Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So This Is Progress, Huh?

I keep telling myself that work on the living room will go faster than work on the kitchen did. (Work on the living room will go faster than work on the kitchen did. Repeat over and over and over.)

Our small, old kitchen table is proving useful to hold stuff. But it's also in the way.

Things always have to look worse before they look better, right?

We have got to get this furniture out of the room. Any ideas where we might put it?

Please tell me this is progress.


  1. What? You don't like the silver walls look? The tres chic plastic slipcovers? My dear--you are at the cutting edge of style!

    It will go faster. It will go faster. It will go faster.....

  2. It is very disheartening sometimes to look at the disarray and try to see the finished project underneath, but it will happen. Just look how lovely the kitchen looks now!
    In the meantime, You continue with your mantra and I shall continue with mine; The floors will be finished, the floors will be finished....
    I've been saying that for over five years now. Oh well, life goes on. Even if it is on plywood subflooring.

  3. Are those eggs in that basket???! Back to the issue at hand - the living room will be WAAAY easier than the kitchen. And it will look just as fabulous. You two took on quite a project this year. I can only imagine that this much upheaval weighs heavily on your poor organized self. It will be done, it will be done soon, it will be worth it!

  4. oh no dejavu---jk I didn't get a chance to comment on your kichen,nothing to tell-I'm just green just plain green and of tom the turkey too.-things are slow around here. I am still waiting my turn to go visit my sil,she was so well liked and had so many friends . I just hope she gets some peace soon.I haven't left all of my new blogger friends,ITS JUST THAT THERE ISN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY TO COME AND COMMENT SOMETHING CIVIL ON AL YOUR BLOGS BUT I KNOW ANYBODY WHO'S ANYBODY STOPS HERE TO VISIT SO HOPE THEY ALL UNDERSTAND OR MAYBE THEY ARE JUST AS BUSY LIKE YOU, MISS TALKING TO EVERYONE THO

  5. Sue - You forgot to mention the classy plywood floors. I thought about bringing in some blue tarps for color but . . .

    Carolyn Renee - Trust me, I am the all-time Queen of Living On Plywood Floors! It would be very disheartening to actually figure out how many years we've lived with plywood subflooring. (I am enjoying my finished kitchen floor more than you can imagine. So easy to keep clean . . . compared to plywood!)

    Susan - Ooops, I shouldn't have tortured you by showing those eggs. (Doesn't everyone have their egg basket hanging in the unfinished living room?)

    I had my hopes set on having the living room done for Christmas, but now have reconciled myself that it won't be. I'm actually kinda proud of myself for remaining sane through this as long as I have. (Pray for me.)

    judy - I think we've all kinda missed you but understand this is a difficult period for you.

    My blogging and reading comments is about the only time I sit down during the day so I consider those times my "rest" periods. Well, okay, I do manage to sit down for three meals a day. I never miss those!

    Hugs sent your way.

  6. Wow! I had no idea that this much change was in the works for your living room. But, I'm sure that it is progress. Hopefully you'll see good things taking shape soon! :)

  7. Well, honey, if you need any blue tarps..............I know where you can find some--LOL!!!
    At least you never lose that wonderful sense of humor. (should we be asking Papa Pea??)

    On a hugely bright note--I'm starting to get the 2012 SEED catalogs in. Have we had winter yet???

  8. I know you dont see it this way, but I can not believe how quickly the kitchen came together. I am sure the living room will be done before you know it.

  9. I can't believe you're startig all over :-)

  10. Good grief. No rest for the weary! I have to say, it looks like progress to me. :)

  11. Patty - Oh, ya! This room has never been finished so when we did away with our teeny-tiny living room that was half of what is now the kitchen, that left us with . . . well, no living room. So it's definitely time to finish this room as our living room.

    Linda - Promise??

    Sue - WHAT??! 2012 seed catalogs already? Gads, it used to be January before they started to show up.

    Papa Pea and I just had a conversation over dinner tonight that we both need to practice smiling more! Do you sense there's been a little tension around here lately? Too much work and no play make Mama and Papa Pea . . . not much fun.

    Jane - The kitchen came together quickly?? Hahahahahahaha! (Insert hystericallly demented laughter.)

    I do appreciated your objective opinion though. Just keep reminding me, okay?

    dr momi - Yeah, we are. Gluttons for punishment? Or just desperate to have a finished house?

    Leigh - You mean no rest for the wicked. Well, we are weary, too, I'll admit to that! :o]

  12. My husband always says in situation like this, "You need to tackle this like you would if you were eating an elephant .... one bite at a time". So, just concentrate on whatever the job is for that particular day and do it. Try not to think about tomorrow's job. Sometimes this works but if not, go have a slice of pie!

  13. I read on another blog that if the work is the destination then you are already there. So enjoy the work cause you'll just find something else to do after the living room is done.

  14. Karen L. - I love your alternative suggestion!

    Sparkless - You been peeking at our To Do list? ;o}

  15. Oh, I had no idea you were in the middle of a living room remodel, too!! What are you thinking????? I read your blog updates, and wonder about our plans for this spring of re-doing the bathroom. What are WE thinking??? Gadzooks, should I be happy with what we have now?? Perhaps I should rethink this whole thing?? It always takes longer than planned, and I don't want people walking about in my house. Maybe the old bathroom doesn't really leak. Maybe we don't need to change anything around. Maybe I'm just being a big baby. Oh, dear. Ok, I'm done whining.

  16. Lori - In answer to your question of what are we thinking doing all this remodeling . . . I want to GET THIS HOUSE FINISHED ONCE AND FOR ALL! The "unfinishedness" of it has dragged on for sooooo long that I'm going to go totally bonkers if I don't have a finished house to function in soon. (Okay, I'm done whining now, too.) :o}

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  18. Bwahahahaha! Here I thought you were done, I forgot the rest of the room LOL!

  19. Erin - I didn't think we would miss having some kind of "living room" to sit in now and then . . . not that we do a lot of sitting . . . but it's been a real pain not to have a soft chair to relax in. Papa Pea always sat in front of the fire and read for an hour or so to wind down at the end of each evening, but now there is no where for him to do that. Last night I woke at 3:30 for a potty stop and couldn't go back to sleep so wanted to get up and snuggle with a quilt in a chair to read until I got sleepy again but the kitchen table was my only choice . . . which was not what I needed. Oh well, we'll have a comfy living room soon. I hope. :o}