know what it will be.

    Stephanie - And your excellent one track mind, my dear, is what is going to GET you on that land!!


  12. Not that I "need" a new apron but as you said, it could be a nice gift. So, put my name in, please and thank you for doing these giveaways. (I don't have a blog so I am thinking that maybe sometime in the future, I could do a giveaway through your blog if you were up for that? We'll have to "talk" about that.) Now to answer your question: I cannot really say at this moment what I would like for Christmas. I could say peace on earth, good health for my family, an economic upturn so people can find work again, and lastly, peace of mine but then everyone would ask for those if they thought it would help. So, maybe some nice batiks, perhaps some good thread in different colors, and I am always up for a gift certificate to Connecting Threads. Oh and maybe a nice apron pattern? hehehe

  13. judy - I hope your good mood lasted ALL DAY! You deserve it.

    Karen L. - First off, I'd love to see you start your own blog. Why don't you? Second, sure, I'll bet we could work out something if you wanted to sponsor a giveaway here. Why not?

    I think Connecting Threads has a sale on their thread right now. Go check it out. I've bought lots of thread from them and it's good stuff. Also reasonably priced. Especially when it's on sale!

  14. I am totally with Carolyn Renee! I want my woodstove heating away in my kitchen for Christmas! That and to figure out how to get these darn powder post beetles out of our floor... yikes.

    But meanwhile, it'd be nice to have an apron project to be working on to distract me from all that business! :)

  15. Jenny - Powder post beetles?? I am not familiar with them, but they don't sound like something you'd want to have. Good luck in getting them GONE! Sewing would be a good distraction from life's irritants for a while. I'm all for it.

  16. it is kind Saturday , The apron pattern would come in handy, Me what I want for christmas, Well I got it that little bundle of happy puppy joy. (yes I am still nuts that I got a 12 week old puppy in winter))

    Marry Christmas
    leather insulated work g;oves or good very warm show gloves ?

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