Friday, November 4, 2011

It's All Your Fault

Never one to take responsibility for my failures, I'm blaming this all on you.

Setting the oatmeal to cook over a low, slow flame first thing this morning, I shuffled back to my desk for a couple of minutes to check your blog posts. Which sucked me right in because they were, as usual, very interesting, funny, educational, entertaining and . . .

Huh. What's that aroma I'm detecting? Oh, it's our yummy oatmeal breakfast cooking.

Wait. It doesn't smell just right. More like something is . . . burning.

No problem. If I'm careful I can scrape enough hot oatmeal for breakfast off the stuff in the top of the pan. A month or two of soaking will get the burned-on stuff off the bottom of the pan. And the stove top needed a good cleaning anyway.

Happy Friday!


  1. See? We ARE good for you. You'll have us to thank for that shiny clean stove!
    Hope the day gets better.......

  2. Potatoes, oatmeal, and beans. Those are the no lid club here. I get distracted far to often and have just resigned to the fact that those items must be topless. Sorry about the mess. Not a good way to start the day.

  3. Sue - You BET you're good for me! Not a really bad start to the day at all. Worry thee not.

    Jane - I definitely need to join the No Lid Club! Small mess, it shan't ruin my day in any way. (Hmmm, "It shan't ruin my day in any way." Methinks I need to embroider those words into a sampler. Or get them tattooed on my forehead. Good words to live by!)

  4. potatoes oatmeal and beans ---oh my-potatoes oatmeal and beans---oh no---sounds slightly familiar,does a bear.... in the woods. ya i' always in a goofy mood especially when I'm on my way for a physical-oh yuc

  5. I like that! Though I would go with the embroidery over the tattoo...had one of those myself this morning. Mess, that is. And go ahead and blame us - we are tough, and we can take it!

  6. Haha, so that is what I need to do when I burn something I am cooking for the kiddos...just blame it on all my blogging buddies? Nice! Hope you have a great day:)

  7. Ohhhh and that stuff is like cement to get off. I actually carry a small timer around with me when I'm cooking cause I always burn food if I don't.
    I'm glad to know I can blame my fellow bloggers now for all that burns at my house. LOL!

  8. I got distracted last night and my pasta boiled over, putting out the flame- oops.
    Distraction just seems too easy- it's much better than reality sometimes.

  9. judy - Hope your physical went well. Who likes them?? NOBODY!

    Susan - You ARE tough. You CAN take it. That's why I rely on you all. ;o]

    Stephanie - That's my excuse . . . and I'm sticking to it. :o]

    Sparkless - Yup, I've resorted to carrying the timer with me many times. I was just sure I had this over the very smallest flame and that it wouldn't boil over. (How'd that work?)

    Erin - How 'bout two days off? All weekend??

    Judy - I think we all (try to) multi-task waaaay too much. But then, would anything ever get done if we didn't??

  10. LOL. I confess to having this problem when I pasteurize milk for making yogurt. I inevitably get involved in blog reading only to have the milk boil over! Oh. And that's without a lid! More than once we've had boiled milk yogurt. :)

  11. Nothing like smoked oatmeal in the morning! I have done that SO many times.

  12. Leigh - I've learned that I HAVE to set a timer for that process!

    Claire - Hmmm, smoked oatmeal. Isn't that a delicacy in Sweden?? ;o]