Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wanna See My Freezers?

How's that for the most exciting invitation you've had all day? I was so pooped last night I didn't even have the energy to take pictures of the freezers newly installed in the pantry, but I got them this morning.

The above is looking directly through the open pantry door to the opposite side of the room. Look, it's a huge freezer! It's a super-deep bath tub? It's a casket for a troupe of midgets standing up? (I've got to get some kind of window treatment on that window.)

Looking to the right side of the pantry you can see the small freezer next to the big one. (Hang in there, Erin. I know someday you and your bountiful garden produce are going to have the luxury of all this, too!)

View to the left shows some very messy shelves with stuff just thrown on them helter-skelter. (Look, Sue, scallopy shelves!) You wouldn't believe all I have crammed in the cabinets. At least we got all the remodeling materials that were stored in there out yesterday. New I just need to find the time to get in there and start making sense of the disorganization. Now THAT will be fun!

We've got three or four really hectic days coming up so I will probably be MIA for a few days. Be back soon. Have a great weekend, Everybody!


  1. Wow looks like you built the room around the freezers! Well I guess you kinda did, didnt you. How nice to have it all right off the kitchen. Do you offer double coupons in Pea's Grocery?

  2. Your pantry looks beautiful! I am so jealous. I've got all my extra food stuffs scattered in three or four different places around the house. So nice to have it all in one place, and so convenient.

  3. Oh, how I wish we had a pantry! I'm like Jo, with three or four different spots for food storage. And would you just LOOK at the size of that freezer! And jam-packed already I suppose.

  4. My gosh, your pantry is amazing! I love the yellow paint - so bright and cheerful! Wish I had a pantry, too. Some day you may walk outside to see a line forming of all your blogging buds.

  5. Love it! I just came from seeing Robin's amazing cupboard full of jars over at Gardener of Eden and now this Room O'Freezers... what more can a gal ask for?!!

  6. Now that's a lot of freezer space you have there. I like the window without anything on it, lots of light that way.
    You are really making me sad about my cruddy back porch where my small freezer sits. Did you know your pantry is bigger than my bedroom?

  7. Oh, Baby! What a pick-up line for a homesteader!!
    Seriously, they look great all installed. LOVE the color of the walls. And you're actually going to ORGANIZE stuff?!! Isn't it enough that it's out of the boxes??

  8. Very nice pantry! Love the shelves and scallops. Pace yourself. You guys have done a great job.

  9. Nice freezers!!! That first one could hold a body or two. Hmmm, guess I have seen one too many NCIS or CSI show. Anyway, bet you could make a ton of cookies and freeze them. Oh and pies too, huh? I have not had a freezer for about 6 years now. Need to go get one soon. Your pantry is bea-u-ti-ful! Seriously, do you sometimes wake up in the morning and think you wandered into the wrong house? Betcha do!

  10. Jane - Well, that's the one little snafu. The pantry isn't off the kitchen, it's off the living room! We made the pantry from a back porch/storage area and knocked the doorway into the room I had planned on making my kitchen. I worked so hard trying to make it work but the room has four doors in it, a stairway and one wall of windows. There was no way I could get a good, workable kitchen layout in there. So I had to give up and make that room the living room and the room that had been both our kitchen and living room our new kitchen. (Following me?) But it's still gonna work out okay and I'm thrilled to pieces to have an honest-to-goodness pantry, even though it's off the living room!

  11. Jo - Thank you! I can so relate after spending years with a freezer in the garage and canned goods under our bed! The convenience of my new set-up is going to be wonderful!

    Carolyn Renee - Freezer is full! We can survive for months. I still can't believe we man-handled it from garage, through the house and into the pantry.

    Susan - Ya know how some communities have a tour of homes? I'll have a tour of my pantry!

    Erin - A bountiful garden next year! I can hardly wait.

  12. Sparkless - Are you sure? The pantry is about 7 x 15' inside dimensions. Sure is nice for a pantry though!

    Judy - Boy, I'm gonna give a good try at organizing it! (I bet I'll move things around a couple of times though before it feels right.)

    Nancy - Thank you so very much! We'll pace ourselves right after we get the living room done. Right now, the only place we have to sit that is halfway comfortable is the kitchen table! Good thing a family spends so much time in the kitchen, huh?

    Karen L. - You haven't had a freezer for 6 years??! I couldn't live without a freezer.

    You are so right in wondering if I think I've wandered into someone else's house these days! It truly hasn't sunk in what a fantabulous kitchen I finally have. I be one grateful gal!

  13. I almost didn't recognize the freezer without PapaPea laying on it!

    Oh buried him in it finally didn't you?@!

    Lookin' good! Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh, SWEET!! Glad to know we are not the only ones with 2 freezers. Although we were just talking about defrosting ours. Ugh.

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  16. Swoon!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it. All of it. But yea--the SCALLOPY shelves--OMG!

  17. I'd be happy with the ONE SMALL freezer - I have made do for years with just the little freezer at the top of my fridge. It does keep me honest and efficient though!

    When I was visiting my step-mom and dad this summer, a lady in the community brought my step-mom a huge box of freezer burned / old meat that had gotten lost in her freezer so she could feed it to the foxes. Must have been at least 40lbs worth. A bounty for the foxes but what a waste...

  18. It looks fabulous!! That big freezer is similar to the one we had when I was a kid...and we packed it FULL every year :) Great room and you all did an amazing job!

  19. Hi Mama Pea ~ LOVE your freezers! AND your terrific pantry!! We have a chest-type freezer too and the organizer that you are, could you share with us at some point, how you keep track of your food in your freezers?!... unless I've missed a previous post on that. I cannot believe how much you and your husband accomplish in one day! Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm envious of your 'snow'.

  20. I think I have freezer envy. Now mine looks like a pitiful comparison, LOL. Your pantry is excellent. Love all the shelves and just think, soon everything will be in order!

  21. APG - Ha! Thanks for the reminder of the pic of Papa Pea stretched out on the top of the freezer. I just may print that out and hand it on the wall in the pantry!

    Lori - The worst part of defrosting a freezer is putting all the stuff back in! I had a backache for two days after defrosting these two.

    Sue - Doesn't take much to turn your crank, does it? We've got to get you some scallopy edges of your own!

    Jen - Yeah, that "lost in the freezer" thing escapes me. How could you "forget" 40 lbs. of meat you'd purchased??

    Dmarie - ;o]

    Stephanie - Thanks much! I do wonder what homemakers did before the invention of the home freezer. I know I'd be lost without mine.

    Lisa - I've never really had trouble with organization or keeping track of what I have in the freezers. I keep everything in a certain place, same spot year after year. When I put something new in, I take the time to "file" it where it's supposed to go, rearranging so the newest goes on the bottom enabling me to use the "older" stuff first. It's a bit of a pain to do that but it works for me. My new 6' freezer has wonderful dividers in it plus I store a lot in boxes and/or grocery bags to keep it more organized.

    Leigh - Soon everything will be in order? We can only hope! :o]